Tomorrow’s Eclipse


Totality in USA mountain time is 8:01pm to 8:51pm


I’m sure everyone has heard about the satellite or at least what we are being told is a satellite that they are going to attempt to shoot down tomorrow and conveniently they intend to do it during mid eclipse.  God knows what we should expect from this!

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Eclipse

  1. Last night,in the sky of N.W.Florida there was a beautiful ring around the moon.Yet it was eery.It was so perfect and at approx.10:30 ct it was almost perfectly over my head.I really felt small and vulnerable!I also thought there was a strong meaning in this whole picture that I could not quite get.It really bothered me!Now that I read about this I’m bothered more…Something else to pay attention too.I heard,”The universe has a way of course correcting itself”.Thank You.Love and Peace ,Patrick

  2. Quote: “God knows what we should expect from this!”

    Maybe Dr. Horowitz knows something about it?

    Len Horowitz Warns About Satellite Shootdown Dangers.
    Satellite Explosion Could Cause Chemical And Hydrosonic Toxicity:

    However, I should add a note that not being familiar with the author, except his noted name, I’m merely passing on a link here.

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