More on Mitch Battros

well I have received several emails where readers have shared personal email exchanges they had with Mitch about the Mayan situation.  The responses they got from him were kind of surprising even though it is obvious he is not in a good space.  There was clear overreaction and of course the insults.  He called one person small minded for example.  He claimed in the next newsletter that it was not actually the elders who asked him to make the information free but newsletter readers.  I am not sure what to think of that.  If I assume that people have been asking him to share the Mayan info for free for some time then perhaps.  If we are talking about this specific urgent message then it would be impossible for him to say that the newsletter readers asked him to share if free since the statement that he was asked to share it for free and the fact there was going to be an urgent message were in the same newsletter.

When I googled for more info on Carlos Barrios the other day I found a transcript of a previous interview they had done some time back and it was clear from reading it that Carlos does not speak English very well (or at least he didn’t at the time).  Under those circumstances it is impossible to tell if he even knows that Mitch interviews him and then sells the information. Ultimately if I give Mitch the benefit of the doubt in this and believe he simply chose his words badly in his newsletter (which after watching him several years I can’t say he really deserves) it still doesn’t change much.  If the elders don’t even know he is selling their information then they certainly wouldn’t have a reason to tell him not to and it does seem possible they don’t know.  I can’t believe the elder of any nation would be ok with that and Mitch certainly should know better and if Carlos does know Mitch does this than most certainly HE knows better.  In the interview I read not much was said at all and certainly nothing earth shattering. 

Considering how easily hyped up Mitch gets about nothing much his perception that this message is so urgent is likely just that, Mitch being Mitch.  I remember when he went on and on about the third secret of Fatima and that became much ado over nothing.  He gets so excited about anything that he thinks is being shared with just him that he practically wets himself.  I listened to one or two of the radio shows back when they were free and it was all I could stand because his excitement over simple non issues overwhelmed the whole interview and he spent 80% of the time talking instead of his guest.

Someone mentioned reading my post on HIS site.  I am not sure if this person just mixed things up in their email or if he posted my post on his site with or without comment.  I am not a member of his site so I can’t go look myself.  The facts remain that if any of the indigenous nations have something to share ITS TIME.  We are close to the time when anything they have to share will have become irrelevant.  Many of the prophecies have already been made irrelevant by the changes in the plan as it were.

The latest newsletter in relation to people’s reaction to the Mayan thing he calls The Battle Between Disclosure vs. Omission, I thought what the hell is that?  So what is he saying disclosure for a price or keep his mouth shut?  This isn’t about whether to disclose or not, that choice was already made by the Mayan elders ( the ones with the actual information in question).  This is about him profiting off the disclosure!

I thought it interesting that in the newsletter Mitch’s primary response was to prove to us all that he is indeed as wonderful as he claims by giving us a list of scientists and metaphysical / ancient text people who just love love love him.  Therefore we are suppose to consider him validated by both worlds and get on on the love boat.  Sorry Mitch but I am just NOT impressed by this list.  Now there may be some scientists that are perfectly nice people.  Even some with good intentions who are ignorant of the agendas behind their paychecks.  Their opinions are of no consequence to me.  While science sometimes figures out the way things work in this world more often then not they are so far off base as to be humorous.  Now I am no scientist so I do the only thing I can when I read scientific stuff and that is apply the inner knowing test.  The simple inner voice that says yes that feels tight or “hell no”  and so far it has served me well things that I said hell no to even as a teenager have been shown to be crap now.  The problem with science is they come up with theory and then in a short time start operating as if the theory is truth even if it has never even come close to being proven and then base new theories on the unproven old theory and then when someone questions the old theory they run them out of town because so much money has been put into some study that requires the old theory to be correct.  Basically science has become one of the corrupt world religions ruled by money.

As for the people on the metaphysical / ancient text list well there is more than one that is known for their own power ego issues and have taken corrupt action on behalf of the people they lead so dude whatever!  It is totally against the very nature of metaphysics to attempt to validate yourself by finding well known spiritual people to say you are ok.  But hey it worked for the whole “the secret”  money grubbing corruption.  They all validated each other, essentially giving the people permission to give them a bunch of cash.  So since the concept of powerful “spiritual” people validating each other has worked so well for dark forces in so many situations why not jump on the bandwagon and rake in some cashola eh?  True validation of your journey and self can only come from within, working directly with creation, higher power, and the earth herself.  I wonder how the earth mother feels about what you are doing?  Have you ever talked with her directly?  Your list to me is in fact you proving to anyone reading that you are not in harmony with the whole.

