Question About Psychics

I went to Yahoo to take myself off of the unveiling list where the stuff happened with that Gerard guy and found this question posted on Yahoo Answers.  I had never even heard of Yahoo Answers but I found myself automatically answering the question and thought maybe some of you may be interested in this as well.  By the way, for those of you who don’t like the kind of conflict in the Enochian Circle post you may still want to wander down to the comments because there were some good questions that got asked on how to use Enochian Circle that really had nothing to do with the conflict stuff in he post.

On another note I do have a yahoo group email list too, and it was originally set up in 1998 to discuss the Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East book.  It never got much use discussing that so I’ve decided to re-task it to be for anything we want to discuss in relation to being a person on a spiritual journey.  So anyone interested can join here  It is set up so that Randy or I  have to approve anyone joining to keep out the obvious spammers who attempt to join from time to time. 

The question:

If I went to see a psychic and what she said would happen did NOT happen, what does that mean?

The psychic said some things would happen in my life over the next few years, but it did not happen how she said. What does that mean? Why was she wrong with her prediction?

There can be several answers to this question. Some people who claim to be psychic are not and that is an obvious reason. Assuming this person is really a psychic, it could be any number of things.

When a psychic looks into the future they see the most likely path at that moment. The farther off into the future he or she is looking the more possibilities exist for you to take a different path. So many things can happen in our lives that cause us to make a decision or sometimes to not make a decision that can change the most likely outcome. Looking into the future is a game of playing the odds. Every person has freewill and continuously changes the timelines for their personal life.

Psychics work on vibration, meaning they pick up on a person’s energy and sometimes someone else’s energy could be nearby and be stronger than your own energy, and the most likely path a psychic is seeing is the path of the other person. This can happen easily when you bring a friend or family member with you to get a reading. The other person they psychic is picking up on may be the person you brought, but could also be someone that one of you love and are worried about or thinking of strongly. Sometimes though with busy psychics it could be the person out in the waiting room who is getting the next reading. This can especially be a problem in busy psychic fair type situations. There are so many people seeking readings that tuning into the correct energy can be a challenge.

Psychics work in different ways.


Clairvoyants see visuals of things and then have to interpret what they see, as each psychic has their own symbols. A good clairvoyant is very good at this but just like interpreting a dream sometimes there can be an aspect that is not clear, leading to a reading that is muddled. When this happens normally the psychic is unaware that they are misinterpreting the symbols involved. This can also happen with card readers, as well as all the card are representations or symbols of different energies that have to be interpreted on their own and in how they fall together when it is a multi card spread.

Clairsentients feel the emotions of the situation, the down side of that is that sometimes your desire for a particular outcome can have such strong energy attached to it that the psychic picks up on that as an overlay.

Clairaudients hear spirits talking to them. The accuracy of this then is affected by how evolved the spirit that they are talking to is. Another aspect of the clairaudient is that often times they talk to your guide or angel and that being may tell them information on the path they WANT you to take instead of the one that is the most likely at this moment. They often hope that by giving you this information it will help lead you to that path and they want you to take that path because it has the greatest growth for your soul.


The fourth gift is the gift of knowing, this is really the most accurate of the four gifts in terms of future sight, but it is the hardest for a psychic to explain to a client. It still has the same limitations though as far as showing you a most likely path. A psychic whose main gift is knowing may actually tell you about more than one path and tell you which one is the most likely.  All people have all four gifts in various orders of strength whether they are developed or not. The best psychics have their 2 or 3 tops gifts very integrated and use them together without really designating what is what.  The real key here though is that you really don’t need to be paying someone else for information about your future. In reality they shouldn’t be selling it. These developed spiritual gifts were meant for the growth of the individual or to be of service to humanity and selling fortune telling doesn’t really fit into either of those categories. You have the ability to go within and see your own most likely future pathways and then start making choices that will bring you to the pathway you want to take.


There are some events that are “big events”. These events usually affect large numbers of people either a whole country or the whole world. These events cross all timelines and are used by those who see the future as time markers. Even these however may not happen in a specific year for example. They just cross all timelines so while a psychic may give you a timeline it is very irresponsible for any to do so. One event that crossed all timelines was the 9-11 attack in NYC.


So in the case of a big event like that, a psychic may say it happens before or after this time line crossing event but cannot give you a date for that event. The event is then a time marker to look for. If you’ve been told something will happen after something else, the sequence is significant. In the spirit world they do not recognize time in the way we do. So it doesn’t make any difference to them if they told someone about 9-11 in 1989 whether that event will happen in what we experience as 1999 or 2005 or anything in between. So there is always a possibility that something that hasn’t happened may still be on your timeline or most likely path but simply hasn’t happened YET.


The way that the group consciousness on earth works even timeline crossing events often get pushed back. Like many psychics may be seeing an event around Jan of 2009 lets say, and because of what the energy of the whole of all of the beings of earth are doing that thing shifts farther away, in our linear view of time, but we are still headed right for it and it still crosses all timelines. That event may happen in June of 2011, but when it crosses all timelines it is destined to happen. It is rare for an individual to have a life event that crosses all of their personal timelines, but it does happen. Sometimes the birth of a child will do this or the death of a parent. If a person’s path is leading them into the public eye in a big way they are more likely to have personal events that cross all timelines because it is happening on a larger scale. A small scale version though may be a firefighter of a certain age was destined to be on the force and working when 9-11 occurred even if it had happened in 99 or 05 instead of 2001.


I hope this helps

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