Something is Up

Something is up and I would love the help of the site readers to see if we can get to the bottom of this.  On one of the lists I am on, of people who are very serious spiritual workers, most are feeling more tired than usual and very distracted, as am I.  Normally when I feel this way it is just time to slow down and meditate more and take care of myself for a while.  With it being Mercury Retrograde I though great, it’s the perfect time to chill and do inner work.  This time however the distraction energy is there in meditative state as well which is highly unusual for me.  I found myself writing to another on the list that tiredness and distraction can mean we need to slow down and see something and it was a moment of AHA.  There is something big going on right now than many of us are tuned into on some level, thus it’s distracting us and we are tired so we will slow and take the time to see it.  What I am looking for are CLUES, or puzzle pieces if you will.  So I will start with this one from home and lets see where this leads us.

This morning my mom told me about this happening to her last night

She was sound asleep and thought I was in her room, and she hears me say the word “arrival” and her spiritual response was like oh ok, but her physical body woke right up and she found herself standing in the middle of her bedroom in the middle of the night and I was nowhere to be found.  She did not feel it had any negative connotation or fear attachment to it, but it still caused her to fully WAKE UP immediately. 

She said it was like she wasn’t asleep when she heard me say “arrival”, she thought that I had walked in and said this to her physically.  So a lucid dream of sorts, which is highly significant for her, as she rarely dreams period and never lucid dreams.

So, something has arrived or is about to arrive that will cause the reaction of WAKING UP immediately, and not just awake but she was standing in her room so she was not in a position to turn over and go back to sleep.  She had to acknowledge what she experienced and was feeling.

Lets piece this together, comments or experiences please……

7 thoughts on “Something is Up

  1. In her latest Energy Alert: ENGULFED BY DARKNESS AND THE CALIFORNIA FIRES, of October 28, 2007, Karen Bishop writes that:

    “The new world and higher realms are right here…right now…”

    And, she touches upon meditation, too:

    “The same is true for meditating. It takes us somewhere other than here. And we need to be here…in this new reality….and participate in it in order to make it real and to benefit from all it has to offer.”

    “Before the ascension process began, the new reality was much less a dominant reality. We could go there through meditation, find it in a book, or once in awhile have a special experience. Now, it is the opposite. The new reality is predominantly here, and the old is the illusion, existing only in our minds.”

    Read more at: (Note this is not a permanent link)

  2. oh yeah I just read that a couple days ago oh wait if she wrote that today then i must have read the last one, nevermind LOL I guess I will go read it then I’ll know I’ve read it

  3. Dear Engtovo

    I have been drawn to your writing for some months now. I have wanted to make contact, but until today I did not have anything relevant to say. However, your ‘something is up’ post makes me feel that I may have something useful to contribute. I hope so.

    I think the biggest clue comes from your mother’s dream. You said: “she had to acknowledge what she experienced and was feeling.”

    The process of arriving at reality, and waking up to it – on an emotional level and not just spiritually or intellectually – does seem to be the path we are on at this time in the human journey. The distraction and ensuing tiredness that you, me, and much of humanity is experiencing, is coming from the emergence of our magnetic feminine energy – our FEELINGS.

    It is our electric masculine energy (spirit/mind) which is actually feeling so tired from its efforts to fight off what it has always believed was ‘negative’ energy. And because it is the body which contains these inner energies, the body is becoming tired and confused, too. For as long as there are wars without, we can be sure that we all have wars going on within.

    I think the very word ‘negative’ is greatly misunderstood and often wrongly used. Most people think it means ‘bad’. Whereas, negative energy is a part of love which opens the space for positive energy (another part of love) to create. But, without loving acceptance of negative energy, what we create is lacking the love creation needs to evolve. Negative energy is feminine energy.

    Yang has always fought off Yin, and that has to stop if we are ever to know what true balance and, therefore, true understanding actually is. We are evolving towards equality, but the inner and outer movement this entails can be horribly disorienting until we gain a deeper understanding of what is involved.

    After a severe car “accident” and NDE back in 1978 when I was 27, numerology found me while I was officially in a deep state of “unconsciousness”. Of course, it was actually the most profound state of consciousness I had ever experienced. I have dedicated my life to studying numbers ever since.

    It is surprising to me that other numerologists do not equate what is happening on Earth today with the change of numbers that took place as the 1900’s evolved into the 2000s. 1 is masculine, competitive and seeks dominance. 2 is feminine, nurturing and seeks equality.

    We are already seeing reflections of this in the way women are now more able to take leading roles and how many people, including men, are considering the possibility that women may even do a better job at leading. But of course, feminine energy is what is needed, not women per se. There are some women out there who have all but killed their feminine energy as they strive to be more like the male stereotype. And there are men out their who are reaching a balance between their masculine and feminine. Our energies are all over the place as we move through this rapid evolutionary phase we’re in.

    We are in a time of REFLECTION. I believe, therefore, that the whole emphasis on 11:11 is a matter of the 1 energy reflecting upon itself and evolving into 2. 1+1=2.

    Similarly, we individuals who make up humanity must now reflect upon ourselves, and are seeing that there is more to us than what we originally saw. By the way, I get more e-mails from people who keep seeing the sequence 369, than I get from 11:11 people.

    The whole concept of Fire the Grid is way off balance. It made me uncomfortable from the very beginning. Those who are attracted to it appear to be too heavily influenced by the vanity of spirit which believes it is superior. We are all evolving, some faster than others admittedly. But no one on Earth right now is sufficiently knowledgeable or qualified to “send” energy anywhere and know what its outcome will be. It is the energy within which we have to focus on, especially the emotional feminine energy, for the purpose of healing it, instead of killing, punishing or denying it.

    I am happy to make contact with you at last. I hope this helps in some way.

    With love,
    Christine DeLorey

  4. Hmm, I’m not sure if this relates, for I think our beliefs come from different angles, but… Over the course of the last few months or so, I have encountered numerous repetitive or consecutive numbers when looking at the clock. There was a period of time where it was nearly every instance I would look, the clock would say something like 1:23 or 12:34. In particular, I would arrive home after picking up my daughter from school the time would almost invariably be 11:11 when I would glance at my clock.
    Currently, the phenomena has seemed to settle down. I’ve read in certain places that this is angelic beings trying to get one’s attention. They are trying to demonstrate making contact. Something like that.
    Well, that’s my odd experience thus far. I’m really not sure what to make of it. Somehow, this all seems to tie together on an language-able way of expression.

  5. Dear souls without wishing to alarm anyone unduly, i have to say how surprised i am at the dirth of americans who actually take seriously the issues associated with current telepathic surveillance technology. Paul Baird has done a great job exposing some of the methodology and tactics employed. Check out I have experienced some of the stuff described personally and always wondered how it was done. The site provides some good, sensible advice. no time right now to elaborate. start becoming aware. And pray for guidance and wisdom!

  6. Hello Good People
    In addition to electronic survaillance and harrasment it is possible you are beiing mentally “hacked” by the hordes of
    phycics working for our “intelligence agencies”, while thinking they are helping. There is great interest in identifying all folk with phycic powers and luring them over to the dark side. Other self styled, so called ascended masters, into magic, satanism, etc., may be in play.
    I am sure you have already thought of these things but, for other readers I would like to post this for awareness’s sake.
    One thing I think you can bet on is that “THEY” know who you are, and are doing whatever they can to stop your healing work, without revealing their hand.
    Boost them and get them off your back.

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