You observe things and then state them as your own.  Never mind that hundred or thousands of others observed the same thing but didn’t dare claim them as their own because they knew better than to try and own what is there obvious to any who look.  First the equation over and over and over.  now you are trying to claim to discover that large earthquakes often happen near eclipses.  Well DUH every ancient culture on earth knows that, it is just your revered scientists so far removed that have forgotten.  Hell you can pick up any number of history books and find the story of the eclipse(especially solar eclipse) and the story then almost always is followed by “shortly after the earth shook”.  The more you claim not to fear monger the more in fact you do fear monger.  You so rarely just say well there is a window where something may be possible, you always blow it up into a frenzy. 

You have been obsessed with the Cascadia Subduction zone for a long time.  Now I think anyone paying attention knows there is risk there at this time but where is your science when you present  a earthquake swarm north of San Francisco and one in Alaska with one off the coast of Oregon as proof of the risk.  Everything I have read has always shown these earthquake swarms to be volcanic activity not a prequel to a huge subduction earthquake.  The field north of San Francisco is a know volcanic area as is the Alaska area and after the fact the off shore Oregon swarm is thought to be volcanic as well, it was just a surprise to have this in a area as far from the ridge as it was.  Even the swarm off Vancouver Island happens fairly often and they do think since that is the end of the fault it could be tied to future earthquake activity but they still think it volcanic in nature and is an unknown.  These are your science guys here saying these things so if want to do some real science then you better go back to the Indonesian quake and find a swarm hundreds of miles north and hundreds of miles south of the fault and one in the middle and one on the end say 5 years or less before that earthquake.  Then if you can match that with these swarms then we may think the volcanic activity could be tied to a possible subduction earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone.  Otherwise you are just hyping it up for nothing.  Yeah we know it could go at any time but knowing that and offering up your science proof are two different things.  If you are just feeling it, then just own that feeling and say outright I have NOTHING to base my feeling on, it is just a gut feeling.  Most of us have more respect for a gut feeling than the other crap anyway, at least when the person is honest and acts with integrity.

If you want to do something interesting with your power to share information instead of trying to own the idea of earthquakes near eclipses how about get yourself a list of the biggest quakes of recorded history and then find someone to do you an ephemeris  to show what percentage of them fall within the two week eclipse window.   That would at least be interesting but of course you would charge for it, but at least you’d be charging for your own work, instead you take NASA articles or whoever else and post them and claim everything comes from you first … NOT.  On second thought how about if you stay away from my idea of matching recorded earthquakes with an eclipse ephemeris and allow someone out there to do it who would like to share the information FREE just because it would be a fun thing to know.  That is obviously assuming it hasn’t already been done, which I imagine there are thousands of people who have thought of doing it and it likely has been done, in which case I would love to see it and know what the percentage of big quakes fall in the eclipse window.

It really all comes down to integrity and you showing a complete lack of it.  We are in the times NOW some of us will take care of each other and create a new world, others will profit off of the pain and misery and not live to enjoy their profits.  Money is not long for this world, just like government and religion.  There will just be a small group of open hearted people who will inherit a changed world and none of us will miss the hucksters, the corruption and the oppression of those who leave this world.  We will know where to be and when because of the divine quiet voice within and the earth mother will lead us to places where she can keep us safe.  You won’t get that info from your list of those who have “validated” you.  It will only come from within.  So there won’t be any Earth shattering, shocking, mind blowing news from Mitch Battros when it comes down to the wire.  Btw those of us who already know we are hanging around have never found anything you have ever reported shocking!

Oh gosh I was just finishing this up when someone posted about Mitch being on coast to coast last night.  So did anybody hear are the quakes off Mexico now telling us about the cascadia subduction zone too??? LOL  Apparently Jim Berkland was on there too and his site had this little quote

What is important to consider is that there is a widespread misconception that earthquakes are increasing over the years. The same myth surrounds the generation of hurricanes. You remember that the devastation of Katrina was followed by many official forecasts that hurricane activity would be increasing. Yet the numbers have actually diminished. What about all of those predictions about the solar cycle and increased sunspots and solar storms? Instead we are seeing an almost unprecedented quiet Sun. Where is the global warming? The Northeastern USA is wondering where the summer has gone. What about that June snowstorm in Minnesota?

Mother Nature can be so fickle……….but she sure is interesting.


I have had more arguments than I can count with people who insist that earthquakes have been increasing over the last few years when they weren’t!  So funny how many people don’t want to look at the facts.  That being said this calm is a gift from our Creator who does not want to extend any suffering.  The changes will come fast and be done fast so it is really important to not be complacent and listen to your inner voice.   Don’t take this calm for granted, know it is a gift to get where you need to be with ease and without fear if you feel you are going to be hanging around.   Take this time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as well because it is very easy to feel things will continue as is.  If you are aware that things are going to hit hard, and when they do in only a few short days you will be in a different world, then the mental and emotional transition will be much easier.  We tend to want to prepare for the physical aspects but the emotions and mind need the preparation more.  No one will survive who won’t be losing some people they love, there is just no way to bring everyone we love with us and many of them would not want to come even if we tried.  Inner work that, as always, is where it is at!

