8-8-8 Stuff Not Again

I got a link an an email list that lead to to a VERY long ongoing bunch of stuff about 8-8-8  I don’t know how many times I can say this but here goes again.  August 8 2008 is 8-8-1  you can’t just ignore the 2 of 2008 in numerology.  The fact that we leave it off and write the date as 08-08-08 is meaningless.   However, dark forces love to focus “light workers” on those dates to steal their energies.  Unfortunately they fall for it hook, line and sinker.  Here is one little quote;

Mass Consciousness plays a key role in the 8-8-8. Many of us ‘Lightworkers’ and Light-Holders on the leading edge of consciousness stay in our own little tribe, kind of like a little ‘bubble’ where we all understand what we’re talking about. Although it’s great to ‘be with our peeps’ and hang out with like-minded people, it has its drawbacks.

Even when we all join together for numerous Global Meditations organized by various metaphysical groups and Cultural Creatives – who takes part in these? A percentage (perhaps 10% of 6.5 billion people?) of mass consciousness who are awakened and aware – the Lightworkers.

What about the other 90%? Well, because of the Olympics, the other 90% will be tuned in to the energies of the 8-8-8. If you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, you will be literally tuning in to mass consciousness – every country around the world will be coming together in peace to compete in tests of skill, honor and greatness. This truly is a beautiful opportunity to create change with intention. Tune in and envision the world the way you would like it to be.

This one really cracks me up.  Does anyone really believe 10% of the world’s population are awakened??  Let alone that that many join in global meditation together.  If 1% were joining together that would be a lot.  Seriously do the math.  Then she believes all the rest of the world will be tuned in to the Olympics with peace.  This is just frightening that anyone could be this naive.  She certainly has bought into the propaganda of the Olympics.  The truth is the Olympics have been used as a political tool and manipulation over and over again by all kinds of countries.  Just the process of where they are going to be held is a giant bunch of illuminati insanity.

Then she adds this quote where we are told to invoke the numbers into us!  I think NOT thank you very much.  888 has no connection to Christ energy and lets not forget that last year when they all did the 777 that was supposed to be the Christ number.

The spiritual facet of the 8-8-8 truly is one of world peace: “At 8:00 am/pm on August 8, 2008 (8-8-8) all Lightworkers and Keepers of the Earth should invoke the symbols of the Number 888 into themselves. Because 888 symbolizes the Sacred Number of Christ, invoke Christ’s Infinite Wisdom of ‘Loving thy Neighbor as Thyself’ into your heart.” – David Miller [link to www.cybertrails. com]


Oh and here is a good one

With the specific location of all our focus being on China (due to the Olympics) on 8-8-08 – right smack dab at the exact half-way point between two powerful eclipses of change – and with the eclipse shadow falling over the Ancient Silk Route – i.e. The Silk Road – a symbol of world trade and abundant economy – we have an opportunity to focus our intention for a smooth and safe transition to a new global economy. Without a crash and without cataclysm.


Yeah ok now the fact that china is doing the Olympics on her 888 holy day when we just had an eclipse means the world economy is going to be saved!  WAKE UP LADY!  Exactly what is this supposed new global economy just that statement sounds new world order to me.


She goes on to claim

8 is the quintessential number of power and life-force energy. For instance, the 8th house of the horoscope within astrology is the house of Scorpio energy, which is all about Kundalini and raising the life-force energy (coiled like a snake at the base of the spine/root chakra) up through all the chakras to create torrents of cosmic joy and ecstasy.

Sorry but Scorpio has JACK to do with Kundalini!  Anyone who has gotten their Kundalini open or is working on knows full well that it is not exactly torrents of cosmic joy.  Some might go as far as to say the process was cosmic hell, and getting it over with was the joyous part.

Then she starts to get into the 8 sideways as the infinity thing.  Shades of fire the grid dance through my head with the infinity as a snake tattoo that it’s leader had.  There is reference to snake in the last paragraph and here we go with portals and wormholes.

8 when turned on its side is the symbol of Infinity, the Infinite Force of Life that pulses through every molecule and atom of our Universe. Picture the Infinity symbol: can you see that it is a powerful portal to skate into and through, like a wormhole to infinite potential and streaming intelligence from All That Is. Think of an ice-skater carving figure-8’s into the gleaming ice. Carve new pathways to your connection with the Infinite.

She quotes Shirley Blackwell here and this info is not correct 6 is the as above so below number because it is spiritual energy (3) not earth energy (4) that the concept applies to.  That phrase is really about the building of grid and grid work and that is represented with the as above so below six pointed star. 

