Dormancy Leaves

Phones ring
Mail comes
Yet still no notice
I grow impatient
Yet it is there
And though I anticipate its arrival
It will catch me by surprise
I am ready
Yet I will have to remind myself to breathe
There is some small disconnect
That will at that moment be connected
Things swirl so quickly
That I will be on the other end
Looking out in both shock and relief
My breathing deep
And grounded
This mission
This moment
So intense
It explodes with a fury of action
The ability to respond is in place
The puzzle pieces that I have are together
To quickly and effortlessly
Add those that come
In an instant
Dormancy leaves
Internally there has been action for a long time
It is not seen
Nor heard
Or felt
Known only by me
Outwardly there was only normalcy
But the return to active cycle is here
A volcano looks violent
But it is renewal and rebirth
Apparent chaos is indeed orderly and known
I slip though
I serpentine though what others fear
Led to the path that has no roadblocks
My movement ignored
Arriving at my destination
Filled with energy
Renewed and re-birthed


Engtovo ~ April 14, 2010

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