The Bond Is Already Being Built

The eagle circles above me

Then soars off to the light

The sky hazy blue and melancholy

Many will lose their lives

They will spiral into the light

Hearts of survivors will mourn

The world will watch and mourn with them

This day had no choice but to come

These cycles like each individual spiral of the eagle above

This is not punishment of individual

Or country

It is just the way of things

We humans

We build things and expect them to outlast us

Why do we do such a thing

Is it our desire to return to immortality

We want to leave behind children


But mostly things

We call these things societal achievements

But they are perhaps simply monuments to arrogance

When they crumble

We weep

We weep for these things as much as for the loss of life

We vow to rebuild these things in testament to the lives lost

But those who spiral out of this world to the world of spirit

They do not want these testaments

It is we who want to believe that rebuilding respects their lives

What if leaving things alone is really respect

What if learning that there are some places where human things do not belong

Is what is in truth respect

Perhaps we should finally learn

Flood planes…. flood

Shores of hurricane areas

Should be left to nature for all to enjoy when the weather is good

Certain types of things should not be built where they will shake to the ground

We disrespect that each place is unique

We humans should live there in a way unique to that place

Now the eagle soars

And we will weep once again

This time so great is the weeping

That the world will weep with us

Eagles will continue to circle and soar

Humans will vow to rebuild

But the time for rebuilding is over

The old world will die with those who leave it

A new world is being born

It comes from the depth of space

From the love of creation

And from the beauty of our earth mother

Watching death hurts the human soul

We have learned that people we love die and we grieve

We have not been taught how to grieve the loss of a world

Societies and religions

Cultures and languages

They start to leave us now and most watching will not see

They will see only when they soar above having left their bodies

Yes it will be the worst of times

Watching our world die

Even though it is fraught with pain and despair

It is still our comfort zone because it is the known

We move now into what is unknown to most

The masses will be frozen with fear

The few will move though having been shown the new world to come

We have tried to prepare out hearts for what we will lay witness to

There are some things too great to fully comprehend

So we will act on pure divine instruction

We will process much after it is all said and done

We will share an experience of survival that will run deep

It will bond us

It will instill in us the importance of things this world takes for granted

Our survival experience began spiritually and emotionally some years back

This day it begins in a most physical way

In a sense we will look back and say this is the day we joined hands and jumped

Our hands were spread across the world

We know not who each other are yet

And yet the bond is already being built

Engtovo ~ April 14, 2010

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