Night Sweats – Hot Flashes

At the beginning of my thyroiditis I had horrible sweats I had been having typical peri-menopause type night sweats lightly for years not bad enough to even really wake me up but enough to be aware they were happening.  During the first few weeks of the thyroiditis they were 24 hours a day and at one point about every 20 minutes.  I know there was a viral aspect as I was so sick, but when that aspect subsided the hot flashes continued.  I assumed they were menopause related since my cycle had been erratic and I had missed a few periods on more than one occasion.  Someone on the yahoo list suggested I take 800 IU of vitamin E.  I had been on 400 IU mixed E.  So I upped the dose and in about a week the hot flashes were gone.

Fast forward several months and I started to have mild night sweats again but not enough to interfere with sleep.  Then the last couple weeks they have ramped up and they are waking me up 3 or 4 times a night to throw off the covers until it passes, and now they are hitting in the day time too.  My E is still at 800 IU so I really can’t raise that.  I hope it is just a hormonal adjustment as the Candida is dying off, since Candida is well know for mimicking hormones.  It could also be the end cycle of the thyroiditis though as so little seems to be known about the process.  I am at a year now and they say it typically take a year to 18 months to resolve.  I did have some really mild swelling of the throat  yesterday.   Yet it could just be a new round of the menopause process.  LOL  it is annoying especially when it wakes me up though.

2 thoughts on “Night Sweats – Hot Flashes

  1. Hi, I started getting sick 5 years ago with hashismotos thyroiditis along with perimenopause.I was having terrible night sweats for a few months then the night sweats went away and I was having terrible hot flashes at least one every hour.Then the hot flashes were less frequent and I should have waited as they were tapering off the closer I came to menopause and the doc offered bio’s and I right away said yes.The hot flashes are caused by not enough estrogen.My estrogen was at 14 and my testosterone was at 28.Both were way low.So I had my doctor call in a bio identical cream to a compounding pharmacy with estrogen,progesterone and testosterone.I had a few other issues that this blend also corrected.I sleep through the night,no sweats or flashes. Pat

    • Weirdly enough shortly before these hot flashes started my temps had raised from the 97s to the 98s and then I had a week where I was cold all the time and then my temps were consistently back in the 97s, and have remained there for about a month. Now the flashes are starting to subside and my temps are back in the 98s mostly again. So although I am going through menopause I think this bunch of hot flashes are related to my body adjusting hormonally to the changes in my thyroid action with the iodine supplementation and the candida die off. Not that there isn’t an estrogen aspect of that, but not everyone who goes through menopause has hot flashes at all so it has to be more complex than estrogen alone. Since the Vit. E took care of it last time, well actually I also lowered my Vit. A I felt after high doses of Vit. A for a few months that I was doing well with my Vit. A and that my A, E, D ratio may have gone out of balance and it is since I lowered the Vit. A that it has improved. Gosh everything is so interconnected that is gets overwhelming sometimes to keep track of what you are doing 🙂

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