Tend To My Own Heart

It comes for us
I felt it
I prepared
It faded
I felt it again
I prepared
It faded lightly to boredom
Today I feel it anew
Now it is not a knowing alone
It is full emotional envelopment
It is upon us
Right now
This moment
It takes form
There is sadness there
This is inevitable
Because I am human
Because there will be suffering
I have asked it to make its way forward
To be over with
To simply get on with what must be
The heaviness as it is about to commence is stifling
The sun shines
But the stillness is deafening
The creatures know
Even though it is not in this location
Even the hum of this computer
Seems to weep for the day
There is no casting it aside
There is only acknowledgment
A sense of helplessness prevails
I can offer no warning
What I know is so obscure
There are none that would listen
All I can do is watch for the exact moment and
Tend to my own heart

Engtovo ~ April 14, 2010

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