The manifestation of bringing something from above to below is 7 coming from the spirit (3) to the planet (4)  Now 8 does represent abundance and that is because all things are created in fractals and fractals are infinite in depth.  What energy that is put out must come back to origin and begin again.  Every new beginning has an opening to the infinite whole.  All that is – abundance of all things.


“Pythagoras called the 8 Light and Darkness. The 8 represents the Law ‘As Above, So Below.’ The earth is the lower circle and the celestial is the upper circle. This means that the 8 can take an inspiration and make it work on the material plane. It is 4 plus 4, the organizational abilities of the 4 doubled – 44” (Shirley Blackwell Lawrence)

She goes on and on about the 8 and it is an 8 day.

8+8+2+8=26 and 2+6 is 8

but we have eight days all the time.  We are always in the cycle so why is this 8 day so special?  It’s not! It is a ONE year, that is important to know because a one year is a time to begin new things that we want to grow and become successful. and on the year level we have 9 year cycles.  Having clarity and intent in a one year can effect your life for the 8 years to follow.  This one 8 day of 08-08-2008 will only hold significance if the illuminati scum bags orchestrate some dastardly deed at the Olympics or do something like release weaponized avian flu at the Olympics for everyone to bring home with them.

The article then goes on to obsess on the sun and Jesus as the son and so on which considering the fact the illuminati are well known sun worshipers I guess that is no surprise

Here is a quotable quote to live in infamy.  Has anyone ever heard of solar wind causing solar flares LOL this is a new one.  Solar flares accelerating evolution on earth is quite a bit of speculation too.  That the flares (too few or too many) are connected with global warming and cooling trends is pretty well documented though.

I am reminded also of the SOLAR WINDS and how they create SOLAR FLARES which accelerate evolution on earth.

What we have here is a powerful CREATIVE SOLAR WIND through which we can harness the Winds of Change – the Solar Flares of Evolution – and Create a new life for ourselves pe
rsonally, as well as a new gentler timeline for Earth and Humanity.


Then she gives us times to turn over our energy to the agenda that she is clueless exists.

8:00 – Connecting with God, The Infinite, The Christ-consciousness, The Great Central Sun, the Creative Solar Winds, the Spiral of Life
8:09 – Ending of old ways of lack mentality and disconnection from the Flow of Power from the Infinite – with God’s divine help
8:18 – New beginnings and an opportunity to double your prosperity
8:27 – The Holy Spirit will breathe life into your creations and your connection to the Godhead. Good energy for opening up to a new relationship and greater intuition.
8:45 – The angels will help you to create change in your abundance/prosperity levels, your creative expression, and your power in the world.
8:54 – The changes are upon you! Open up to them, embrace them, and travel through them with ease. And don’t forget to call in the angels for help.
Also of import: The exact First Quarter Moon is at 4:20pm EDT. The moment of 4:22pm (only two minutes after the First Quarter Moon) adds up to 8. This would be a great time to work with the Moon energies if you are so inclined. Remember that the First Quarter Moon is when the Leo-Aquarian Lightning Bolt discharges its power and moves into its first flower.


She does say her birthday is October 27 and that is no surprise for me, as most Libras unless they have powerful strong moon and ascendant, have big time trouble with discernment.  They want to make everything ok all the time for everyone and have no boundaries.  I wish those with weak Libra charts would just stay out of spiritual stuff!  So I am saying out loud to all you higher selves up there “if you want to create a soul to take a spiritual path give them the appropriate astrology”!  Is that too much to ask?  If you haven’t given them what they need to take a true spiritual path, then do a better job of steering them into some other hobby.  This path is hard enough without having to wade through their crap.  So with that I’ll leave you with the link in case you just can’t resist reading it in its entirety.


2012 A Golden Age: 8-8-08: Major Gate – The Time Between Eclipses – Through the Eye of the Needle to Solar Christ Consciousness

9 thoughts on “8-8-8 Stuff Not Again

  1. gee, can you imagine if you spent all that time, energy and knowledge you have and focused it into something good?
    Imagine the good you could do…no wait, you wouldn’t want THAT now would you?

  2. LOL I’m not even angry so I guess you don’t want to see me when I am 🙂 I do get annoyed though with the continuous ignorance of the simplest principals, by people who claim to be metaphysicians who teach classes and charge money no less. If I had spent an hour with a group of 8 year olds teaching them the most basic numerology any one of those eight year old would have been able to tell you this August 8th is NOT 888.

