Ashlee Haters

I just don’t get why so many people hate this girl!  The reviews on itunes are mostly about hating her and not even about her music.  What exactly did she supposedly do that was so horrible.  What I find most odd is all the people who say she can’t sing!  Even people who like her a lot will say we we know she is not the best singer…but

Sorry but there is nothing wrong with this girl’s voice.  A singer who is technically perfect is very rare in the world and usually incredibly BORING.  My example would be Whitney Houston, there is no doubt she has the pipes but 90% of her music says nothing and evokes no emotion in me.  Mariah Carey’s five octaves aggravate me, it is about vocal gymnastics not a message.  Music is supposed to be about self expression, sharing something from the soul.  Ashlee does that well I think.  Obviously at almost 45 years old I am way beyond some of the lyrics because they are the soul expression of a 20 something.  But It isn’t like I have forgotten being 20 something and I relate to her perspectives representing a lot of things I was feeling at her age.

I find her music very honest with an emotional raw quality that is rare in pop music.  The itunes haters keep saying over and over things like she is poser, I find that just silly.  Just because her sister was popular before her doesn’t been she wants to be her sister, or is trying to be different from her sister.  They are two different people with different things to say.  I have never really been drawn to Jessica’s sickly sweet persona, Can’t say anything about her music since I don’t have any of it and I liked her in Dukes of Hazard.  Ashlee is her own talent, and should not be compared to Jessica.  She was working long before most people knew who she was, acting on Seventh Heaven.  Sure it was a cheesy little show but she did fine playing her role.

I’ve had her first album for quite some time and have really enjoyed it and then recently got the newest album, Bittersweet World.  She had preformed the song “Boys” on dancing with the Stars.  I thought that is a catchy little song and specifically looked for the album the next time I was in wal-mart.   It is a great album and I have been listening to it often while exercising.


While I was at itunes I wondered about her second album, I knew she had one, but hadn’t seen it at the store at a time I had extra cash for music.  That’s when I found the depth of hatred for her.  I was shocked!  I thought WTF is with this?  Why is the reaction to this girl so intense?  These can’t just possibly be Jessica fans that hate her sister?  Some people mentioned that people only bought her music because of her reality show.  I had no idea she had a reality show on MTV because I gave up watching MTV years ago when they stopped playing music and started filling space with specific 20 something programming.  I download the second album (I Am Me) and gave it a listen and it is a great little album too.


So listen up you Ashlee haters why don’t you try and write some music of your own and sing it out and see if anyone wants to buy your perspective.  I think Ashlee must be strong girl with all that energy out there being thrown at her all the time.  It would have crushed me at her age.  So go Ashlee just make a good song about the haters for your next album!  LOL

I grew up in the 60s and 70s and in all honestly Ashlee can out sing a great deal of the most popular singers of the time.  It’s the message, the energy, the expression that counts.  Too many singers really have nothing to say.  Ashlee has lots to say and that always brings forth some haters, but the amount of haters out there tells me I need to listen even a little more closely than I already have.  She is pushing buttons and that means what she is saying is relevant!  She has evoked a lot of emotions…. WELL DONE

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