Abundance Project – Deal Breakers

I sent out the abundance project information to a few people in my email contacts.  Zac Taylor responded with and email he called Abundance Project – Deal Breakers.  I think is a pretty arrogant email.  He sent the response to everyone on the list, which upset quite a few people.  To me it is pure fear mongering and I certainly did not expect it from him.  Quoted is the email he sent to us followed by my response.

I am Teneagles, my specific Lakota medicine was given to me by the Wakan at the age of eight, is Raincalling. I am Brother to the Thunders, and have a direct connection to Spirit, as should be of all practicioners Spirit. In my path I also have studied and mastered many other traditions as well, and have had long conversation with both Spirit, and the other Masters of those traditions as well, on the basic truth rules of maifestation.

I have also seen this kind of well intentioned “collective” manifestation approach many times over the past decades. Some prevailed and some failed, but not from the reasons most would assume. It always bioled down to the first, second and third rules of manifesation that Spirit programmed into the Illusion. The first, YOUR CONNECTION TO SPIRIT IS DIRECT, is often forgotten in collective attempts. You need no other person to manifest, nor does the energy from Spirit lend itself to collection in the first place. You ask from Spirit, Spirit gives directly. No need for intercessors, nor “spiritual batteries” like the”balloon”.

In fact, whenever you try to connect two or more practicioners together, the second rule of manifestation, INTENT IS EVERYTHING rules the outcome and often makes the group think they made the manifestation as a collective. The truth is, INTENT cannot be “pumped up”, only energy can, so when a group attemps to focus on a single intent, interpretations, personal prejudices, and many other issues actually cause the dilution of the intent pool as a whole. Since your connection to Spirit is direct, when you place it directly before Spirit, there is no chanmce of misinterpretation, as no language barriers can occur. Spirit knows the pure Intent witout words. When a group try collect Intent, all forms of misinterpretation can and will occurs from the differences each person has in their understanding of the principles of manifestation.

Furthermore, once the energy is pooled, the strongest and purest Intent will use it completely. If that Intent is destructive, pure distruction will occur, for in everything is its opposite. Out of destruction creation and manifestation occur, so filters will allow it to happen, even though their creators had other Intentions for those filters when they were placed on the energy.

When everyone has the same Intent, it is the one with the purest form of that Intent that creates the outcome. So if the outcome looks liek the spoken intent, it looks to the group, like a success, because no-one had counter-intent and the purest one made it happen.

This is proven out by the failures of the majority of such endeavors. I have found that when someone has a counter-intent in the group, even subconsciously, if it is the purest it will aim the outcome, which makes the entire group think they “failed” at the proposed group intent.

Finally, the third rule of manifestion, HETRODYNE IS THE EASIEST MANIFESTATION TOOL NEXT TO DIRECT CONNECTION, is a reinforcement of the first rule, and the only way more than one practicioner can actually manifest collectively. Even then, in the process of the hetrodyne release between the practicioners, at a point just before creshendo and big bang, where the Intent must be focused, it can be changed by the final holder of the hetrodyne to become anything. So only trusting practicioners should use it.

In conclusion, while I wish you the best on your endeavors, I decline. I have my own direct connection work to do, and the Intent is pure. I need no Intercession, for Wakan Tanka speaks directly, and manifests directly in my work. That doesn’t mean there are no trials to overcome, for BALANCE IS, the fourth rule of manifestation, is also one that must be endured while in the Illusion. 🙂



First of all that email came with a NASTY psychic attack, not something I would ever have thought I would get from you. Not something I deserve from you! Not now not ever!

Starting out your email with all this Lakota stuff that is suppose to impress people with your great knowledge is just hilarious quite frankly, you are not dealing with a group of people who think that somehow being Indian gives you some special connection to the Creator. I have been led in my “medicine” journey all my life as well, as have most of the others in the group. A few found their path later in life but like all journeys everything that went before their awakening was preparation for the walk they are on now. So when a person’s journey began is immaterial.

As for the rain calling that is just another skill we all have that some have used and others not. It certainly is not something new or impressive to me. Every place I have gone on my gypsy journey of life that was in drought or need of rain has received it quickly after the arrival of my family. Including our current location in Colorado that was in extreme drought when we arrived several years ago, to the point where they were not even issuing well permits, but by the time land was purchased, and a well was needed, we had already brought the needed moisture for the conditions to clear to the point that we were the first to receive a well permit. Now things are in great shape. So to me that is not exactly a skill that makes you stand out in this crowd. I know many people who can call the rains and do on a regular basis.

