Abundance Project Month Two Meditation

The balloon opens in around 6 hours, I thought I would share this

When I went to the store to pick up a prayer candle they didn’t have any plain white and this store doesn’t carry any of the colors.  All they had were a few of the popular catholic ones.  So I grabbed a Guardian Angel candle and at first figured I would try and take the sticker off but then I decided that I liked most of the prayer, it was just the Jesus line that tied it to a religion, and I definitely want the project to be free of any given religion as a whole so that every individual is working within their own belief system. 


So I blacked out the Jesus part of the prayer so here is what is reads now.  The parts in red are not in the written prayer but I am adding them with intent.

Angel & Life Guide of God, with God’s love, you come to my side to bring me strength and protection.  You are light to me in darkness, bringing me comfort when I am afraid, giving me courage when I am afflicted, and blessing me with hope when I am discouraged.  Guide me on my journey to the kingdom (Abundant Life) promised to all through God (Creator, Great Mystery, Divine Principal, Source).


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