Creator's Battle

If we play by the numbers
There are many who say
The cycles will reveal
What is brought this day

The nine year of completion
Has brought us to rebirth
Bringing a new opportunity
To build a brand new earth

The prophecies are spoken
The time is upon us now
But everything is different
Will you ever notice how

There are those who argue
Those who cry and then
Some are eyes wide open
Aware what happens when

They are touted as insane
Ignored at the very best
But they will stand laughing
At the ignorance of the rest

Revealed are all the truths
The inner most thought
Of Creator’s manifestation
Of warriors who fought

They were not of world wars
They were not of anything
They followed in their heart
Whatever the Creator brings

The victory came swiftly
Though the battle was long
The pain quite overwhelming
The battle now has gone

Engtovo ~ September 10, 2007

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