It is obvious by many of your remarks that you DID NOT actually read through all the information in the email as you have addressed certain issues in an untruthful way. First of all my connection to Spirit/ Creator is a direct one as is the connection of every other person who has shared an interest in the project. To imply that we have in any way put some intercessor between us and Spirit is not true in any sense of the word.

I too have seen well intentioned manifestation collectives in the past. They were not based in the science of spirit.

Your rules

Rule 1 – Direct connection

Yeah we got that and are using it to do this project. We all know we don’t NEED another person to manifest. That doesn’t mean that joining energies isn’t powerful and can help us to remove blocks that we have due to issues from life beliefs taught to us or issues about our worth etc. However the concept that spirit does not lend itself to collective creation is the biggest load of BS ever! HELLO your very body was a “collective” creation of your birth parents! Sexuality is a joint creation energy that can create another life, or if both people place their intent to another creation they agree on can be used for that creation instead. Dark forces love our society being open sexually without people knowing this because almost no one on birth control puts intent to their sexual co-creation energy and dark forces just glean it off and use it for their disgusting agendas.

I would be hard pressed to find anything in this world, or on the other side, that is not in some form a joint creation. In the physical, most businesses and corporations are big time joint creation. Family life is a joint creation. On the other side just the detail and amount of spirits involved in creating a single life path for one human and all the people they will interact with on an intimate level is one of the biggest joint creation known. You then take it to the next level of all their non intimate connections and it is astounding and almost beyond comprehension for most humans which is why so many cannot allow themselves to believe we plan out our lives in advance. The very idea that everything is done by ourselves alone with “spirit” is absurd, we are ALL interconnected. Even
a large number of plants on the earth cannot effectively reproduce or create their fruits without the joint creation with bees and butterflies. Try and tell me that your Lakota ancestors just manifested for themselves as individuals with spirit! In fact I would say that the medicine person was strongly involved with spirit to create for the whole tribe’s survival! Interdependence is harmonious co-creation.

The balloon is not a battery, nor an intercessor it is simply a spiritual petri dish where we can grow our manifestation energies. The balloon in and of it self is only a container with a simple pure intent filtering out what energies are allowed to enter.

Rule 2 – Intent is everything

This is the point where you obviously did not understand what was written. The manifestations themselves are not a collective. The individual’s energy entered into the balloon with prayers for others grows when their prayers meet the prayers of the others, but it remains their energy, just stronger and enhanced with the love offered them by others in the group. The size and power of all the manifestations intent and energy being held together makes it easier to magnetize the manifestations of the individuals. I never said the INTENT was “pumped up” there is no need for intent to be pumped up intent is just intent! It’s just the individual’s energy that is expanded. Going back to my petri dish example, we put something we want to grow into the dish, we add whatever food source that item needs to flourish and watch the growth. What we humans need to grow spiritually is LOVE. That love comes from the Creator, from spirit allies, from the Earth Mother, from other species on Earth and from other humans. We are using the love from other humans in the form of their prayers for our abundant life and support of our spirit allies to grow and activate the creation potential that is our inherent right given us by the Creator.

There is only one intent, what that intent manifests for each individual is unique to them but the intent is an abundant life for everyone in the group. There are not multiple intents! No destructive intents or other intents can be entered. There can be NO destructive energy, if you don’t understand the dynamics of this I don’t know what to tell you. There is no way subconscious counter intent can enter the process. There is no way for one person to be the one doing the manifesting alone. Each person’s energy remains their own. If someone considered me as the doing the manifestation for the group because I am the one building the balloon, that would be inaccurate and yet if my work to build the balloon serves the whole in positive manifestation of abundant life, then it is my pleasure to serve the divine, by assisting the empowerment of all the individuals in the group in this manor. I think it is unfortunate that you have been associated or watching groups of people attempting to manifest in a way that allows interference, but their mistakes have nothing to do with us.

Rule 3 – Heterodyne

This is not a rule, not even close to a rule. It is NOT the only way to manifest collectively and is fact not really and energetic that was meant to be used in this way.

