New Start with Diet & Exercise

It’s been a few weeks since I weighed in because I have been on a plateau.  Multiple things factored in with this.   One was raising my iodine dose so my body was working on  getting rid of higher levels of toxins.  Another factor my body decided to start having regular periods again how long this will last is unknown.  Then I was working through some high stress stuff and simply was eating more comfort foods.  Not enough to gain weight but enough not to lose.  I also started doing some exercise again and I think initially after a long illness that was actually a stress factor instead of a stress reliever.

So essentially I maintained 156 which is down 15 pounds from my start and has in the past been one of my set points.  I had hit 155 and 154 during the journey but then would bounce back up to 156

This week I upped the exercise but also the calories trying to find out what my body is doing or not I did essentially the amount of exercise that equaled the extra calories I ate.  I did about 1600 calories worth of exercise and added about that many calories.  I thought if my body was really burring the calories like it should then I should lose one pound as normal.  I normally stagger 1200 calories and this week turned out to average 1435 per day.

This morning’s weigh in was 154 down 2 pounds so that is a surprise with this little experiment but may also simply reflect that I have been wobbling a little at this point for a while so the real test will be getting back to business so to speak with the calories and now the added exercise for this coming week.  I think my body is ready to go down again and I think my thyroiditis is essentially resolved and I am steady at 50 mg iodoral.  Sure would be nice to get to losing 2 pound per week level instead of one.  I think I would need a serious metabolism boost as it was a lot for me right now to get 1600 calories of exercise last week and that is far from the 3500 needed for one pound.  I am building some muscle and maybe just getting that much movement in general after this long illness will help rev things up too. 

So starting at 171

I lost the first 15 by January 24 in 13 weeks  Then for 10 weeks my body bounced around from 154 to 156. 

New start

last week 156
this week 154     -2 pounds

Total loss is 17 pounds

This week will now be the real test of breaking this level since I haven’t been lower than 154

3 thoughts on “New Start with Diet & Exercise

  1. hi dear,
    i was just checking for any new posts at your spirit nexus site when i noticed all these health/diet related blogs. as i scanned through, i found that you discuss all these things that i was going through myself last half-year like bromide/iodine, hair color, mineral cosmetics, diet/weight/clothes. Since i switched to henna about 5 moths ago, it works just fine for me, it looks natural and doesn’t need to be applied as often because color really penetrates into hair shaft and not as easily washed off even with sulfates or chlorine (i swim). of course, diet/weight loss issue is close to my heart as, probably, for most women. i have been battling weight since probably 11, although i never was obese, cellulite accumulates easily around my body, especially hip area. last few years i noticed that i eat even when not hungry and asked myself why is that. The answer was astonishing – i was punishing myself for eating “forbidden” foods and overeating in general. i was heartbroken at the realization of how cruel i was to myself. First time in my life i allowed myself to entertain the thought of never loosing extra lbs. so i was able to relax into it and my compulsive eating have subsided, which feels good. on the other hand, since i wasn’t able to exercise for 2 months due to lumbar/pelvic injury and i am so nicely relaxed into my newly found acceptance of my body, i did gain about 8 lbs. i am ok with that and not giving myself a hard time; i’m just gonna take it slow and try to stay away from comfort foods best i can. BTW, i found that not all whole grains are good in terms of weight loss. Corn and wheat, even whole pure organic, interfere with weight loss, unlike oat/oat bran, buckwheat and sprouted breads also work well for me. So, i basically let go of the struggle – if i won’t be able to lose as much as i would like, i accept that. Heck, may be i would need that extra fat to sustain me in a year or two 🙂

  2. couldn’t agree more on the grains I have gone guten free which is actually very easy now with all the options but really feel better with no grains of any kind but that can be really hard to stick with so the gluten free options at least give a ways to get some treats now an then. I am kind of back to starting over AGAIN LOL since soon after this post my mom had a bad car accident which kind of threw all lifeinto turmoil around here. I haven’t gained any weight back somehow but I haven’t been paying much attention to my eating habits all summer and I feel it 🙂 After several weeks I felt I was having a setback with my thyroid stuff so I am upping my iodine again and now am at 75mg and that is helping so I think I am headed up to 100 mg. We got a new car after the accident so there is new bromide exposure to deal with. I do think I may have found the solution to knock out the rest of the fungal skin stuff though it will be a couple weeks to be sure then I will have to post about it. I looked into the henna pretty intensely but I am really happy withthe naturcolor once I got the right shade I don’t have any fading at all and only have to do roots and it is the exact color I had before any grey so that has been nice.


  3. you know, i did this patch test with iodine solution everyone on the web, including MDs, are talking about and it was gone within 3 hrs. so i started supplements from 32.5 mg to eventually 130 mg daily. i didn’t feel or experienced any changes, nothing, and went back down to 65 mg. all that for about 2,5 months and then i had acne outbreak which is not normal for me. I linked it to iodide since it is one of the listed side effects or over dosage. so now i am taking a break and will get back on it in a week or two, but keep it low doze and see what happens. i didn’t have urine test done, so i don’t know for sure if i’m actually deficient, however, patch test makes sense to me, although, according to it my whole household is deficient! 🙂
    here is a website: – about healthy eating and cooking. They send out newsletter daily and it’s brief and informative; they answer readers questions as well.

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