Any Chance for David Cook?

NOPE  I just don’t see it!  He’ll still make a good record and we’ll buy it, but last night little Archuletta was on point.  For a few weeks there I was wondering where he went, he wasn’t quite the kid I fell in love with listening to.  I suppose the pressure and nerves in the situation are just overwhelming at any age.  Last night though he was back and wow when he is on, he really touches your heart.

So we love you David Cook but I do believe you will be coming in second tonight, second though is pretty damn good!  This has really been a good season I think we can look forward to several good albums coming out. Jason, Brooke, hopefully, Carly, Syesha, and of course the two Davids, that’s a lot of music out of one season.  I suppose we are likely to get a country album too from the little blond but I’m just not into country or her singing so I could care less.

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