Rule 4 – Balance

Oh Zac what to say here. I find your arrogance in this email disappointing! I have yet to see any evidence of balance in what little I know about your life. Nor have I seen your “manifesting” ability to be going that great. I am not sure if you realize or not that I Engtovo, am Tatiacha or not, that I changed my name a little over a year or go. But considering the fact that my brother Randy first found your vision about Yellowstone and I was compelled to connect you with my brother Lee, who gave you the most sacred of gifts for the “manifestation” of the work of your vision, your complete dismissal of this project with ego instead of asking questions with respect is sad.

Your vision of work after the eruption of Yellowstone required horses and Lee gifted you with three young vital horses (one pregnant, so technically 4 horses). Even this is a sacred element of manifestation 3 being the number of spirit and 4 the four directions on the earth, 7 being the number of balancing spirit and earth the connection between the four directions and above, below and within ( the three elements of divine) Creator (above), Earth and nature sprits (below) and Soul (within) So the horses were brought from spirit (3) then birthed a fourth grounding point, to align the spirit gift with the Earth Mother.

You were incapable of manifesting for them all that they needed to live before the eruption, let alone after it. For all your visions and Indian “bluster” you didn’t even know how to take care of the horses, let alone use them for the work in your vision. Where was your manifestation then? Where were your “horse people” to teach you what you needed to know? Oh that’s right, when your good friend Mik tried to share her many years of wisdom, you declined, because you knew better hmmmm. She would call Lee so upset at the condition of the horses that it would make him physically ill. She kept telling him to come and take the horses back. After all she too is Indian and it is tradition than a gift not honored can be taken back by a majority of tribes. He would ask SPIRIT and spirit would say no, not yet, there are events yet to unfold that must unfold. So he waited.

Eventually you were looking for someone else to take the horses off your hands, so much for integrity to your vision! But the ultimate in bad behavior is when you tried to get Lee to BUY the horses from you! The same horses he “gifted” you for free on my advice. How disgusting is that? Your version of manifesting money for yourself is to try and sell the most sacred of gifts (horses, power, one of the highest Indian gifts known, Mr. Lakota, especially when given due to a vision) and you wanted to sell them back to the gifter! Considering you were given them for the work of your vision it was questionable integrity to try and sell them at all! That was obviously the moment that needed to “unfold”. Spirit wanted to know if you would stay in harmony with your integrity when you felt your back was to the wall.

Those three horses were like Lee’s children, he would never have parted with them at all if it were not for the tragic head injury he suffered in the car accident, which left him unable to work with them. Between that and everything that happened between him and your bud Mik which I won’t get into, it’s amazing he got through it all.

Yet despite all this, when you emailed me looking for podcast information to build a new site (to make money with) I didn’t hesitate to share my knowledge with you, for which you couldn’t even bother to say thank you. I have given you the benefit of the doubt at every turn, as SPIRIT said they still had faith that you could get through these things, and learn from them. I understood that just because you have a powerful vision doesn’t mean you have all the knowledge you need yet, or can overcome the fear to do the work presented. That time of giving you the benefit of the doubt has now past however, neither spirit nor I think at this moment that you are prepared to do the work. So our collective faith in you is rescinded.

At one point you were offered and took a spiritual staff that came with it powerful responsibilities here on the Earth and that also is rescinded. No doubt you will deny any knowledge of this energy being given to you, but when it was given to me I was well aware of the others who it was given to. So much potential, it is unfortunate that you let your issues get the best of you.

I find it interesting that despite that fact that you dishonor your own vision through not honoring a gift from a member of my own family. You then present yourself to a group I am working with as Teneagles, a name taken from the experience with the very vision that I was supporting in encouraging Lee to send the horses needed. You have been unable to live this vision with integrity, and I
will not honor you by using the name Ten Eagles.

I will just close by saying that I felt your decision to send the information you offered to a personal email list to be dishonorable as well. You could have found your way to the blog by simply typing Engtovo into google and commented publicly there, if you felt the need to be heard by more people than just me. Your need to do this instead of emailing me personally to express “concern” for me and the people I am working with, does not show you to be the kind of person I would want to be manifesting with, that is for sure. You showed me no respect whatsoever, not exactly stellar behavior toward a person who honored your vision and sent four sacred horses your way!

Below I’ve included Zac’s “Ten Eagles Vision” and the information on his site about gifting.

