I Was Wrong about David Cook

Wrong by a long shot, wow

David Archuletta 44% David Cook 56% of 97 million votes holy crap that is a lot of votes I wonder how many people are out there like me that love to watch Idol but don’t even vote?

That’s a shock I thought Archuletta had it, but ultimately with 97 million votes that means he got over 42 million votes so that is more than enough to start a healthy career in music!  I always new David Cook would have a healthy career if he won or not.  Pretty clear they both will do well and numerous other members of the top 10.

Wow the song the two Davids sang together at the beginning was better than either of them separate last night.  Then OMG Mike Myers, Guru Pitka LOL

Not more Sanjaya barbs leave the kid alone!  At least Kimmel didn’t say he couldn’t sing.  While he is no David, and he was really bad at song choice, the kid has a voice and luckily a great sense of humor smile_teeth

I love Jordin but who chose that dress???? it was dreadful!  I was kind of surprised to see her singing since she has been on vocal rest,  You could hear her voice was still somewhat strained.  Well now that I think about it she was on with Chris Brown a few weeks ago and she sounded good then.

Oh I forgot about Michael Johns in my post on David Cook I hope he makes a album! And Amanda the gravely rocker oh crap pretty much all of the top 10-12 could make a record this year.

1 thought on “I Was Wrong about David Cook

  1. I am just like you. I love Idol but only voted one time and that was for Clay Aiken over Ruebn Studdard. I also thought Archuletta was the winner but I actually cheated and found out ahead of time that Cook was the winner. After that didn’t want to watch the show, so I never saw the ending, it was too painful. But Archie took it well I guess. I was too emotionally invested in Archuletta. I actually think they both have a lot of talent and I liked David Cook from the beginning. I guess I felt sorry for Archeletta with all the rumors about his father. Hey I like your website. I found it because I am studying Democracy vs Republic. Great job.

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