The Abundance Project Part 2

The Timing

We’re going to go with our first ceremony of the abundance project circle August 1st. I had been thinking August 1st as perhaps a first of each month kind of thing, and then my brother Randy said maybe it should be a New Moon thing since the new moon is a natural time to put out manifestation prayers and I was like DUH!! Of course it has to be a moon cycle thing. So I looked up the next new moon and it is August 1st LOL and it is a total solar eclipse! What could be better for our first manifestation of abundant life! Not only that but the moon is in Leo, and fire is a good strong energy to work with. We can’t see the solar eclipse here in North America as it is far north in the land of the midnight sun. The Full Moon that follows August 16th is a partial lunar eclipse as well; it is in Aquarius which will add air to the fire, thus an outward expression of expansion. There really couldn’t be better timing on this, thanks to all the spirit helpers who brought our attention to this at this exact time!

I Screwed UP the GMT folks, sorry I am so bad at this stuff!  I have no clue now how I got it screwed up that bad.  The North American times are correct!

The Moon is new at 6:12 am Eastern (3:12 am Pacific) Pacific time is – 7 hours from GMT. So the New Moon is August 1st 1:12 pm GMT (UTC) it is August 1st 10:12 am GMT

The closer we can do our prayers to the exact time of New Moon the better but using the New Moon energies we can start as early as 12 hours before to 12 hours after.

Which would be between 6:12 pm eastern July 31st (3:12 pm pacific, 4:12 pm mountain, 5:12 pm central) to 6:12 pm eastern August 1st (3:12 pm pacific, 4:12 pm mountain, 5:12 pm central) here in North America

Between 1:12 am August 1st GMT to 1:12 am August 2nd GMT 10:12 pm July 31st GMT to 10:12 pm August 1st GMT

so translate that into your time zone and dates, if you are outside of North America. There is a world time clock calculator on the site at

From NASA on the solar eclipse

On Friday, August 01, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from a narrow corridor that traverses half the Earth. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow begins in Canada and extends across northern Greenland, the Arctic, central Russia, Mongolia, and China where it will end at sunset [Espenak and Anderson, 2006]. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes northeastern North America, and most of Europe and Asia (Figure 3).

The Energy Mechanics of the Project

What is required of participants is that they give 15 or more minutes to enter their prayers into the balloon (explained below) You should enter the prayers for yourself and the prayers for the other people on the list within the 24 hour period discussed above. You may do your prayers however you desire. Song, drum, whatever is in alignment with you. I will be placing my list under a 7 day prayer candle here, to keep me focused on the energy all week.

The grid set up for this work is in a shape like a balloon. There is one small opening that will be open for input starting 12 hours before the new moon and closing 12 hours after the new moon. After the time has completed and the balloon closes the energies will intermix causing the expansion of the energies and the balloon will grow exponentially larger and this reaction will cause a magnetic reaction thus drawing to the balloon what is in harmony with the energy in the balloon. Those things drawn to people whose energy is in the balloon will then be drawn to that person through the energy line that connects them to their own energy in the balloon. Each month when we each add more energy to the balloon it will grow from both our additional individual prayers and the joint energy reaction that occurs. The bigger the balloon the more power it has to magnetize the manifestations. So the smaller the group the longer it takes to build up the balloon to a optimal size. A larger group can build the balloon faster. The size of group that has already voiced interest is larger than the minimum number required to have some manifestations in the first moon cycle.

Each persons energy is their own and has their energetic fingerprint. When we each send our prayers for ourselves we enter our energetic fingerprint out to the project. It is however when we then offer our prayers for the other people in the group that we put in the magic ingredient that causes the expansion of each of our individual energies. When our own energy for the others meets with the others prayers for us it causes each individual’s energy to grow exponentially. This is a self governing system in this way because if someone voiced a desire to participate and placed in energy for themselves, but did not pray for the others, than there is no way for their own energy to expand. Because it is their prayers for others, interacting with the other’s prayers for them, that must occur for the reaction for them to take place. There is no way for anyone to get back any energies other than their own and the manifestations magnetized to the balloon are magnetized to individual energy fingerprints and cannot be taken. Their energies coming back to them have been exponentially expanded, with the prayers of the others using basic universal law.

The reason why spirit said having all the names a person uses would help is that it may help those praying for you connect their prayers to your energetic fingerprint. That doesn’t however mean that your full legal name is an absolute requirement. I do understand this is the internet and people have reasons to want to protect their privacy. If you choose to give us the name Bambi and your legal name is Jane Doe then when you say your prayers make sure to say in the energy I, Jane Doe am known to the group as Bambi to connect your energetic fingerprint to the name the group is praying for.

Now it should be known that the entrance to the balloon has filters. One filter is truth, so if you are trying to connect your energy fingerprint to a name on the list that is not your name that energy will NOT be able to enter the balloon. Prayers for things that are not in harmony with the group intent will NOT enter the balloon. No one can ask for a negative manifestation for another person. No one can enter prayers for another person that is not on the list, such as friends or family members. That doesn’t mean that one person’s manifestation may not in some way effect other friends and family members as living an abundant life effects every aspect of our lives.

