Home Made Ice Cream

When I was low carbing I used to make Ice cream fairly often.  I used the Atkins flavorings and they worked well, that was however before I realized that spenda was going to follow in the footsteps of aspartame as the next toxic chemical.  Since it is a chlorinated product I can only assume it contributed to the thyroid issue I am recovering from now by adding to my iodine deficiency as one of the halides.  I used aspartame for years before we knew the dangers of that.  It is hard to avoid the poisons in our food even now with so much more information available to us.  When I decided I wanted to makes some ice cream with splenda free I tried various flavorings and they were all really weak.  Then I found LorAnn ice cream flavors they are sugar free and I have no idea what else is in them LOL


of the 4 flavors I’ve tried the my favorite is the red raspberry but the mint chocolate chip is really good and I liked the caramel although it is a very mild flavor.  The other one i tried was chocolate and you just really can’t go wrong with chocolate 

Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe

1 Quart Heavy Cream
7 Egg Yolks
1 tsp Vanilla
1 Tbsp LorAnn Raspberry flavoring
1/4 Cup Water
1 Tbsp. Raw Honey
2 tsp Demerata Sugar
Mix of Erythritol / Stevia
2 1/2 Bags Frozen Raspberries (Wal-mart brand)

Take the frozen raspberries out and sprinkle them well with the mix of erythritol and stevia too much stevia will be biter so only use a little.  Let them sit to start defrosting.

Liquid Mixture; mix together in a small bowl and set aside
egg yolks, vanilla, raspberry flavor, water, honey and sugar.

Whip cream with electric mixer when it is nice and thick add the liquid mixture and mix in well.  Add some of the raspberries that are defrosted so the mix is a nice raspberry color and some of the natural raspberry flavor is throughout.  If the bowl you whipped the cream in is not very large put the whole mixture into a bigger bowl and add the rest of the raspberries.  Spoon into 11 small plastic containers for individual servings and put into freezer.

Serving Size: one container
Calories: 377
Carbs: 16.2
Protein: 4.7

I don’t have the fat count because I don’t count fats I eat only natural fats like cream, butter and extra virgin coconut oil and what is in the meat I eat so I am not concerned with my fat count.

You don’t have to use erythritol as some people avoid all sugar alcohols, this one doesn’t bother me and this ice cream is really the  only thing I use it in because it has a cool flavor that is suitable for ice cream.  Xylitol for example upsets my digestion and erythritol doesn’t.  You could use more demerata with the stevia or maple or date sugar but you would need to add those to the calorie and carb counts. 

If you were to use the mint chocolate flavor you could put get an organic mint chocolate bar and use a cheese grater  to put some chocolate bits in there mmmm

If you wanted you probably add some extra virgin coconut oil to this recipe.  I’ve never tried that.  It would raise the calorie count no doubt but no everyone needs to count calories.

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