UMMMMMM I notice on the gifting pages “received list” there are no “Four Horses THANK YOU LEE” This whole post from his site is so hypocritical! I wonder if the people who ended up with the horses paid for them, and how much, and if not, then why Zac wouldn’t have honored Lee by bringing the horses back to him and allowing him to find them their next home! I also notice there is no thank you to the members of the Church Universal and Triumphant who gifted him with 10,000 pounds of long term storage food. I imagine the received list is culled on a regular basis so no one will look and say it looks like he has received quite a lot already for his “free” rain calling.

All of you who read my blog and site know I have NEVER asked for anything for all the spiritual work I do for free, no matter what kind of sacrifices it has required!


The Visions of the Ten Eagles:

You ask why I was born Hehaka Heyoka (Contrary Elk) and am now Wabli Wikcemna (Ten Eagles). My people have a history of changing their names to honor people, events and visions that alter their Path. This is what happened to me…

Twice I had this vision, and both times when I was brought from it, I was in the presence of ten eagles, literal Eagles, mixed American Bald’s and Golden’s. The first time was in the bowl where I live. I looked to the sky and there were three mating pairs flying with their juveniles. Two pairs were Bald’s with one juvenile each, and one pair Golden with two juveniles. I remember being in awe, for while Eagle pairs hunted regularly in the bowl, never before had the two different types gathered together, this not being the way of Eagle.

Then I was looking across the mountain tops to the lake of the Yellowstone, from the eyes of the Eagle. As I flew over it I saw a great Eagles’ egg in the bottom of lake, and it began to grow red, like the fire ember on the end of a lodge log, then all at once there was a loud hiss from below, and hot steam came rushing at me, the sound so loud and I had to fly fast to the north back to the safety of the bowl. All along as fast as I could fly, I heard the great screech of Mother Earth as her skin was torn from her, and I heard the wails of people below as they were swallowed by the roar…

When I was back again in the bowl, I found myself looking up to see the eagle families flying south to the open fields where food was plentiful. I thanked them for their message, but was left with the knowledge that many would one day perish in the nearby lands of my homeland. I didn’t have enough information to know why it would be so, or how it would cause the great screams I heard from Mother Earth and the people, for I had flown fast and looked forward to escape it all…

The second time I was driving south from Three Forks, and was just a mile or so out Harrison. I saw in the distance ahead of me a sight I thought I had seen hundreds of time before. On the ground was what I thought were a group of large ravens, eating from several pieces of meat from the separated carcass of some animal that had been killed by a car. As I got closer, their heads turned my way as one, and I saw they were Eagles, again Bald’s and Golden’s. They returned their attention to their prey, which as I got closer I could see where humans, and they were not feasting on them, but pecking at them in urgency, to awaken them.

All around the scene was a thick yellow smoke cloud, and on either side of the road great valleys as deep as the canyon to Big Sky, cut into the earth where the underground water had run. As I looked, a great shower of earth hit my car and forced me off the road into a ditch, and all at once the air became so thick, that had I been outside with the others, I would have surely suffocated as they had done when the poisoned air from the first gas of the melted earth hit them. In the mirror I saw the exploding valleys behind me had ripped the road where I had been driving to shreds. I looked again to the Eagles, and at once I was flying above the scene, looking down at the cloud which covered the land from Yellowstone to the Bridger’s, from the Tobacco Roots to the Absarokee ranges. I could not even see the Taylor’s as I flew above them…

Then the day and night changed places three times quickly and I was looking down on the land again. From where the lake had been, it was as if the Great Spirit had taken an Eagle talon wand and scratched it deeply in all directions from the lake. Great gouges of earth ran where every underground river had run, torn by the exploding steam as Mother Earth used her fire to heat the water. Little could withstand this and great chunks of her skin between the crevasses were thrown in the air and dropped, or turned into boiling liquid and vaporous dust carried on the winds to sear her, and everything exposed.

