Enochian Circle

I had an interesting an most unexpected exchange today on a yahoo list that I am on called the unveiling.  One guy Gerard was talking about a ghost where he stayed and I read that and just kind of ignored it wasn’t all that interesting to me.  One guy named Gary who it sounds like knows Gerard responded, then another guy Harold responded to Gerard about his clearing of ghosts.  I thought I wonder if these guys have ever heard about Enochian Circle?  So I shared a short bit of how that worked and then I hear Randy out in the other room intense.  Turns out Gerard had written back with a nasty blast at me so intense that Randy had automatically sent something back at him without even thinking about it, which is not something he often does, especially to someone attacking me.  Then I returned a short post to Gerard.  Normally when dealing with spiritual groups I refrain from using profanity as I know it offends some people.  Not this time though so if that bothers you either don’t read this post or just know it’s coming LOL  I actually use quite a lot of profanity in my day to day life as a child of the 70s it was just the way we talked and I don’t think much of it really.  It is not offensive to me so do with that as you will.

Gerard’s Initial Post

Last Saturday night we conducted another Ghost tour of the lighthouse and Telegraph Station at Cape Otway.
We finished up at around 8.30PM, and after a few beers the rest of the team left for Melbourne while l stayed in the accommodation quarters for the night.

Well, l had a very creepy experience there on Saturday night at 2.05AM. l was woken up by a hairy head on my shoulders.
Although it would have been nice if it was a real woman, but it was
the ghost that haunted the house. Paul and Denise the lighthouse
operators, who used to live in that building said it, that woman
Ethereal Being was the reason that they moved out of there!
It scared the living shit out of me.  It then jumped on top of me!!!!

l could feel her presence as if she had penetrated all of my cells
while she was on top of me.Even the bed was vibrating with her presence.  l woke up twice later during the night scramming help out aloud as every time l drifted off to sleep she would come for me again.  She wouldn’t leave me alone until about 4 in the morning when I shooed her off with the laser pointer.  l then cleared her death imprint from the bed l was sleeping I the next morning.
So l didn’t get much sleep that night at all.

Then Gary Says

I know it was not funny for you but I am ROLLING on the floor!
So much for the old cold breeze clammy feeling!!
It saw you as fresh meat!

Wished you had a video of that! You could sell it to a network show
in the us which i believe is ghostbusters or something like that!
Clearing-3cc hand circles, 3 clockwise hand circles and 3 counter
clockwise hand circles. Implosion, explosion and rebalance at the atom level.

Then Harold Says

I get help from 5D dolphin souls to escort ghosts back to their higher selves. It sometimes takes some lengthy talking-to to get the ghosts to latch onto the idea of going home. For one of the haunted places in Manitou Springs, I had to clear the issue for them that there were stuck on, dedicated to. Harold

and I say

At this point in time it in not necessary to talk ghosts into going back to the light, or tolerate them in any way, if a ghost is within your auric field which you can make whatever size you need at the moment, like in the case of a haunted house you can make it as big as the house.  Simply call for an “enochian circle”  No disincarnate entity has a right to be in your auric field without permission so in doing this the enochian grid workers can came and take the entity to the light.  This works for ghosts or ANY disincarnate entity who is bothering you so people who are attracting any kind of demon type energies or consciously dark spirits around them for any reason can also get rid them in this way. 

Now that we are in the cleansing phase of dark forces from the universe this even works for any person remote viewing you whose vibration is below a certain threshold.  Their soul can simply be taken away from you thus causing their cord to be cut in the process and their body where ever it is will die.  At that vibration they will no longer just be left in spirit if they die they will be returned to source where they will cease to exist as individual entities.  So fire away and lets get these %$#&%$#@! out of here!  This is not considered killing and there is no karmic aspect to this for you if a dark being loses their body because they were screwing with you.

If you accidentally “catch” someone who is of the light because you were over sensitized at the moment, which can happen then it’s no big deal and everyone on the spirit side of it will get a good laugh.  So call for an enochian circle anytime you even feel the weirdest energy around you at all if you are not real good at feeling out the distinctions in energies.  They seem to really like to mess with people when they are trying to sleep.


And Gerard Says to Gary

Hey Gary!
Yes then next morning l did have a good laugh.lol
It was the most creepy of feelings.lol
l should have been more vigilant that night in clearing the imprint
before going to bed.lol  AS l as was sleeping over the point that she had died, in that bedroom.

And then Gerard says to me & Harold

What a crock of shit, Engoto!!!!
Discarnate spirits are real people! GET IT?
l just hope that the next time you transmit that you spend 50 years
roaming this plane waiting for help, you fucking deserve it.
And 5D Dolphins , whatever.

l had no problem moving this poor woman on the next morning.
An for you morons who think that they are holier than thou, here is
the best way, and safest way to do it.
First you need the SKILLS to find the death imprint,and to determine
if it has no imprint near by, how else to deal with it.
The death imprint will have a spirit line running either north south,
or est west running through it, and the spirit will be there too.
You then ask that the Etherial Being, yes that is their correct and
RESPECTFUL name, present and they will.
You then call in their guides, angel, ancestors elders or whoever,
depending on their race and beliefs. These other entities are to make sure that when you send the Etherial being through, that they don’t decide to latch onto you instead.  Get them to then acknowledge that they can see their guides etc.  You then instruct then to look through their third eye.