There can be no theft of another person’s energy in any way. No one can receive energy or manifestations that did not put energy into the balloon for themselves and prayers for others. So for example if someone says they are going to participate and their name is put on the list and we send out our prayers for them, but they do not do the prayers, simply nothing will happen because the prayers we offered had no energy to interact with and will just become inert. So no one can use the process to get us to pray for them just to steal energy or gain access to the process. Our prayers for the others do not go to them in person they go into the collective balloon to interact with their energy only. So there is no worry that someone will just use the project to get people to pray for them for their own selfish desires. This is a self empowering system where it requires the giving and receiving of energies in tandem. No one can just give or just receive. It is a “one for all” and “all for one” closed system

What is not an abundant life?

True desire is not just about what you want, it is about why you want it. Your motivation is a key to whether a desire is a true desire or not.

Greed is not a true desire and will not enter the system. Wanting power over others, or an in your face, look at me now, desire for ego revenge are not true desires for abundance. An abundant life is not something that you lord over others, or seek status with.

For example: if you have a beautiful million dollar home and you want to create a two million dollar home because your friend has one, the universe could care less that you have some sort of inferiority issues in relation to your friend. Thinking that a house as expensive as your friends will make you feel better is not meeting a need, it is feeding an unhealed issue in yourself. Universal Law knows the difference.

Harming others is not a true desire. What is harm though is affected by perspective. This is governed by universal law not a person’s perception. One example being you may have someone in your life who likes to see you suffering because it makes them feel better about their own life. They will not be happy about good things happening to you as you begin to manifest your abundant life. They may try and attempt to make you think that they are somehow being harmed by your good fortune. They may twist things around and tell you that you are selfish unless you do what they think you should do with your manifestation etc. Remember that all of Creation wants us to have a joyous and abundant life, true joy for us is not harm to others. This line is one that is clear in universal law but people on earth will attempt to blur it for you at every opportunity.

What is an abundant life?

True desires are having all your needs met, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

In the physical world: a nice home, clothes, food, a vehicle, entertainment, freedom of movement, a good state of health, access to healing modalities and products, creativity, inspiration, self expression, awakening of spiritual gifts, so many things

We have been enslaved so long that we tend to see these things as privileges, but these are the very things that the physical world was created to experience and they do not “belong” to anyone. We are programmed every day to see it in another way because the powers that be don’t want us to know we have a right to these basic elements of life. At what point did the collective consciousness of the world decide that a place to call home and be protected from the elements or to be fed and clothed was something that was only for some but not others. This is not of God; it is not of universal law. Asking for these things is not selfish or greedy. Asking for that home to be well made and lasting and made out of non toxic materials in a place that is in harmony with your soul is also NOT selfish. It is when you think you need a crazy huge home or servants to take care of the place for you etc. that you cross the line.

An abundant life includes our interactions with other people, having satisfying relationships at home, at work, in the world as a whole. For some it is bringing forth an appropriate mate or friends to harmonize with you. For others it may be a job or work opportunity that would bring a healthy loving work environment. Many metaphysicians will just say ahh this life situation is karma and live with it. However, there has always been the universal law of grace, Wisdom Erases Karma. We have the wisdom to know that an abundant life includes positive relationships in our life; therefore we have the ability to put that wisdom to use in this project regardless of previous karma.

Part of this project is that we can recognize each other innate ability to create and co-create and the rights of us all to have the abundant life we seek. It makes me think about when my brother Randy and I do healing work together. We may have a person on the table with a tough block in one of their chakras, one of us will work on it a while and if we can’t resolve it the other will gravitate there, and if it still isn’t resolved usually one of us will go to the head the other to the feet, occasionally one will go to the head or feet and the other to the chakra in question, and we will combine energies to blast it, and we have never found a block we cannot open in that way. All the people participating in the project have found themselves blocked in one form or another in relation to bringing the needed abundance into their lives. This combining of our energies is like the group of us blowing out each other blocks. I see that every single person who chooses to participate has a God given right to an abundant life. I do not see their blocks as having any power any longer. When we decided we were willing to combine energies to do this work, we were each in a way deciding we were ready to release our blocks. I am already feeling myself opening to greater healing and we haven’t even had our first prayer session to enter energy into the balloon yet!


While seeking abundance in the areas of our life that have been experiencing scarcity it is important to be in a state of gratitude for all that we do have and all that is coming our way. For example: if you are seeking a home you can own as part of your abundant life but are currently renting a nice home and everyone is well fed and safe, be sure to include in your prayers into the balloon your gratitude that you have a safe place to live and food to eat in the now. Part of an abundant life is recognizing the good things in your life and being thankful for them manifesting. If you are not thankful for those things you have now the Universe will be asking you if you will be thankful with these new manifestations.

