11 Days

11 more days

Until what is unknown

The number pops into mind


Leaving me to wonder


Not a week

Not two

Why does instinct taunt me so

Will I just wait

Will I attempt to figure out my clue

Matters not

The outcome will be the same

11 days

A master number

Symbolic of spiritual event

11 days

One and one is two

Simplistic by nature

A grade schooler will understand

A joining

A reflection of duality

Perhaps a balancing of male and female

The clue is lacking

Day count

T minus 11

Engtovo ~ October 31, 2007

7 thoughts on “11 Days

  1. This part was my favorite:
    11 days

    One and one is two

    Simplistic by nature

    A grade schooler will understand

    and I liked how you repeated 11 daya over and over in this piece.

  2. I have been seeing 11:11 and other strange series of numbers when checking the time for a while now. Not so much now as before, but still oddly co-inciding.

  3. Now I’m curious about what happened on November 12th. Interesting that you wrote this poem about 11 on the 1st and that eleven more days happens to be the 12th. 12 is a lucky number and the B-day of the person I started my blog for in the first place. Hmmm. Love your stuff.


    as today is the day to harvest the moon
    as I am reasoned yet blosom by the dream
    the day i passed by is lost to dream again
    and day ahead of mine not mine yet to curse

    and I embrace the day as blue to the sky
    with the waves in blood reasoned by oceanic blue
    when I do exist upon the earth with the dusts in my hands
    the very dusts of love , beauty and bliss as I believed
    by the trust when resourced by the faith of love

    as I move to the voices of melody bestirred by love
    you simly sneaks to me within being blazoned by the faith
    and the footings when rocked by the faith of the trust

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