Bromide Detox Rash

Well now that I have some pages online about the iodine protocol I guess I’ll just jump in on the blog posts in no particular order LOL  My iodine supplementation has been all over the place since last February as I have worked through various issues.  During the summer at one point I was as high as 100 mg of Iodoral.  I reduced my dose after a trip I took and now have been slowing working my way back up.  A couple weeks ago I went from 25 mg up to 37.5 mg and a few days later started to develop and ugly rash on my chest.  Since I have been dealing with a Candida skin issue that is fading slowly I thought it may be related because it itched really bad.  After a few days though I began to think maybe this is a bromide reaction so I decided to salt load.  I take about 1/2 tsp Celtic salt every day plus a little on food as my base, although I don’t eat hardly anything processed and don’t add much salt to what I eat so I was only getting a tiny bit above 1/2 tsp.  Dr. Brownstein recommends 1/2 tsp and generously on food as a base.

So to start the salt loading for this bromide I upped that to 1  1/4 tsp.  Today is the third day so I haven’t taken the full amount yet today as I split the salt through the day so basically 2 1/2 days now the rash is almost gone.

I took this photo before I started to salt load figuring most people had never seen a bromide rash.  Pretty gross looking!  It was what I would call a wet  rash in that there was a little weeping from each little spot.


I thought that I was taking enough salt to not have any problems at a 37.5 mg dose, but I had been hand packing OO caps because I couldn’t find my Cap-m-Quick and I could get quite a lot of salt into each cap.  Then I found the Cap-m-Quick and didn’t realize how much less salt I was getting in each capsule.

11 thoughts on “Bromide Detox Rash

  1. This reminds me of what I had last summer. I knew nothing about iodine or bromide yet at that time. I have always used a lot of supplements. Interestingly, this kind of thing happened after I started using a lot of tincture of iodine on my skin for some tiny blemishes. They got worse and worse til I finally used baking soda paste on them. I wonder if I unknowingly was causing a bromide detox! Could tincture of iodine work similarly to Lugol’s or Iosol, or is it a case of organic iodine vs. inorganic? Anyone know?

    • Any kind of iodine can flush out bromide, how much iodine it takes is a very individual thing. Some people can take a lot of iodine before ever seening signs of bromide toxicity. The more bromide there is in your body the quicker you are likely to see signs of it coming out with smaller amounts of iodine.

  2. So glad to have found others to “commisserate” with on the Bromide rash!
    I have them on my upper arms & elbows and they are so itchy they drive me CRAZY!
    I just want to scratch my skin off my arms!
    They also come & go on other parts of my body too; buttocks, legs, forearms. It is the weidest thing, but the upper arms and elbows itch continuously. Wow, didnt know I was so bromide toxic!

  3. Mine appeared on my face! It was between my eyebrows and extended about 2 inches up. After 2 weeks, it wasnt getting much better, even with salt loading, so I did a search and read that apple cider vinegar could help. I put it on a cotton ball, put it on the rash and taped it in place for 1 hour. I did this 2 times a day. After removing the cotton ball, I rubbed coconut oil on the area. In 2.5 days, the redness was gone and it had completely dried out. I exfoliated the area and the dry patch just peeled away exposing smooth, soft, and completely healed skin 🙂 I also upped my zinc intake since it assists with healing.
    Salt is very important yes, but if the rash is on your face, you need (and want) it gone fast! I hope this helps someone.

    • It won’t hurt you, but it is uncomfortable and itches like crazy 🙂 it just lets you know that you are pushing out more bromide than the normal detox pathways can handle and you should lower your iodine intake temporarily and then build back up to a higher dose again

  4. Hi, i am curious if you have ever been tested for Lyme disease? Hashimoto’s can be caused by Lyme disease and it can cause low iodine in the body. After seeing many docs with no luck, I finally saw a LLMD (Lyme disease specialist) who tested me for Lyme disease and checked my thyroglobulin antibodies and guess what..?.? I was on my way to Hashimoto’s disease. I had gout as well so I know the iodine/Hashimoto’s are related. Your symptoms are eerily similar.
    Lyme disease never comes alone, it’s also transmitted with other infectious diseases. Your skin and rashes look like mine, might not be the same thing but it’s definitely worth getting checked out. Regular doctors don’t know how to test for Lyme disease so don’t waste your time with them. Good luck!

    • I haven’t ever been checked as I have not had to money to find a holistic doc who would do it, i sure would not be surprised. I grew up in MN and we were picking off ticks all the time. My step mother was finally diagnosed with Lyme after 20 years of all kinds of bogus diagnoses.

  5. Ooh I have this too. It appeared overnight all over my left kidney. It’s healing slowly but new patches are popping up in other places. And another oddity was a scaly red patch that popped up about 3 inches in length also on my back. My face is breaking out a bit as well and just random spots all over. Overall my whole skin just feels itchy and some days quite badly. I’m still out on the salt loading as I feel it displaces the iodine and that is why people’s symptoms go away. I really felt no relief from it but did notice all my hypothyroid symptoms immediately return. For now I just try to back down my dose of it gets too much and trying things like spirulina or moringa to help with the detox clean up.

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