Good News!

Last night the grid workers on earth with the help of disincarnate grid workers took control of the whole of earth grid for the first time in millions of years.  We used a sound harmonic to wrestle control of the parts that we didn’t already control and had enough available workers to then grab hold of those parts.  Once in control of the whole grid we had to assess every single grid point as dark forces have built things on so many of them.  In places where we could harmonize the vibration of a building we did in other places we had to move the grid points away from buildings (like the pentagon for one) and ground each of the new points.  After that was done we went forth to light up the grid as it should be.  It hasn’t been lit up for 98% of time humans have been incarnate here – millions of years.  Part of the grid lit and we started working from the north pole until the northern hemisphere was lit and went then from the equator to the south pole meeting the most resistance at that point.  We were successful in this and the earth mother was able to release her true light source through the system for the first time in these millions of years.  After which a new sphere was formed at the outskirts of her atmosphere.  Golden energies were brought in, when it was secure, it was expanded to the size earth will be after she expands with the earth changes.  At that point she was able to get back online in the greater universal grid bringing forth the galactic and universal energies the planet has been lacking all this time.  This accomplishment is HUGE and for those reading who have been feeling this last night and today the earth mother thanks you for the hard work. 

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