I have found it is just very powerful to acknowledge our rights of creation by being thankful in advance for all that we manifest. It is saying to the universe I am using my power and I know there will be good results because this is how the Creator intended it to be. We are going to be manifesting many things over the next few months together. I am grateful not only for these manifestations to come but for the willingness of each of the participants to be here in this moment together! I really feel we have a wonderful group of people and that every one of us has had enough suffering in life. I feel true hearts in this growing circle asking only to use the rights that they already know they have, but have been frustrated in attempting to use, to bring forth a life that they know is the life the Creator wants for them.

Thank you to all who have committed to the circle already and thanks to those who are yet to come. You are a blessing in my life, and may this project bring blessings to us all.

I know this stuff, and especially the grid stuff can be confusing to people, I tend to take a lot of things for grated because I have been doing them so long, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand.

If you are joining in this month -Aug. 1 2008- please send an email by the 30th of July if you haven’t already, so I can send out an email with the list of names of every one participating the list needs to be sent out before the 12 hour mark before the new moon to be sure everyone has it for their meditation. You don’t have to say anything to me in the email just send your name for the list. We will continue to do this each New Moon, so you can choose to join at a later month. I want to be sure to put that out there for anyone who may discover this post at a later date. I will update the list every month if we have more people joining in.

3 thoughts on “The Abundance Project Part 2

  1. Engtovo,

    I finally found your e-mail address, I am a bit technically challenged and I maneuver slowly on the web, but I am persistant.

    I will send my e-mail address.

    I have heard lots about how energy is “amplified” by increasing group size.

    “Where two or more are gathered…”

    Not necessarily in the biblical sense, the art of group participation hopefully is coming back to life as a result of 2012.

    Maybe it is has already has been coming back to life including this Abundance Project here, right now!

    I often participate in a small local group and it amazes me what goes on!

    Thanks L&P,

  2. Hello Engtovo,

    This is a wonderfully constructed piece of work. I feel both secure and safe in participating in this project. Thank you for putting it together.

    I did just receive a letter sent to the entire group of the participants. It was entitled “Abundance Project-Deal Breakers”.

    I hope anyone who received this email is able to see it as I do. It is a totally transparent and childish effort, to undermine the group effort.

    Were this not so, the person would have emailed you directly with their questions and concerns.

    For those familiar with dark energies, we know that they seem to pop up when you least expect them, and from directions totally unexpected.

    They still haven’t learned that when they get up to their tricks, it just adds more fire to our efforts, as their presents is verification that we are on the right track.

    Best to all,


  3. Hey Engtovo,

    Per your following statement–

    “I am already feeling myself opening to greater healing and we haven’t even had our first prayer session to enter energy into the balloon yet!”

    I’d like to add that I have too! I have been profoundly experiencing harmonious alignments of energy & information in my life starting with the day before you posted the 7/12 Abundance Project! On 7/11 I finished an essential oil blend by Native American Nutritionals called “Prosperity” — this oil blend was created to draw abundance into one’s life. Well, it sure worked, because following the 7 months & 7 days of marinating in it (I began it on 12/4/07), your Abundance Project manifested in my life! An underlying message from Spirit seemed to be– I’ve been completely (7= completion) prepared/anointed for this circle :o).

    And now for 2 events after your 7/12 posting:

    My apartment lease ends on July 31, & as of July 22, Spirit manifested an 11th hour provision for me to live with a lovely couple for about 2 months while the Creator prepares me to transit to my next destination — this move has 2 prophetic points as it conjuncts with the Abundance Project!! 1)The timing– I’ll be settled into my new space on the eve of this new endeavor, new moon circle, & 2) the address– this house’s location presents fun frequencies for me to connect to this circle — 808 South Grove:

    –808= a G8/gate of 8s– 8 = abundance, as well as “new beginnings”, such as my new address…the 0= yin/nourishing-energy passing through this g8– it also looks like an open portal within it.

    –“South”= the place of prosperity, according to the ancient Hebrews; to the Chinese it is connected to Fire– I’ll be directionally firing our grid with my prayers :o); & in the zodiac, South = Leo/Fire, which is the very sign the sun will be in for our 1st circle, via the tropical zodiac, & the 2nd one on 8/30 via the sidereal–hmm, 2 Abundance Circles occurring in a month that shares the # of Abundance!

    –“Grove” = a small gathering of trees= a beautiful metaphor from Spirit regarding our gathering!

    The 2nd encouragement– yesterday(7/26) I was looking for a book to read from my pile of unread ones, & as I glanced through this stack, my eyes fell upon “The Feng Shui of Abundance”, by Suzan Hilton. When I looked at the date I’d received this book (from a friend who had bought it for me)– July 31, 2006 (July 31 will begin our circle as you’ve explained above)! And so, last night I began to read this book in preparation for our abundance.

    Blessings to all,


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