As I marveled at the powers that had ripped the land like clay, I saw the land crawlers of men come to the city edges to take those they could find away to cities to the east and south. I saw that the great crevasses made winds that were too strong for their planes and helicopters to land for more rescues, and I heard a great voice say, “We saved who we could, we leave the rest to God”…

Then I heard a sound as if a weak kitten was mewing in the distance. I looked to the ground and saw the small dots mixed between, in and around the deadly places. They moved and crawled and looked for food and water where there was none. My sadness grew as I knew them to be people waiting for rescue that would never come. Then I knew what my Warrior Path was to become. Swiftly I flew to the bowl as fast as I could. Once there I was no longer an Eagle, but myself, and I gathered horses and friends, and we began to scour the dead places, finding someone here, then there, some living, some no longer. We brought them to the bowl, and they got stronger, then they in turn helped to look for more, or helped grow food, or make shelters, each to his skills, and some learning new ones in the form of the old ways, and this went on for many months… Through this time the skis would go from clear to dust, the winds never dying enough for the others in the cities to risk looking, then they decided it was better to simply expand the lines of the “wilderness” and forget that there was anything there at all, and this became our life…

Then I awoke from the vision. I was still heading south, but was only a short distance from the town of Norris. On the side of the road was a large pile of gravel, and sitting there, on the ground, were ten Eagles. I stopped before them to count to be sure, and they never moved. A few minutes later I left in great awe, and saw them take flight to the west. Again I thanked them for their message, knowing this time what my part was to be in it all. As is the custom of my people when given vision or great events of Spirit, I took on the name of the Path I was show in the Vision, I am now Zac Ten Eagles..


As we have stated before, Zac Ten Eagles lives high in the mountains, 20 miles from pavement, power and phone, high in the Horseshoe Hills, with all the hardships such seclusion brin
gs. Of course, one need only look at the rain patterns there, or the photos in the “Sacred Land” section, to see what this has done for them. He builds and improves his sacred homestead as we speak, using hammer, shovel and handtool and now a few power tools.

Yet calls for rain come at the time best for building, so it is slow. This list has been compiled from small inadvertent comments he has made at various times to various people in passing. They are things that would make it easier to live and call rain, as well as provide more time for calling rain, rather than simply surviving. He could care less about “new”, only functional. A few folks have commented that some seem to be “big ticket”. I suppose to a person that spends his time attaining money to live it would seem so, yet to a man who travels to help his neighbors with drought by suspending his ability to earn money, these items are not just “big ticket”, they are completely out of reach.

Even now, he readily makes that choice, to help rather than gain, for it is the way of Spirit, and his medicine gift pathway. Following the old ways where he would never taint the medicine by even thinking of asking for gain from it, his success is blessed. However, also by the old ways, he can still be blessed with a gift from a thankful recipient of the medicine after it is given. The question always remains the same. To what level did his medicine benefit the recipient, in the recipients’ own heart, spirit and existence. When balanced against lost crops, herds, homes, farms and even entire ranches, these items are small in comparison. His greatest lack is fuel and housing to simply be where he has to call, for this usually comes out of his pocket before he ever gets to be of any aid to the person(s) in need. Some of us have accompanied him on calls and have noticed some of the things listed below that were just sitting around gathering rust or dust at the peoples places he called Rain for. He never even thought to ask about them, despite his immediate need, for he figures the Spirit would move them if it was meant to be. So, give only if, and what, you are moved to by Spirit.



Small Motorhome

Cargo Container

Wind Generator

Steel Grain Bins

12v Deep Cycle Batteries – (Lead Acid)

12v or 24v Solar Panels, 60 watt or higher ***** 2 GIFTED so far – THANK YOU *****


Rubbermaid storage containers ***** THANK YOU *****
Small dorm room type refrigerator ***** THANK YOU *****
High pressure RV/Sprayer pump (New….for drinking water) ***** THANK YOU *****
1000-1500 Gallon low profile plastic sprayer type Water Tank ***** THANK YOU *****
2″ Pacer Pump and Engine ***** THANK YOU *****
Temporary Garage (Costco type) ***** THANK YOU *****

Storage shed kit ***** THANK YOU *****

Treated fence posts ***** THANK YOU *****

Wire Cattle Panels ***** THANK YOU *****

2″ and 4″ pvc ***** THANK YOU *****

1/2″ CDX plywood ***** THANK YOU *****

2×4, 2×6, and 2×12 Boards ***** THANK YOU *****

250 gallon or larger propane tank ***** THANK YOU *****

Fuel efficient 4wd/Awd vehicle (His blazer costs him a mint to get to a call ***** THANK YOU *****
Small Track Hoe or 4N type Tractor with Hoe/Bucket/Post attachments) ***** THANK YOU *****