Here is the newsletter

The Battle Between Disclosure vs Omission

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

From the inception of Earth Changes TV(now Earth Changes Media), my goal has been to give a balanced view of current science and ancient text. This would include what many call metaphysical or spiritual consideration. As most of you know, I have had the top scientists in their field on my show. The top seismologist, paleontologist, astrophysicists, climatologist, geo-scientists and many others.

To my science community:

I have been very careful to maintain a high esteem and credibility giving the respect and adoration for science. I have been criticized many times for being too harsh on what I call the community of woo-woo’s. In doing so, I have always kept the principles of scientific procedures to maintain a discipline of evidence vs conjecture. Both are healthy components, but are often merged and mis-used by many. I always try to distinguish the two when presenting my evidence or theories.

I am grateful and honored to be able to display a distinguished list of endorsements and affirmations of my work:

– Dr. Ernest Hildner, Director NOAA Space Weather Center

– Dr. Paul Brekke, Deputy Director of SOHO project- European Space Agency

– Dr. Gerhard Loebert, recipient of the Needle of Honor in astrophysics, designer of project "Firefly" 2nd generation stealth fighter.

– Dr. Stefaan Poedts: Lead Scientist University of Leuven Center for Plasma Astrophysics

– Dr. Ronald van der Linden, Royal Observatory, Director of Solar Physics Department

– Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former US Naval Observatory Chief of Celestial Mechanics

– Dr. Jay Fein, Program Dir in National Science Foundation

– Division of Atmospheric Sciences

– Dr. Gary Sharp, Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study

For a more complete list feel free to email me at:

To my ancient text, metaphysical community:

I affirm the disciplines in the field of ancient text which often includes metaphysical principles. Some examples would be those who study the power of Prayer, Biblical historians, Mayan prophecy and culture, Hopi prophecy and culture, Sumarians, Dogon, Aztecs, Dead Sea Scrolls, and the list goes on and on. It is my belief we are in a time of merging the wisdom of our ancestors, and the talent of our modern scientists. In fact, what appears to unfold more often than not is the matching of current events or research, with that of what has been told centuries ago by our ancestors.

An affirmation that came to me one night sums up my thoughts and beliefs: "We must know the past, to understand the present, which tells us of the future" (mitch battros).

I am grateful and honored to be able to display a distinguished list of endorsements and affirmations of my work:

– Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder ‘Clan de Aguila’ (the Eagle clan)

– Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

– Carl Johan Calleman, Historical Scholar – author of Enlightenment: The Mayan Calendar

– John Major Jenkins, author of Galactic Alignment

– Adrian Gilbert, author of The Mayan Prophecies

– Dr. Greg Little, Edgar Cayce Foundation

– Brad Steiger, authors of over 30 best-selling books

– Crichton E M Miller, author of The Golden Thread of Time and The Celtic Cross

– Wallace Thornhill, Physicist – author of The Electric Universe

– John Randolph Price, author of Living a Life of Joy among 18 others

For a more complete list feel free to email me at:

It is my belief ECM will be sending out what will appear to be extraordinary news which involves ‘Earth Changes’. I feel it is most important to maintain a sense of groundedness and empowerment. The possible upcoming articles will seem alarming, and there is the risk of setting off inherent defense triggers every human possess. A necessary and healthy ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism which is ‘hard wired’ for survival, can either be productive or self-defeating.

Carlos Barrios as well as many others remind us that prophecy and predictions are meant to assist us, not punish us. It should be used as a road map of which alternate routes (either tangible or mental) can be used.

Needless to say, I have chosen the path of "Disclosure" rather than omission. With disclosure comes the task of responsibility. What will be told in Monday night/Tuesday morning’s article is to be received as one person’s truth (or that of many people’s truth). It will be up to each and every one of us, to use of innate gift of ‘discernment’ and learned skill of critical thinking. Nothing should be considered as ‘pre-determined’, but rather a suggestion of possibilities.

Remember: Just because I (or anyone) speaks with passion and conviction, does not make it "the truth", only "my truth" (or ones truth). Nothing is hopeless — and everything is hopeful. Some would suggest the mere act of speaking of events could indeed change them ….

Note: I am pleased to say we have given more than 50 scholarships for an ECM membership. For those who may have mis-interpreted a request to have coming articles free, it was not the Mayan elders who requested this, it was those who have been receiving ECM’s newsletter. We have 10 scholarships left. If you wish to apply, send a short request to . We appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our services. It truly is the most important news service of our time.

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