Destined to Circle

No message
Short nor long
Distance increased
No thought given
To hearts beyond your own
Selfish impulses
While lying to all
How did it come to this
Sentimental moments
You let go
Maintaining deception
Has replaced your heart
You have approval
Of others you sought
Yet it will crumble
If truth enters
Life of lies
Like the heaviest burden
Your own making
You carry it
Your knees weak
The pain increases daily
You hide behind the two
Waxing about the third
Using them
To shield your burden
Eventually you will force
Them to carry
As your mother
Gave hers to you
You will have to bury
What’s left of love
Walk as the living dead
Old while young
Washed up without experience
Stuck in time
Unable to expand
Destined to circle
And circle
One tiny set of emotions
They have no depth
No dignity
No truth
They are make believe
Centered in fear
Running into walls
Never seeing them coming
You think you see me
But even your surface view
Is limited
You will see only in death
As the one who came before you
And one who came before her
Doors were opened
You chose to shut them
All the universe watched
Saddened at the loss of potential
And so it is
And I ponder it all.

Engtovo Bhodsvatan ~ December 23, 2009

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