The Concept of “Do For”

I’ve been involved in a hot topic in a email group I am part of because I brought up the subject of “do for”. Spirit has talked about “do for” for years, it is one of those spiritual concepts filled with subtlety. It all started with a discussion of the ETs and why they are not giving us any help. I tried to define what is or isn’t help. Just because we think we need help and ask for help from outside ourselves, doesn’t mean we actually need help. Often when we ask for help, we are in fact not wanting to look inside and find out that we already have the ability to respond to the situation. I started asking why we humans felt the need for help from ETs. Why is it that we are always looking outside ourselves and not taking responsibility for the conditions on earth?

We are incredibly powerful beings. The dark forces are in control only because we refuse to see, develop and use our natural divine power to stop them. Instead we CHOOSE to continue to be victims and seek someone else to do it all for us. I noted that the ETs know that to help us, would be to disempower us because they DO know our power and ability to take care of this situation on our own. It is much like a parent knowing what is best for his or her child. The child may beg, cry and even throw a tantrum, but a good parent won’t give in and will continue to tell the child NO. Our space brothers also continue to say NO, no matter how many tantrums we throw and how much we beg and cry and think we not only need but deserve and expect their help.

I have never given much time on the site to the whole ET thing, reason being is that it distracts us from the real work of going within. Most of the ET information is disinformation and a great number of people who get deeply into it just get lost in the maze of dark energy crap. Most of the ET stuff is in fact about the terrestrials, the reptilians and greys who were never from anywhere other than earth. Humans of the dark forces created them. They were created for the purpose of controlling earth at a second level under a group of elite human controllers, but the humans that created them never envisioned that through a series of earth change events, they would take over the top level of control. As I have brought up previously the reptilians have been destroyed over the past year by enacting some new spiritual energies. The greys left several years ago when they made a deal with Creation to come into the light and in response creation would build them their own planet. They currently are split, between some who are in a school of sorts and others who are in a stasis state off planet. Eventually the two groups will switch, so that by the time their planet has been built they will have all been schooled.

There is so much hype about the reptilians that people aware and afraid of them refuse to believe they are now dead. This spiritual technology even worked on the reptilian DNA of the leaders of the world and their lineage who are hybrids. The reptilian DNA in their DNA chain started to die out over the course of months. Those with less of this DNA where able to replace with human DNA in the natural process of turnover. Those with a Lot of reptilian DNA, are suffering and ageing rapidly. Many have died or are in the process of dying. The plans of the dark forces are now all in the hands of human form controllers. Their reptile handlers missing, their plans have been easier to expose and thwart. This does not mean we should underestimate them however. There are no ETs that will attack earth in an attempt to take over so any scenario leading that direction is a false flag event. We have through the reptilian and grey lineage a massive amount of technology here on earth that the average human is not being told about. The sightings of ships and formations are our own ships and technology.

The conversation went on to discuss Universal Law, there was banter about no rules existing and there being no laws therefore the idea that ETs could not interfere or intercede in earth business was not true. To that I say unfortunately that is just more wishful thinking and a desire to not take responsibility for our own mess. It seemed to upset some that I suggested we have responsibility in this mess at all. That if we were going within and doing our own work in any significant number this mess would be over by now. That we have allowed the controllers the power they wield does not sit well with those determined to be victims. That is not to say many are not caused massive harm daily, I myself have been attacked and almost killed several times. I do not see myself as being a victim however, I see those attacks as acknowledgement that I am evolving and they obviously have wanted over the years to scare me and make me turn back. When you know that you are on the right path though you don’t turn back and you learn out of necessity to protect yourself. You will not be deterred or frightened away from continuing the journey.

It is similar to the current governmental situation in the United States. The constitution has been completely undermined with laws like the patriot act and executive orders from multiple presidents, and we now live in a fascist state instead of a representative republic. For those not paying attention, we NEVER lived in a democracy. My point is the reason we now live in a fascist state is because WE THE PEOPLE did not defend our constitution. We wanted our government to “do for” us and protect us from supposed terrorists at any price. Now we are beginning to see what the price is. Like on the spiritual level it is simply because we CHOOSE to be afraid of our own power. We have the numbers. If we wanted to restore our constitution and throw the treasonous scumbags out of office, we could wander into Washington D.C. and do it without problem. If we were not afraid of our own power, any, and all, government would be afraid of WE THE PEOPLE and would never act in any way not allowed by and overseen by us. Instead we have allowed this birth of fascism in the United States and we will whine and complain about being the victims of such.

