Shhhhhhh Meditation In Progress LOL

Well we are five hours into our 24 hour window of meditation for our Abundance Project and I have no idea how anyone else is feeling but the family is all in light trance.  It hit me about hour before I lit the candle, when I jumped into the shower as an act of cleansing before lighting the candle and found myself spontaneously chanting.  Here is our candle by the way.


That is before I was sitting there watching it and Spirit inspired me to add a sticker of the design for the LOVE frequency that Len Horowitz puts out to make clustered water.  His decals for water are made with some special laser light and gold, but I made these green ones the other day to just focus my thoughts on the love frequency.  When I put it onto the candle it sure gave me a blast of energy!  After I took the candle photo I took one of this little heart thinking I would post to show love.  I put the heart onto some green thyme that grows on our walk way so it would have the green heart chakra energy, that was before I thought of this sticker, so they go nicely together.


I did this one to represent our energy spiraling into the balloon


Then I just started to take some photos of some other stones out in the sun because they looked really cool. 

These are like they are our brilliant complex golden spheres of energy representing our unique abundant life chart that we are putting into the balloon.  Here it is like the light reflection is the energy we are putting in, and the light hitting the other side is a refection of that from the divine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then it starts to glow inside.


This little crystal is one of my favorites because it has this pyrite inside it and it makes me think of us each putting our little spheres of energy into the balloon like we each are putting our little golden ball in there and then they will reflect and grow.   Now I just have to picture that with 19 balls in there!  LOLOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Earlier I was listening to the ascension affirmations and that gave me a good blast too, since they are really in alignment with abundant life maybe you might want to give one of them a listen.

Celtic Circle Affirmations

Buddha’s Garden Affirmations

3 thoughts on “Shhhhhhh Meditation In Progress LOL

  1. Engtovo received this email from Steve and shared it with the Abundance Circle group. I have included it here with Steve’s permission.

    He, he, Engtovo I want to share a little something with you that I could put down as coincidence but prefer to believe (as that is what we are trying to manifest here) that it was the abundance project that created my good fortune.

    Anyway, on Saturday I was playing in a tennis tournament and during the morning after I won my first match 🙂 I walked past the clubs internal shop and noticed a considerable reduction in the price of one of the best tennis shoes money can buy, not only that they were the most common size and the last pair. I tried them on and walla they were a perfect fit and one of the most comfortable I have ever worn in my 30 odd years of playing tennis – note I am very fussy about buying tennis shoes as I have had so many ankle injuries on both feet I have to be picky. What happened next is what made me really think about our little project, is that my friend who also was playing in this tournament said, out of the blue, I’ve got a present for you and gave me a pair of nice dressy pair of summer shoes for everyday wearing. I asked him huh? He said his Dad had bought them for him while he was travelling and because they didn’t fit his feet they had been sitting in his drawer for over a year. He only noticed them this morning and thought of me (note a little under 10 hours of our project closing). Of course when I tried them on they were a perfect fit. Needless to say I now have two pairs of good shoes and had no intention of getting any in the first place, although when I think about it much needed.

    Like I say I could put this down to coincidence but prefer to believe (and I do) to our abundance project. So a big thank you to you Engtovo and our abundance circle of friends (please pass on) and to the Universe for providing. I wish you all good fortune like I did in my meditation of abundance to everyone in our group, it seems I have already started to experience and am excited about what happens next :-).



  2. Hey folks, just a reminder, we put forth our prayers during the new moon, and now it is time to be in a place of gratitude for all that we receive.

    I am using the final paragraph of the prayer from the masters books that Engtovo posted as I feel I would be hard pressed to express it any clearer.

    With All My Strength

    “No act or thought of mine shall deny that I have already received in Spirit the fulfillment of my desire and it is now brought forth into perfect visibility. In spirit, in soul, in mind, in body, I am true to my desire. I have perceived my good in Spirit. I have conceived it as a perfect idea in soul and I have given true thought form to my desire. I now bring into visibility, or true manifestation, my perfect desire. “I thank you, Father, that I now have Love, Wisdom, and Understanding; Life, Health, Strength and Eternal Youth; Harmony, Happiness and Abundant Prosperity; and the method of bringing forth from the Universal Substance that which will satisfy every good desire.”

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