Changes to the Site

Hey everybody.  I tried out a new version of wordpress at the site itself and it was looking like it was going to be stable.  The reason I ended up with the blog at instead of on the site was because my host had serious database problems and everything I tried had continuous issues.  The main site was once upon a time partly on and partly on because way back when, front page which I used to make the site, had issues with Unix servers so I had the ORG hosting all the main pages and then had all the audio files and such on the COM because the ORG host didn’t offer enough space, and I also used CGI scripts over there that at the time were not compatible with windows servers LOL.  Oh how the Internet has changed! 

I’ve been unhappy with my host globat for a long time and have finally just decided it is time to change hosts so I can have everything all together and working like it should.  I wanted to make the transition as easy as possible so I got the new host signed up with the, the current site sits at and I have been forwarding to for several years.  So some people have links to the ORG and some to the COM.  I am paid at the COM until February so even after I have the ORG set up I will likely just leave things as they are there for a few weeks and then start forwarding to the new address. 

I will be integrating all the pages right into the blog to make the site easier to navigate and the process should take me a couple weeks.  You are welcome to wander over during the two weeks and watch the progress if you want, and if you do, please let me know if you run into errors or bad links, as I am having to hand code several things because of changing the domain.  Since I had to do that I figured I may as well reorganize my file system and clean up several years of clutter.  In the process there will be some new features like a mailing list that will let you know of new posts, and the ability to subscribe to comments on a post you have commented on so that you can get an email showing you comments that have come after yours.

There will also be an events system so we can keep track of the new and full moons and the times of the abundance project and things like mercury retrograde, solstices and equinox and so forth.  It also has a cool system for photos and any kind of visuals that will make it easy to put a group of photos into pages or posts so that areas like the chemtrails will be able to have a whole photo albums of all the chemtrail pictures on the main chemtrail page with links to galleries of different groups of chemtrail photos.  There will also be a new tab system on some pages.  Where I previously had things on separate pages that were closely related I will be able to put things each on their own tab instead, like the Dharlja family trees for example, the main Dharlja info can be on the main Dharlja page with each tree then having a tab.  This will make navigating the site much simpler and hopefully much faster with less pages to traverse.

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