As soon as they do that the Etherial Being then attains their AStral
eyes and then they will go through to the higher plains for processing.  During processing they cannnot communicate with you.
Only their guides can do that for you.

That is how it is done, with absolute respect.  If you try other disrespectful ways then your up for posession youself, probably because you deserve it, hey Engoto.  l think its time you fuck off from here because we are all a bit pissed with your shit head attitude.  Same goes for you too Harold, you fucking agent for the Crofts.  Gerard

Randy sees Gerard’s post before me and responds

Boy aren’t we full of ourselves Gerard, You should know that there are many ways to deal with disincarnate beings. YOUR WAY is not the only way. Your post reeks of arrogance and self importance. get over yourself. You dog Engtovo for her perspective yet put forth your perspective / truth as the only way. who the heck died and left you as THE authori


And I respond


LOL first of all my name is ENGTOVO  not engoto

Sounds like I scared the shit out of you Gerard.  Does that mean that you are remote viewing people you shouldn’t and are afraid you’ll get caught?  Maybe you are afraid your vibration will not meet the threshold and you’ll go bye bye?  You can go through all those steps if you think it makes you feel important and that you can do things that others cannot, but it is NOT necessary.  Yes disincarnate spirits are real people but if they are not dark beings you are giving them a gift bringing them back to reintegrate with higher self and if they are dark beings they will be cleansed from the planet within the next few years no matter what.  The CREATOR has determined that all beings below a certain vibration are going HOME, not to higher self, but returned to original source and will cease to be individual entities.  That is not just for earth but throughout every universe where dark forces have been influencing since the beginning.  That is just what is.  Have a problem with that?  Take it up with the Creator. 

I have never had a any entity attachment, and I would not for one second have a fucking ghost keeping me up all night!  My God if you let a simple ghost keep you up all night what would you do if you got attacked by a real dark worker???????   Exactly who are all of those you speak for when you say WE are sick of my shit??  If Lorae had wanted me to leave the list she certainly could have asked me to a long time ago.  I’m sorry if my perspectives push your buttons TOUGH SHIT get over it.  Astral eyes?  If you are not dealing with this shit from the CAUSAL level then you have no business doing it at all.  All the astral levels are what is being cleared.  That is the vibrational threshold for this planet all astral level beings are going home and only causal level being will remain individual entities to keep incarnating.

And exactly what was my shithead attitude here, all I did was offer a simple and easy way for people to protect themselves and help clear the planet.  So I guess being of SERVICE is being a shithead to you.  Sounds like you are working for the scumbags when you say things like that Gerard so feel free to fuck off yourself next time something simple challenges your ego.


The point in me sharing this?? I am not 100% sure, but spirit told me to, so I am.  A couple things pop into mind.  One being that those who make money doing clearing and so forth do not want you to be empowered to do your own clearing because it will cut into their income.  Two, if Gerard is so concerned about the disincarnate entities roaming for so long why would he be awake all night while a ghost kept him up unless he just likes the drama and gets something out of it.  If you were awake anyway and you knew a way to clear the entity wouldn’t you just get up and do it so you could get some sleep?  These types of personalities like these complex rituals because it makes them feel important that only they can do it.  Well every single person reading this blog entry can do ENOCHAIN CIRCLE.  It is part of the job of the Order of Enoch to respond to calls of Enochain Circle and it is your right to keep your auric space clear of all disincarnate entities that are not your guides or guardians. 

Most interesting to me is Gerard implies that I was callus or something and not seeing these beings as people by sending them home when he himself would wish for me to be lost in the ethers for 50 years suffering.  What the fuck is that?  I could never wish that on anyone!  I have spent 20 years clearing lost entities and sending them home to their higher self wherever I have come across them.  I have mentioned before that there are many people who say they are spiritual or metaphysical that are Hobbyists.  It has offended lots of people but this really brings that issue to mind.  There are metaphysical people all over living in “haunted houses” if you are truly on a spiritual path you would not live in a haunted house, you would clear the house sending the being back to their higher selves.  The thing is, having ghosts and being “sensitive” to them gets these people attention and that is what they want. 

That is one example of a hobbyist, some do it strictly for attention, others do it for attention and money, it seems to me that is the category I would put Gerard into.  Unfortunately MOST “new agers” are hobbyists.  The attention most of them seek is rebelling against whatever religious upbringing they had.  The silliest part of all is more often than not they will bring their religious icons with them into their supposed new age or wicca path.  They don’t want to go to a church full of Christians but the first thing they will seek out is to channel mother Mary or Jesus.

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