Abundance Project – Month Two

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already!  Various people have emailed with good although modest at times results so far.  If you didn’t participate in month one and want to join us in month two this is your last chance to send me your name and email (engtovo at gmail dot com) as I need to get a current list out to everyone some time Friday.  The balloon open here (US Mountain time) on Saturday morning (the 30th) which is 12 hours prior to the exact time of the new moon.

Our times  GMT/UTC

Balloon Opens:  August 30th 7:58 AM

New Moon:  August 30th 7:58 PM

Balloon Closes:  August 31st 7:58 AM

North American Times

Balloon Opens: August 30th 12:58 AM Pacific (1:58 am mountain, 2:58 am central, 3:58 am eastern)

New Moon:  August 30th 12:58 PM Pacific (1:58 pm mountain, 2:58 pm central, 3:58 pm eastern)

Balloon Closes:  August 31st 12:58 AM Pacific (1:58 am mountain, 2:58 am central, 3:58 am eastern)

A note on how we will be working with new participants in month two

New month two participants will be putting forth the prayer of abundant life for all for themselves and everyone in the group.  Just like the month one people did last month (if you are new be sure and go back and read the other abundance project posts)

participants from month one will be offering up that same prayer for the new participants and offering up gratitude for the participants of month one.

If you have any questions ask now we only have a couple days 🙂

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