I Choose Joy

The words are sent
The emotions intense
The outcome unknown
The window is small
But there
It is not the most likely path
It is in fact the least likely
But it is
The only one left
To singularity
I am sad
But I feel lightness
Forming and moving
Such a long road
So much unsaid
Shoved deep down
Sickening me
Now the sickness
Replaced by divine force
I am astounded
My movements
I feel it
But it is unrecognized
A small flutter
Something awakens
It has slept
Since the moment of change
Waited for this day
Who knew
This would be the day
This day I have asked for
And yet have avoided
So many opportunities
But it was not fully ripe
Now out of the pain
The release
Comes the sweetness
One heart
It is instantaneous
This change
His reaction is known
He will hurt
He cannot escape his own actions
Compassion is there in me
But I will not
Go there with him
This is his journey now
I moved in my pain
He made his choices
I choose joy

Engtovo ~ December 30, 2009

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