    But this is a typical response from people who don’t want to hear the TRUTH so feel free to stay in your coma. What it likely says is you know you got duped by this 888 crap and you are angry at yourself or embarrassed by it. Get over it. Of course it could also mean you are a friend of this woman and feel the need to defend her or that you were even a client who has given her your hard earned money for her “wisdom”

    Any way you look at it though, I won’t fall for the “you’re so angry or why can’t you focus on something positive” routine. It’s old and tired. Saying truths that other people don’t like doesn’t make me angry or negatively focused. It just makes them threatened by my perspective and that is not my problem. I will never shut up because it pisses people off. Nor have I ever asked anyone else to shut up, but I will discuss what they have to say. When I really am ANGRY you can be sure I will say outright in my post that I am just damn mad. LOL

  3. You are one pessimistic individual; and how you jump to conclusion is not surprising. By the way, October 27th birthday makes the lady you speak about; a Scorpio. I wish you lots of patience, discernment and optimism. Wow! You need lots of it!!!
    Happy World Success Day!

  4. Oooh your right I had a late night brain fart. That is Scorpio so that means she has NO excuse at all as a Scorpio following a spiritual path should NOT be such a fool ever. Scorpio should be into the flow and in alignment with truth not the meaningless trends that started with the supposed 1-1-1 which was 1-1-3. No self respecting Scorpio would fall for such a thing, well maybe if the moon was in Libra and was higher in their chart, and the ascendant was Libra or Aquarius.

    As for the pessimism people who know me know I am actually very optimistic and see an amazing future not only for earth but for the whole universe coming. I just have trouble suffering through new age fools!

    AFTERTHOUGHT: Define world success day. LOL What would be a successful world to you? Looks to me like just another one of those “days” You know the ones, day of this awareness or that where absolutely nothing happens but eventually it makes it to a calendar and a few people feel good about thinking they changed the world.

  5. Very predictable, when the angry and negative argument has been made then it always goes to the protesting too much. Could you have even a moment of originality?

    Me thinks most of you are the same person posting under different names and that you are either the writer of the post in question or someone very close to her.

    This is simple MATH 2+8=10

    10 is a 1 in numerology 8-8-1

    If you think 08-08-08 is special for some other reason besides numerology then write a post about that and leave the numerology out of it. Please make it rational with some energetic basis to it. Airy fairy new age crap gives all true Spirituality and Metaphysics a bad name.

    This numbers thing that has being ongoing since 01-01-01 is just a trend or fad like any other trend in fashion or anything else. It’s just a new age fad, like 90% of the “new age” stuff out there. Channeling became a trend or fad and actual mediums, like me, stopped doing it because we were unwilling to be associated with the pure horseshit people were presenting as coming from spirit.

  6. An encouraging word for Engtovo– Oct. 27= a Libra date in Sidereal astrology, as well as Astronomy. SideREAL is closer to REALity than Tropical Astology, & even more REAL than these 2, so I’ve been told, is Astronomy– check out “Starry Night Pro” software.
    E.g.– Tropical= Sun entered Leo on 7/22/08, Sidereal= Sun entered Cancer on 7/16/08, & Astronomy/”Starry Night Pro”= Sun entered Cancer on 7/20/08.

    Engtovo, I appreciate your essence & experience, plus I appreciate learning new angles on Tropical, Sidereal, & Astronomy, so if you have any applicable comments/advice/warnings on these 3 studies, I’d love to hear from you!

    Blessings & Love,


  7. I, for one, am glad to see a sane, balanced, analytic view of the hype out there. I’m also glad Engtovo mentions Fire the Grid. This was probably one of the most hyped global events, and remember the promises? The amazing things that would happen? We cannot ignore the fact that none of it happened. More empty promises. When will we learn our lesson? One who takes energy seriously has a right to be angry.
    I’m frankly sick of these “global mass meditation” days. I’m tired of these alleged “lightworkers” offering false information, which leads to false hope. At best, they give genuine lightworkers who have discernment a bad name. At worst, they are tools for dark powers who dupe them with promises of archangels and unicorns in order to hijack their energy for sinister uses.
    Energy is real, and personally, I think we all need to be a little smarter about how we use it, and stop throwing it away on this 8/8/8 style nonsense, and to stop believing anything said by someone who hears voices and finds their way to a computer.
    The “truth” is closer to somewhere in the middle.

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