Candida Skin Issues – Update 1

After trying the MMS I kind of gave up on this stuff figuring eating almost no carbs was the only answer.  A few months after getting sub-acute thyroiditis that is viral everyone was blabbing on tv about the swine flu and all the natural sites were talking about how to avoid flu naturally.  I thought well I’m not worried I have all kinds of anti-viral essential oils.  That was a light bulb moment in the midst of my brain fog as I realized i have a viral condition and I haven’t been sing my antiviral essential oils!  So I added some (which is now essential oil blend 1) to some foot rub I had made with magnesium oil, coconut oil and aloe vera.  I started to apply this to my feet.  The first few days I could only apply every three days because I was getting a herxheimer reaction, so I knew it was killing fungus.  I started every other day for a few days until after about two weeks I started putting it on my feet every day.  When I got to the every day point I was still getting a strong herx reaction about an hour after application, I would generally get exhausted and feel like napping and sleeping it off.  Much to my surprise about 3 weeks later I noticed this skin stuff improving. 

Wanting to make a blend for pandemic preventative for the family I had to buy a few oils I was out of and I made essential oil blend 2.  I started to mix the two blends, dilute in extra virgin coconut oil and put it on my feet  and then directly on the worst parts of the skin as well every morning. Very quickly all the dry skin was gone and only the under lesions were left.  They itched really bad so I started to put tea tree on directly because it cools the itch and then apply the other oil blend on top of that.  Gradually there were less and less lesions and more clear skin emerging.  Every so often at night I would add some provodone iodine.  It was almost cleared when my period arrived and it flared up quite dramatically.  Over the next 3 weeks it cleared quite a bit and then started to flare up again over the fourth week as I got to my period again.  This time though the flare up was less than the month before. 

Now I am nearing my third period and it is not flaring yet and is continuing to improve.  I have increased the amount of essential oils in my blend and now am Appling some times at night as well.  The itch is gone so I no longer apply the tea tree directly before the oils.  I recent bought some 5% lugol’s and I am applying that as well (diluted).  It is gentler than the provodone to me with it being water based, and it has both potassium iodine and elemental iodine while the provodone has elemental iodine alone.

I am making progress but this stuff has always been elusive without extreme diet so now that I have it on the run I am hitting it with everything I can.  I found a site talking about the use of gentian violet so I ordered some of that.  I put some on monday and it stains really bad  I haven’t put on more because I wanted to see how long the stains last.  There is still some purple skin today!  The interesting part is after the first shower the parts where the stain remained the worst were the areas with the lesions.  My diet is really consistent right now so if I add something that gives me a reaction I know right away.  Monday night in the middle of the night I got really bad diarrhea and felt terrible so with the gentian violet being the only change clearly I had a big die off.  I plan to apply some more and do it maybe every other evening on the worst parts to see where that goes. 

When I clear this stuff with an extreme diet which no one can live on forever it takes 12 weeks of being perfect with 20-30 carbs max.  Now it will be 12 weeks January 26 since I started the essential oils daily.  I have been eating 100-150 carbs a day but I have been controlling my calories for weight loss. My philosophy at this point is that when you go onto a low carb anti-candida diet to starve out the fungus they don’t actually die, they just go dormant.  when I get rid of this with diet this skin stuff will come back in two weeks after eating more than 40 carbs.  The problem is too that after 20 years of being on and off the anti-candida diet I developed various nutritionally deficiencies.  I have been restoring all my minerals and most important to me iodine. 

I though one day this is just bullshit people all over the world don’t have this shit even when they eat things I have to deny myself, like fruit.  So there must be something in my internal environment that needs to be adjusted in order to get this candida under control.  So far it is clear tome that I was really low in magnesium and selenium as well as critical in iodine.  I also went gluten free.

Here are some clearer pictures then the ones I posted with the original article, these were taken in August of 2008, below them are a couple newer pics showing some of the improvement.  I will do another update when i get it cleared with the total of how long it took to fully clear and if I added anything else.

Oh I should add how i mixed the two blends

the first batch i used 1/2 cup of coconut oil and added 7 droppers (175 drops) blend 1 and 4 droppers (100 drops) blend 2.   When I stopped herxing using that i mixed 5 droppers (125 drops) blend 1 and 2 droppers (50 drops) blend two with no carrier oil and when I put the diluted mix on my feet I would add 2 drops of that mix and eventually 3 or four drops to each foot.

When I had used that up I made a second stronger batch so I wouldn’t have to add any drops to my feet just use the diluted blend alone.  It has a little more than 1/2 cup coconut oil and 11 droppers (275 drops) blend 1 and 7 droppers (175 drops) blend 2.











photos from 01-06-2010 –  what is left right now (and it is less now then a couple days back when i took the photos) is only in my arm pits, all the shedding skin has stopped.  So the skin is flat /smooth even though it still has these discolored lesions.  It used to cover my whole torso, and was in the folds of my elbows and up the back of my neck and down the small of my back, well pretty much crotch to head front and back and there were little bits starting to show up on my inner thighs. LOL  Now though the rest of my torso is CLEAR!



Here is the Gentian Violet Stains the day after I put it on and had just taken a shower and scrubbed good.



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