More on the Naturcolor

After removing the other Revlon color with the color oops and then re-coloring with the Naturcolor it was time to touch up the roots.  I saw people complain about these natural hair colors fading but I didn’t experience any fading.  Of course it was on top of the color opps so the real test will be when I do my roots with a darker color, to see if as time passes the color fades a little on the grays.  The Revlon faded really badly though so I had to pull it though all the hair not just the roots which is how it got so much build up. 

I still had the other half of the light colors I chose because of the porous issue after using the color opps.  So I went ahead and used them even though I knew they would be too light.  I left it on for the full 55 minutes that is the longest time it is active.  It covered my grey but is lighter than my normal color so next time I will get the next darker shades as I knew I would need to. 

I tried to capture the color but the lighting today was difficult.  I was next to a window and it was cloudy out.  In the first pic I kept the flash off hoping to get a natural color, the color is pretty accurate but it looks a little dull, when it is real shiny.


So I broke down and turned the flash on and then of course that was too much light output and it makes the whole top much redder than it it really is but shows the shine.  I do have natural deep red highlights and using 1/2 of the natural color and 1/2 of a golden color really allows them to come out.  I think if i had used 1/2 of a red color instead of golden it would become too red.


This one is probably the closest to the actual highlight color


This one I was trying to show how the roots are a little lighter with the colors I used.  The color is not real true to what it is, but it does show that even that lighter color covered the dark and grey roots both.  So aside from the roots it truly is my natural color and I just need darker shades so the roots will match.  Even though the roots are lighter though it blends nicely and I don’t have an issue with waiting for more growth before I color again.


It is soft and shiny and I really love this this product 🙂 I’m so glad not to have to use the smelly stuff anymore and it doesn’t itch or sting.  Plus it doesn’t stain anything in my bathroom!  Best of all the whole reason I started the process NO BROMIDE!

Here is the original process

9 thoughts on “More on the Naturcolor

  1. Thanks for your review. I love this stuff. In my experience, it fades if I don’t leave it on as long as I’m supposed to per the instructions. If I follow the directions, it lasts, and looks very natural, until it’s time for a touch-up.
    It’s inexpensive, too, because they let you mix small batches yourself instead of having to use up the whole package.

  2. Hello Tatiacha

    I found your sight when I googled Natucolor, images. Your hair looks great and it sounds like you like this product. May I ask your advice (it’s hard to find anything on line…I hope you don’t mind). I also have neutral dark brown hair with about 40% grey. I don’t want to color it one solid color. I used to henna it a long time ago (long enough ago that now I can put color in) and I liked how it made my dark hair richer and my greys turned a honey blond, making it look like natural highlights. Might you have any ideas on how I could do that using Naturcolor? If I put in a blond N color, that could change the greys to blond, but not sure if it’d do anything to the brown.

    Thanks for any ideas!


    • From what I understand it is not able to lighten at all so your darker hair will remain the color it is and you should be able to choose a color then that you would want the grays to be. I was doing half and half of a neutral (the natural line of colors) and a golden to get my red highlights but one time i was out of the golden and used the straight neutral shade and it turned out great, In fact now if I leave it on about and hour it covers the gray roots better than any color I have ever used. My gray is the bright silver gray that takes color really badly so I am very happy with the product. I would think if you have the more dull grey color you may want to use a golden series to get a nice bright highlight but if like me you have the shinny silver type a neutral shade will cover well and still take on that bright highlight aspect.

      I can’t say enough good things about this product it leaves my hair in very good condition and it is really natural color, I get a lot of compliments on it and am asked what I use fairly often in offline life. They also have the copper series which I would think would be closer to a henna line of colors.

      Did you see the color chart

    • Yes, I’ve done this! I have very very dark brown hair, with some grey starting to come in. I used the Light Sienna… and I wound up with scattered red-gold hairs instead of grey ones! Very cool. It may have added a little richness to my natural brown, but definitely doesn’t lighten it. So, a win, in my opinion!

  3. I love your good review of Naturcolor, which I’ve been using for over 10 years! Shortly after I started using it, the woman who cuts my hair said my hair seemed in extra good condition.
    Naturcolor gives my dry hair a nice shine, and, unlike previous hair colors I tried, seems to actually improve the condition of my hair instead of damaging it. It’s also SO easy to use and mix. I love this product and hope it’s around ’til I’m 99!

    • me too 🙂 its been a couple more years and I am still faithfully using it and my hair is healthy shiny and I just love this stuff, I never have to worry about the color getting too dark either it is always the same consistent natural color.

    • There seem to be a lot of combinations with bromide of various types of this chemical used in all kinds of ways and this is a potential allergen as well. It gets really confusing which the chemists love 🙂 These days bromide is in so many things it is hard to just reduce our exposure! wiki definition says – p-Phenylenediamine is an organic compound with the formula C6H4(NH2)2. This derivative of aniline is a white solid, but samples can darken due to air oxidation. It is mainly used as a component of engineering polymers and composites.

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