Diet Progress

Part of what I wanted to do here on the blog is to follow my diet and weight loss progress.  I guess for the accountability aspect as much as anything.  I do best when I keep a food diary and know exactly what I’ve eaten. 

Now that I am slowly recovering from the sub-acute thyroiditis I need to get to losing this weight.  I am 12 weeks into my diet on Sunday and am weighing in once a week.  For about three years before the thyroiditis hit I could not lose a pound no matter what I did.  We have a bowflex, and I have a whole book keeping track of my workouts with that as well as any walks or other cardio I did.  There were periods of time in there were I definitely gained tremendous strength but lose weight NOT.  It was really frustrating because in 2002 I lost 40 pounds doing low carb and was about 17-18 pounds over my high school weight and felt great.  I maintained that for a couple years and then I started to gain weight and couldn’t even get my body to stay in ketosis at all.  Even at the time I lost on a low carb I couldn’t lose any on a typical low calorie diet.  Then I slowly gained a bunch of weight and then when I got the thyroiditis last February I gained a good 10 pounds from being in bed all damn year.  So by the time it i was all said an done I was 171 pounds which is a hell of a lot for me.

I still don’t have  a tremendous amount of energy so I am not back to the bowflex or any cardio yet but you have to start somewhere.  I am only 5 feet tall so I decided to go on 1200 calorie diet.  After doing some research I decided to stagger my calories so my body would not know how many it was going to get on any given day and would not try to slow my metabolism to adjust to the 1200 calories.

So it goes like this

Sunday 1200
Monday 1000
Tuesday 1400
Wednesday 1200
Thursday 1000
Friday 1400
Saturday 1200

I find this is really easy to do because I can have a treat on the 1400 calorie days and I don’t feel deprived in any way.  A treat may be something sweet but just as often it is  a higher calorie meal like a nice pot roast with potatoes.  If I think I want to have something on a 1000 calorie day I can just tell myself I get to have it tomorrow.  So far I haven’t been hungry at all and it is going well.  I am losing about 1 pound a week with no exercise.  I lost 3 the first week so at my 11 week weigh in on the 10th I had lost 13 pounds.  I had one week in there when I had my period where I lost no weight but then the next week when my period was over I had lost 2 pounds that i all evened out. 

I try and stick to the guidelines of this staggered schedule but because I weigh in in weekly I also keep track  through the week.  So if I eat only 1300 on a 1400 day I put a plus 100 and carry over through the week and try and keep the total for my week (8400 calories) on track because it is hard to be exacting on any given day.    Then I start over on weigh in day.

About one day a week I package up a lot of things in specific serving sizes so I can just grab something and eat it without having to weigh and measure.  It makes it real easy to mix and match to get to different calorie amounts and if i am in a hurry I can write down the name of the food in my diary and come back and put in the numbers later.

I do have some rules to my diet in addition to following my calorie count and they basically are;

Gluten Free –  I always felt better on a low carb diet and now I know it was the gluten.  I can eat a pizza with gluten free crust and feel fine.  There are lots of gluten free options so that makes it easy to have a treat here and there without cheating.  I found out that thyroid issues, gluten issues, and diabetes are all on the same gene, that makes one think.  My digestion improved with iodine supplementation but then 3 to 4 months after going gluten free all my digestion are issues are gone.

Soy – No soy it is a goitrogen and really bad for the thyroid.  I think this may have been an aspect of the low carb that was not good as so many of the low carb products had soy in them.  With the thyroid issue I am dealing with I need to avoid all goitrogens.

Sweeteners – No artificial sweeteners period.  No refined sugar, no high fructose corn syrup.  So when I do eat something sweet it has raw honey, stevia, fruit, organic raw sugar or dehydrated cane juice. Total carb count between 75 and 150 per day.

Additives – no msg, try and stay away from any artificial flavors or colors.  I still have bacon now and then but no other nitrates. Avoid anything that may have bromide,  fluoride, or chlorine.  We have well water here but it is really heavy in calcium so we drink purified water.   Only use unrefined salt and natural herbs or spices

Basically I use real foods in as natural state as possible.  I know what is going in my body.  Processed food is filled with god knows what,  I use mostly organic dairy for the little dairy I eat, I wish I could afford only grass fed beef but that is out of reach at the moment.   I do make sure and get enough protein though with meat or whey powder sweetened with stevia.

Then of course all my regular supplements and following the iodine protocol  I can tell my thyroid is working now!

One other thing to  note would be the holidays.  We don’t do a lot of holiday parties and such so I didn’t have to worry about that, just the thanksgiving and Christmas meal.  I ate low calories the day before and the day after and ate whatever I wanted on the holiday itself.  I had read form the same person who suggested staggering my calories that this would work so I gave it a shot on thanksgiving and still lost my pound that week and again on Christmas it worked, so apparently you could maybe get away with this once a month but I just didn’t feel good physically eating as much as I did  so I wouldn’t want to do that once a month.  LOL

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