Wanting to “do for” another person or wanting another entity, whether it be a government entity an ET or another human to “do for” us gets muddled into concepts like courtesy, help and compassion. An example was offered of a car being stuck in a puddle and someone coming by and helping to push the car out of the puddle. It was surmised that this was somehow the same as ETs helping earth! Stopping and helping your fellow man push a car out of a puddle is common courtesy. You don’t even have to have compassion to do that.  It is a trained response taught to us (or not) by our parents. Like saying excuse me when you burp. Certain behaviors about interaction with our fellow humans come from the particular society in which we were birthed. What is courtesy in one society may even be offensive to another society. This kind of help was being held out as a reason why ETs or high spiritual beings should help us. I’m sorry but this argument is about as flat as an argument can get. The next argument offered was about feeding starving children and the implication that I thought we should just not help them because of my comments on the necessity to be careful of the “do for” issue. This is an absurd argument too. Anyone who has read anything on this site certainly knows my take on basic human rights. Food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and education to me all fall under this category and dark forces have always tried to keep these things from the masses. It is an act of compassion to try and bring these basic human rights without ego to those who don’t have them. This is NOT “doing for”

Doing for is not born out of true compassion. It has two components one is the desire to be seen as a “good person” by society. Most charitable workers actually fall into this category whether the work they do is “do for” or within the realms of an organization started by a person out of true compassion. The other is the Ego based aspect in which people do things for others for their own ego gratification. When I say the issue of “do for” is subtle, it is because the greatest issues that come forth are actually in our interpersonal relationships. One person trying to keep another person sober for example, whatever their motivation, is an act of doing for that causes harm. It disempowers the alcoholic and gives them the message that they are not capable of keeping themselves sober. You could give two people the money to go to college and one could be a beautiful gift, a hand up, and the other could be disempowering someone who needed to do it on their own in order to learn key life lessons.

I have said many times that it can take lifetimes of practice to understand the subtleties of when you are actually helping someone and when you are causing them harm while telling yourself you are helping them. Apparently this whole concept was one that many had never been exposed to and found very offensive. It was immediately attacked as lacking compassion, but the reality is true compassion requires you to know consciously exactly what you are doing and why. It requires you to not act out of your own ego needs, or out of your own unhealed emotional issues. There is enormous confusion as to what compassion even is. Most people confuse compassion with sympathy and empathy. While having compassion requires the ability to be empathetic, to see an issue from another’s point of view, compassion has no attachment to the situation while being able to understand it and feel immense love for the person going through a difficulty. Sympathy is going there with the person.

If the person is in a mud pit, the sympathetic will jump right into the mud with them, which helps no one. Compassion understands the mud pit and has the wisdom to stay out of it. Compassion looks at the mud pit situation from every angle and goes within to determine whether the higher self and God Core find it appropriate to offer a hand out of the pit or whether the same feels the person more than capable of climbing out themselves. The danger of “doing for” and not understanding this aspect of yourself and your family of origin is this. There will be a person in your life always in the mud pit, there will be others in your life telling you that not to help them out makes you a bad person, lacking compassion. More often than not it is all a manipulation. The person may have even jumped into the mud on purpose knowing you would succumb to the guilt, and when you hold out your hand they will pull you in to the mud with them. Processing to the core you will hit the “do for” wall. You will be presented with the challenge of discerning when you are acting in compassion and when you are being duped by all the emotional baggage that gets caught into “do for” situations. When you misjudge you will find yourself in the mud and have to pull yourself out yet again. You will be accused of being cold, hard and lacking compassion along with several other things I won’t even repeat here as you see the traps and refuse to participate. People will be angry that you see through their manipulations and will try to turn it on you. They will refuse to see the soft compassionate side of you because it doesn’t help them. They will cling to their victimization while vehemently denying it! It’s not pretty and the same mud pit scenario can be applied to bigger human organizations and governments interacting with one another.

It seems that we have been trained to seek the savior. Religions seek a messiah or a return of a perceived previous messiah. Emotionally wounded people look for a savior in a spouse or friend instead of going within to heal their wounds. People look to governments, their own or another to save them from the corruptions and pains of a given society. We even seek the get skinny pill to save us from exercise and proper nutrition. Most frightening perhaps is our desire to have a pill, a drink or some other mind altering substance to essentially feel our feelings for us. Once we humans understood that some things in life were unavoidable. If you lost a loved one you would grieve and there was no set amount of time it would take. Now if you have been grieving for a whopping two weeks they want you to be medicated. The “do for” mentality doesn’t work on any level and it never has, but it seems we in western societies especially have elevated the savior complex of the “do for” issue to a fine art.

It is high time to question who benefits from this mind set. After all if we are waiting the arrival of our savior, a person, a thing, a drug, whatever the savior of the day is, we are stagnating. Stagnating people are not questioning or using the God given power they have. We will wait forever for the savior when every one of us is capable of saving ourselves right now.

So this is a little on the issue of “do for” and its implications. Maybe at some point I will dig through old writings with spirit and find some of the many examples they have offered over the years.

Do For: Always looking for something outside of us to do the work for us, or trying to do the work for someone else.

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