Ted Kennedy Ho Hum

They are going on an on about this brain tumor that Teddy has and no offense to the family, but CNN get over it already.  The man is not dead…yet.  Leave something left to say when he does die.  It’s not like I have some great respect for this guy anyway.  He is just one more corrupt politician who has helped drive this country down the road to disaster (and no I am not a republican, I am INDEPENDENT)

His greatest claim to fame is being the brother of two politicians who were assassinated.  Since that time he just gets elected over and over with out any great effort by a state that thinks what?  Maybe they are still afraid of offending him, or they think the county owes him a lifelong career as penance for his brother’s death?   Apparently death is the only way we will get him out of congress.  If only he could take John McCain with him to the other side!  These are two sides of the same coin they write bills together that harm our constitution and pretend to to oppose each other.  When he does die we will hear about the whole Kennedy family for a fricken month.  Ho HUM

2 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy Ho Hum

  1. I think your comment is callous, disrespectful, and inhuman. I strongly disagree with Ted Kennedy’s politics, but to dismiss his tumor and the suffering he and his family have and will experience simply because you claim he is a corrupt politician and that you disagree with him is disgusting. You are the perfect example of why Right Wing Bloggers have no credibility.

  2. LOL LOL LOL I am not a right wing blogger in fact 99% of people consider me a extreme lefty!!!

    But I did say “no offense to the family” obviously his health is a personal issue for them just like the health of my family is to ME, but I don’t expect anyone to care about my family’s health!

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