Abundance Project – Magical Weirdness

A few days ago I was going to toss out the paper that had the names of everyone on the list and spirit said no, leave it alone.  So I asked what should I do with it?  They said wait until full moon and then near the time of the moon burn it so I left it where it was until this afternoon.  Full moon in my time zone was 3:16 pm so around quarter to 3 I grabbed it and took it outside with a metal bowl and lit it on fire.  After it was lit I thought I should grab the camera and get a photo.  When I got back with the camera the flame was out but it was in the exact same shape as it had been it didn’t fall apart at all so I took a couple photos and turned the camera off. 






Then all of a sudden a little burst of wind (change) came up and flipped a part of it over and I noticed that you could still read some type on it and that the type had been turned the same orangey red as the color of abundance in the abundance chart post.  In the last pic above you can see a couple letters but from where I was outside I didn’t see them at the time.  It just so happened too that the parts of names that show don’t show the first and last name of anyone outside the family. thus protecting the privacy of the group members.




Then after I got into the house I flipped over a little piece to if there was more writing and in this one you can see the word abundance and see even better the orangey red color.  Plus you can make out that I wrote on there in pencil life guides and guardian angels.  So now today with the Moon of this cycle of asking at full we now switch completely to GRATITUDE.  It has been spiritually acknowledged with physical symbology that we are all fully red (100% abundant life)!  Cool huh 🙂


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