What is Ascension

I find it interesting that the biggest area of confusion seems to revolve around what ascension is with people who are consciously working on themselves.  I know that dark forces have put a considerable amount of energy toward this for the purpose of creating confusion.  To me it is very simple.  There is the ascension that can happen upon death when a higher self has brought home its last soul and decided it has balanced its energies and is satisfied with its dealing with all the people it has a history with and leaves the wheel of reincarnation completely.  That is what it is.  For those of us on the planet that is not our concern because most people really haven’t even accessed whether they have parallels on the planet and so forth let alone the point of view on all lives from the higher self perspective.

The other kind of ascension, ascending on the earth is another story.  First it requires that the HS is currently incarnating all souls at the sixth level causal.  It requires that the soul wanting to ascend has been given a plan with higher self to open the kundalini because no further activations can happen if kundalini is not open.  Since the HS is in charge of deciding if a soul will open its kundalini and this decision is made before birth of the body and programmed with timing into the DNA of the body. If there is no kundalini activation planned for a 6th level causal soul than that being cannot ascend on the earth no matter what they do.  For those 6th level causal souls with open kundalini, the work is then up to them to go within and begin the series of other energetic work that precedes and leads to ascension.

The end result of an ascended soul is that energetically they sit on the seventh level causal which is where higher selves sit essentially making them an equal level experience of the HS Spirit.  That higher self may have 3 or 4 other souls still on the planet that are not ascended.  This is one of the complex issues of a higher self having multiples on the planet.  Some higher selves will say to that ascended soul as long as you are willing to stay in body ascended for a certain period of time I would like to create a new soul to experience this or that with this person.  They know they are retaining the ascended level and that the ascended soul will mitigate any unforeseen issues that come up with the un-ascended parallels.

So anyway a soul working through the levels of work to ascend will do their thing until they reach the point where all the internal work comes together and they are fully accessing all their abilities as a ascended being.  They can make themselves not visible to mortal people but this is a choice not a necessity.  They could continue living their life with no one really knowing if they felt there was purpose to that.  So if someone where to ascend and go missing it would be because they wanted to drop out of what was going on here.  Once ascended if the HS brings home the other souls it has on the planet so the ascended soul is the only one here he or she can dematerialize the atoms of the body and leave the planet becoming a true Avatar ( the term has been stolen and misused over the years)  An Avatar can take back up the atoms of that body and return any time they choose or if they are a universal spirit they can do so on any planet with a similar enough environment for the body.  A ascended soul can become an avatar without the HS bringing home all of the other souls if there is work that he/she and HS thinks that soul could do in spirit.  At some point though he/she would return when the HS was ready to recall the last of the souls and then HS and the Avatar self would integrate and take the body and leave.  That is rare though and so in general when a avatar returns to the planet they are the whole being there is no separate HS.  If an ascended soul that is not an Avatar (a Dharlja) is here on the planet and the HS calls home the last soul and has no other plans to incarnate they two will merge and integrate and that Dharlja will be a whole spirit with no fragmentation  That also requires that the HS doesn?t have any souls acting as a guide or other role in spirit as well.

Did I say this was simple?  LOL it is starting to sound a little more complex than it is when I am not trying to put it into words!

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