Spirit’s Slow and Easy MMS Protocol for Adults

Using MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

There is a lot of confusion on the internet about the various MMS protocols and when the family started to take the MMS a couple weeks ago we tended to ignore some symptoms because we are used to having a level of illness and discomfort in our lives. Spirit told me to take it slow and easy, that it worked very quickly, and of course after 20 years of using every natural anti fungal on the planet for chronic candida overgrowth. It couldn’t be fast enough for me. LOL We were increasing one drop per day and on the day we were to take 7 drops mom and I needed to head into town and do lots of errands so I dropped to 5 instead of going to 7 to be sure I wouldn’t have symptoms while we were busy in town. Randy however did the 7 drops and ½ hour later was VERY sick in every which way. It took him a good 48 hours to recover from that level and I got a very clear indication of exactly how powerful the MMS is and why spirit said to take it SLOW

The problem is we really didn’t have any information on exactly what slow meant. I did more research on the internet and only got more confused I started to question whether I should be doing a dose day and night and increasing them at the same time. That is when spirit put their foot down, so to speak and said “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. They added that they knew exactly how much candida and other nasties I had in my body, and how much toxins their deaths would release that my body would have to process. They wanted my body to have 12 hours off each day to get rid of the toxins from the 12 hours the MMS had been active, until I reached 15 drops. Finally after having several conversations at home, and discussing MMS with some other people in email, I thought maybe we just need a specific protocol for the slow and easy healing process. So I asked spirit to put one forth and they did. The family has started using this slow philosophy and there is no more being sick with it! I decided that there may be others who are not into feeling like crap while they get better that may like this slow approach as well.

If it is done in its most simple form (using the full one week part & without taking extra time in the middle for a more intense illness) going from first drop to maintenance is a little over 5 months in this protocol. That means for the average person who is not fighting an extreme illness (cancer, HIV) the worst of the condition is past in about ½ that time. So considering how long it has taken many of us to create the imbalance in our bodies the idea that in 10 weeks the symptoms that have plagued us can be history. Then the second 10-12 weeks is clearing out the non symptom causing parts and lowering the dose to maintenance. That sounds damn good to me! When I think realistically about how fast time goes by, that really isn’t slow at all, it is just slow for a MMS protocol.

Spirit says the MMS is effective without getting to the point of getting ill. For some people taking it to that point is some sort of verification that it is doing something and if you need that, then go ahead and make yourself sick. LOL

They insist that while on it we should not go fast enough to experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, brain fog, fever like chills, serious headache etc. if we are experiencing these things drop down a drop or two until they are gone. Today I just increased by one drop and I had a sweaty palm reaction and I decided to just lie down for a while for it to pass. It passed in about 30 – 45 minutes, later in the day I felt slightly headachy but not bad enough that I even considered taking a Tylenol. These mild symptoms spirit was OK with, for the first day taking a new drop level, after being symptom free at the previous drop level for two full days. Now I will remain at this level until I have experienced a minimum of 2 full days with no symptoms at all.

Spirit says if food holds no interest for you at all on MMS then you are taking too much! It is ok if you lose your appetite for the first 3 or 4 hours and if after that time you are not ravenous but willing to eat a healthy meal. But if you have no appetite, drop your dose. On the fist day of a new dose for me I will just have something light to eat about and hour to an hour and a half after my dose because spirit doesn’t want me to not have any food early in the day. By the afternoon and early evening I am ready to eat normally.

The one week protocol they have below is perfect for people who work Monday through Friday they can start drops on Saturday and if the reaction is too great drop on Sunday and be fine at that level all week long for work. If you found you have taken too much and are feeling badly, but you can keep food and water down, you can take a vitamin C supplement to knock back those symptoms, and then lower your drops the next day.

Spirit’s Slow and Easy MMS Protocol for Adults

Every one drop of MMS must be activated with 5 drops citric acid (10% solution). The drops are added together in a glass and then you wait for 3 minutes for activation, and add the solution to about ½ cup of water or juice. Drink right away.

So if you are taking 2 drops MMS then add 10 drops citric acid solution, 3 drops MMS/15 drops citric acid solution etc. The citric acid is not mentioned in the schedule of drops below so you need to add the appropriate amount of citric acid to the drops of MMS indicated in the schedule and allow them to activate as normal.

  • Take on an empty stomach for best results.  If your feeling your blood sugar is really unstable however, eat something and wait an hour or so before taking your dose. 


  • The juice should only be pure apple, grape, cranberry, or pineapple with NO added vitamin C.  We could find no grape juice in the grocery store without added vitamin C at all.  There was some in the health food store but we decided to stick with apple juice.  We found the pure pressed 100% Simply Apple in the cold juice section of Wal-Mart and it works well, you can’t taste the MMS at all. 


  • A 10% citric acid solution is just a 1 to 9 ratio, like 1 teaspoon citric acid powder, mixed with 9 teaspoons distilled water.  The citric acid solution is stable and will keep fine under normal conditions in your dropper bottle.


  • The solution being activated will still be fine if you forget and it sits there for 5 – 10 minutes it may be slightly less potent.  You can sip the juice over the course of a half hour to an hour but the faster you drink it the more potent it is, so sooner is better.


  • Don’t use the MMS in the mouth for dental issues or topically for skin issues until you have reached 15 drops once a day for a week.  At that point if you want to brush your teeth with it, do it at bedtime close to your night time dose.  Some skin issues for example will be gone or fading by the time you reach 15 drops once a day and gone completely by the time you are at 15 drops twice a day.  So wait and see if the internal MMS does enough for your mouth or skin issues before deciding to treat them separately. For info on how Jim uses the MMS in the mouth or on the skin look here http://jumhumble.biz/?page_id=14


  • If you take a vitamin C supplement wait until several hours after taking MMS


  • Keep the MMS and Citric Acid solution out of direct sunlight


The schedule of drops

  1. In the morning start with 1 drop & increase 1 drop per week to 15 drops (you can do this a little quicker with the key being that you have at least 2 days where you feel NO noticeable negative effect from the MMS before raising the dose)
  2. After you’ve done 15 drops every morning for one full week, add a night dose. Start with 1 drop & increase one drop a day to 15 drops
  3. Take 15 drops day and night for two weeks (for someone with a more extreme illness they may want to stay at this 15/15 level until the illness is subsided and some may want to take a midday 15 drop dose for a 15/15/15. If you do chose to add a third dose start out at one drop and build up like with all the others.
  4. After the two weeks at 15/15 decrease both day and night doses 1 drop per day until you are doing 6 drops day and night.
  5. Take 6/6 drops for 1 or 2 weeks
  6. Start to decrease the night dose 1 drop at a time until you are no longer taking a night dose, leaving your morning dose at 6 drops.
  7. Continue with the 6 drop a day dose indefinitely. Some people can drop to 4 a day others can do 6 drops 3 times a week, use your intuition on this, and take into consideration your personal habits. For some people it is easier to remember to do something every day, than 3 times a week for example. Someone else may already do a workout 3 days a week and it is easy for them to remember to do the MMS on workout days. It is best to do your maintenance dose in the morning (or your wake time) so that your sleeping time can be used fully for renewal. If you work nights than take it before work. The point being for maintenance, you want the 12 hours that MMS is active in the body to be during your waking hours, and your sleep to be during the 12 hour period there is no MMS active in your body.

I beleive in what this stuff is doing to my body!  If you want to get some you can find it here http://mmsmiracle.com/engtovo

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  1. hmmm that is a good question I guess it depends on when you eat if you eat something then workout I would wait a couple hours after you eat and take it then

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