ATV ***** THANK YOU *****

7 thoughts on “Abundance Project – Deal Breakers

  1. as a person on the email list – i gladly read your reply engtovo…
    and i am very much agree with your counter points and feel even stronger being involved – because each persons own direct connection to spirit will be vibrating even harder alongside all its friends standing side by side, concentrating on intent. the words will have only made us stronger and more passionate about our belief in the project. blessings x

  2. Hello folks.

    Yes, I am the one who’s going to have surgery the day before Aug 1 (Asia/Pacific time). I just wanted to drop a few words, even though I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to say….
    When it comes to spiritual stuff, I am basically a loner and would stay away from any “group meditation” type of things, as I too believe my connection to spirit is direct.

    But what can I say…. when I was faced with a serious health challenge (no physical symptom, just a “diagnosis” from an MD) exactly a month ago, my belief system — all the spiritual awareness that I thought I had attained over the years — crushed to zero. I was overwhelmed by fear and doubt. I was terrified. Even though my family and friends offered me all kinds of support and encouraging words, I wasn’t sure if I was going (or my soul is wanting) to heal completely. All I could think of were sad scenarios… maybe my soul would be healed by discovering the love and beauty of life while the physical body gradually deteriorates…. oh, how beautiful, can it get???

    While all this was going on inside me, out of desperation I switched to a near-vegetarian diet and began an exercise program with breathing/meditation techniques (I also tried MMS but I was panicky and too rushed to take the “slow & easy approach” that Engtovo/spirit suggested and ended up feeling sick and negative/pesimistic all the time, so I stopped taking it for a while) .

    I felt that my issue is more psychological/spiritual than physical, so I tried to see what is preventing me from connecting to Spirit/Source. During deep medication, I did sense Spirit or omnipresent universal life force surrounding me which was not difficult to see…. but what I finally saw was this “little poor me” firmly believing that I am not worthy… I do not deserve to receive true abundance – a God given right for everyone but me!!! I could not believe I still held this kind of guilt/wound so dearly.

    But yesterday, during another meditation, I did hear my own voice from the core, shouting at me, “break through!” “What are you scared of? It’s easy. YOU CAN BREAK THROUGH!!!” It was the first time since the diagnosis that I felt I (my true self) have a will to live and heal completely. Later in the evening, I dozed off around 8:00pm (Asia/Pacific time). I don’t recall any dream, but when I woke up, I felt that I had traveled somewhere to meet a group of friends who jointly helped me to understand that I can “break through” indeed!

    Thank you folks. I am beginning to feel I’m just as worthy and deserving as everyone else. It would have been much harder to get this far if I had to do it alone… So, on Aug 1, I will pray that all these blockages to true abundance, which are illusion, will continue to dissipate for myself and everyone on the list.

    With heartfelt thanks,


  3. Hi Tombo, that is a very moving experience you just shared, and I am thankful for your conscious and Soul level courage not only to be here at this time of great changes on the planet but also you willingness to “break through” and express the amazing person that you are deep inside.


    Will continue to send prayers of healing and strength to you as you take the next steps on your journey

    Blessings, You are definately not alone any more.


    p.s. That sentiment goes out to all those who are choosing to join us in the abundance project.

  4. Thanks Kate, Tombo, Randy, & Engtovo for your responses!

    I whole heartedly say “ditto” for me per Kate’s response!

    For me, Zac’s email did not dissuade, nor dishearten me from joining the upcoming circle…Spirit encouraged me to see Zac’s rumblings as that of Thunder which always accompanies/precedes a downpour of abundant rain/blessings. I was glad to read Engtovo’s response, though, because it lent clarity, confirmation & strength to my experience.

    And thanks Tombo, Randy, & Engtovo for such sweetness of spirit in your sharings …I’ve had many moments of tears come upon me as I’ve anticipated this circle & this is one more! I am uplifted simply at the thought of synchronizing with this circle of strongly stalwart & sweet Spirit-seekers!

    I am thankful for the lessons thus far in this project, & am looking forward to learning & growing more with you!

    Blessing, Love, & Prayer to you all (that means you too Zac/Ten Eagles),


  5. Lori,

    Wow what a coincidence!
    Just when I began reading your post, thunder clouds suddenly approached my area and there came strong winds and pouring rain! We needed it so badly…. it has been scorching hot over here without a drop of rain for a few weeks! What a blessing!


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