911 Dream

I just woke up with a 911 dream, these are dreams in which I dial 911 for some reason and since September 11, 2001 every time I have a dream where I dial 911 spirit is telling me that the illuminati are up to something that needs to be thwarted.  This one was very odd.

First I am talking to a woman about things going on in the world and she tells me that in her town the buses are finally returning to using main street after a period of time that they didn’t.  She brings up the bridge that collapsed in I-90 near Missoula Montana (which obviously has never happened) and she asks me if the buses up there are back to normal.  I tell her that the buses there are going back into Missoula itself instead of just making the few stops along the freeway and things are getting back to normal.

Then I am with another woman and we are driving into the Missoula bus station and we are going to go in and park in the parking garage because it is the best place to park if you want to spend time at the ocean!  We are looking around for a spot and most of the empty spaces are reserved.  We pull into a spot and get out and walk over to the half wall at the edge and see the ocean is right there.  When we go back toward the car we realize that there is a reserved sign we didn’t see and we need to move the car over one space.  All of a sudden the spaces are each fenced and there are some people saying that the reserved sign was on the wrong spot and they will have to move the fence instead of us moving the car.  At some point  people start calling this the airport parking garage instead of the bus station. 

There are some men unlocking combination locks on chains that keep the fences in place.  They are part way done when I say I wonder if we can move the fence piece sideways instead of out, if it will move that direction.  It seems like it won’t but I give it a try anyway and it moves easily.  All of a sudden right on the other side of the fence is the airport administrator’s office.  The administrator is a woman and there is a secretary in there with her.  The admin is talking to us about the unfortunate fence incident when she suddenly collapses, clutching her chest.  The secretary does nothing, I yell at her “call 911 she is having a heart attack”.  She just mocks me like it is all a joke.  I jump over these double fences and go to grab the phone and the admin says no it’s ok she’s fine.  She is trying to get to her feet so I take her arm but as she gets to her feet she doubles over again in pain to the floor.  So I grab the phone and dial 911. 

The 911 operator is a woman and at first she doesn’t understand me so I stop take a deep breath and start to speak slowly.  I tell her the woman is having a heart attack and we need an ambulance.  She asks me some basic questions like “is she breathing” and I say yes.  Then all of a sudden there is a recording saying something about recording an oath, it is telling me what to say at the beep.   This confuses me I am thinking are they sending an ambulance or what?  I am so focused on the woman that I am only partly listening to what they are telling me to say and then the beep goes off and I say nothing.  The recording completes and then it disconnects.  Even though I was confused at what was happening I didn’t feel I should say anything at the beep.  I realize after the disconnect that they wanted to me say an oath that everything I was telling them was true, or I could be punished for calling 911 or something and I thought well I didn’t do the oath so will they send an ambulance or what.

I then wake up and open my eyes and it is 9:33 and for whatever reason I immediately think of the Richard Hogland stuff about the illuminati’s 19.5 and 33 ritual times.  I’ll have to go over to his site and read some of that stuff I think most of that was NASA events and sacrifices, it’s been years since I read it.

So what’s up this time???? Why all the women in this dream the only men in the dream were the ones with the combinations to the locks this has to be some clue unto itself.

I really need to note that the diagram below in the quoted info from Hogland’s site is a 3 dimensional representation of the Enochian Symbol, the Star of David, which is the symbol of the order of Enoch, the grid workers, the circle with one triangle in it, is the Order of Michael symbol the protectors, caretakers and if you popped a circle into the middle of the triangle we have the  Melchchizeldek symbol, the teacher preacher planners.  The trinity symbol representing all three orders of Universal Spirits looks like this





It is perhaps important here to review the significance in the overall “Egyptian/NASA/Masonic ritual” we have been tracking of these two numbers. 19.5° appears repeatedly in the ruins at Cydonia, and over and over again in the stellar alignments we have noted in the significant moments of various NASA missions. 19.5° (rounded – actually 19.471°) is also significant as an expression of the circumscription of a tetrahedron by a sphere, which is the key to understanding Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland’s Hyperdimensional Physics theory. (See also Hoagland and Torun’s The Message of Cydonia)

33° has also appeared repeatedly in these same NASA stellar alignments, connected primarily to a variety of missions planned and executed by astronauts and agency officials of shared membership in the same fraternal secret society — the Scottish Rite Freemasons. The 33rd degree just happens to be the highest “degree” attainable in this secret society, and is expressive of the highest levels of spiritual enlightenment and hidden knowledge. Both have at times appeared in connection with other events political and newsworthy, but have been most commonly obvious within the planning and execution of NASA missions (i.e. when Mars Pathfinder landed at 19.5° N lat by 33.7º W long on July 4th, 1997).

This “19.5°” and “33°” ritual pattern has recently been confirmed in a soon to be published research paper by Mary Weaver, an electrical engineer and data analyst who took on this task for us here at Enterprise.

What we have never really discussed is that both of these numbers are essentially “tetrahedral,” and locked together inextricably by the expression of their mathematical constants. The sine of 19.471° is .3333, so in essence it can be said that both numbers, when expressed in degrees, point back to tetrahedral geometry. To find a convergence of several 19.5’s and 33’s within a specific narrative, like the supposed crash of an Egyptian aircraft (both the ruins at Cydonia and the Scottish Rite have symbolic and numerical linkages to the traditions of ancient Egypt) is (to us) a relatively sure indication that we are dealing with —

A specifically manufactured event.

2 thoughts on “911 Dream

  1. Hi,

    I was interested in what you were saying about symbols. I received a symbol year before last which no one has been able to interpret for me. It is a triangle, apex up, in a circle. A lightning bolt goes from the right hand side of the triangle and curves down to a small circle within the triangle. The small circle is joined to the triangle by a thick straight line. I can send you a diagram if you wish – Id just like to know if it means anything


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