Forget Or Remember

What pleases you

To forget or to remember

There is distance

It is unfamiliar

And absence of presence


Perhaps there is animosity

Unspoken untouched

It speaks with silence

But has no power here

Each will do as they will

There is no deviation

There are only blessings chosen

All is well

Some things are understood

Language is energetic

Hold back into the cave

But spring will not wait

There can be no standing still

This is not wrong

Yet it feels not right

Difficulties challenge

We meet these this day

Or we do not

The world continues either way

I will leave it alone

For you to forget or remember


Engtovo ~ September 13, 2007

11 thoughts on “Forget Or Remember

  1. Hey John, buddy, there is only one stanza. I really do like the idea of your poem, but I think it might benefit from some details. It all seems so abstract, concepts instead of events. Maybe there would be a well to show the same thing without telling about it. I have this propensity (to tell rather than show) in my work as well as I am sure most poets do. Again great idea, just flush it out some more, turn the lens a few more clicks.

    I have linked you from my poetry blog. Keep writing!

  2. Walden, thanks for the feedback, I never go back and edit poems though, they are just the flow of the moment and they are what they are, there is no way to recapture the emotion I was in that moment.

  3. LOL who said my goal was to write quality poetry! Poetry for me is a way to get emotions out of me. If other people relate to the emotions and it touches them, that’s great, but even if everyone hated everything I wrote I would still have accomplished my goal of getting the emotion out.

    Because it is about emotion, and the emotion is in THAT moment. If I were to go back later I would be in a different emotion and that would essentially be censoring my previous thoughts and feelings. Perhaps I could even go so far as to say self judgement of THAT moment.

    If I was writing a song and setting it to music my whole intent would be different and I would edit and try to capture an emotion I was choosing to share in appropriate cadence with the music. I used to write a lot of lyrics and that is why I don’t write them right now, because I don’t want to control the emotion and force it into a structure, or try and make it something for someone else.

    As for being blunt, I love direct and honest opinions, even those that differ from my own.

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