New Crop Circle of Note

I just came across this crop circle and it got my attention for several reasons.  One is that is was found August 4th and that is the morning the 4 lower Astral Planes were cleared.  The triangle with the circle in the middle is the symbol of the Order of Melchizeldek  it is surrounded by a 9 pointed star and then there is a crescent moon.  It is then surrounded by 9 box areas and another 9 pointed star 9-9-9  There are three other triangles which to me represents the trinity which is the Orders of Melchizeldek, Enoch and Michael, workers of these orders are the ones who cleared the lower astrals.   second image likens the three directions to solar aspects but they are simply 120 degree sections making the trinity and if you count one of the arrows with a line through it with each section you have 3 points of the star, three boxes, and three points again, 333 = 9 .  The crescent moon is shown to be a 34% lunar phase but I believe the moon, is not about the lunar phase but is representing the coming total lunar eclipse on the 28th of this month.  That date 8 – 28 -2007 is also a 9 day. 12 days after the lunar eclipse is the 9-9-9 and 12 breaks down to a 3 again I think we are being shown that there is a correlation between the clearing of the lower astrals and the lunar eclipse and then the 9-9-9 date.  There are 24 days from the 4th when this showed up to the 28th that is a 6 as above so below.  Could we be looking at a large clearing of the dark forces on earth during the lunar eclipse?  That may be too much to hope for, but a girl can dream 🙂  If that were to be the case then the true trinity energies could move in for the 9-9-9 completion.  The order of Melchizeldek are the planners, the architects if you will.  So to me it would say a Melchizeldek plan was implemented on the 4th of August with the removal of the lower astrals and it will come to some sort of completion on 9-9-9 but not before some important aspect occurs on August 28th with the Total Lunar Eclipse.  I’m on the edge of my seat!  LOL


Pic copyright 2007 Steve Alexander


18 thoughts on “New Crop Circle of Note

  1. Tim, following your link left at Engtovo Chronicles, I’ve read the recommended articles. Then few hours later I’ve seen a TV commercial about the coming INVASION, the movie, on AUGUST 17, 2007. Interesting correlation of dates.
    Seeing the trailer, I was wondering about the tape around the crash site. Its odd layout looks like a contour, a border of some territory. A hidden message? Let’s hope it is not.
    You can watch the trailer here:

    P.S. I’ve tried to post this comment at your blog first, but it seems it was not accepted.

  2. Dear Engtovo

    Can you share information about the distinctions between the 4 planes of lower astral? If so, much appreciated.

  3. The difference in the four levels is the vibration of the beings that were there. The 1st plane of the lower astrals was the lowest vibration. Then there are 7 upper astral planes. The difference between the upper and lower is that the souls in the lower astral planes were known to be irredeemable. Almost all of the dark humans who are doing sacrifices and so forth should have been there, but they found ways to get back into another body, often through body sharing with other dark souls until a suitable baby was born. Just another way they do not live within universal law. In the 7 upper astrals are souls that had a great amount of darkness but it was believed they could be brought back to the light in time. Time is soon up for them though now as the 7 upper astrals will be cleared and eliminated at the 2012 rebirth. The vibration of the earth is too high now to sustain them. It has been known for quite some time that this 2012 period was it for them. For a long time it was thought they would just not be able to incarnate here on earth. Then the decision came from Creator that their time was up period, and they would be returning to source, and cease existing as individual entities.

    There were a few souls there in the lower astrals that belonged to higher selves that are now very far advanced in the light, but they could not ascend because of the one soul that was in the lower astrals. Now that all the lower astral souls have been returned to source, these higher selves will be able to ascend. There are some beings that have become so dark that the higher self who normally sits at the 7th level causal for the whole wheel of reincarnation was pulled down in vibration so far that they are in the astral planes themselves. It takes a lot of evil deeds to accomplish that. These are the type of beings that have been controlling the planet. It is another way that they avoided their souls going into the lower astrals as the higher self was now vibrating so low it would not place one of it’s souls there, it would instead take it back and integrate it.

  4. I have just discovered your site…for my education please
    could you give an explanation on what a casual level soul is?

    I apologize if it is elsewhere in your site and I haven’t read it yet.


  5. Every one incarnate on the earth is incarnating at the vibration of one of the 7 astral levels or the 7 causal levels with the highest causal level being the highest vibration. Higher selves (the spirit vs. soul) sit at the 7th level causal (with the exception of those talked about in the comment above) Dharljas also are at the 7th level causal. The average serious spiritual seeker is a 5th or 6th level causal soul. Souls are created by a higher self and a higher self may have 4-5 souls incarnate at the same time. These 4-5 souls from one higher self are called paralell selves.

  6. Hello… Just wanted to share something that I found VERY interesting about this crop circle. To let you know a little bit about myself… When I was a little girl I listened to Spirit always. The voice of Spirit was my teacher on everything. I had many gifts (as we would see it now) many many prophrtic dreams about the future and my role here. Until I was about 15 years old. It was then that I realized that following this voice, seeing the things that I did and so on… was not something that everyone did. I didn’t want to be different, so I quit listening for about 15 years. To make a long story short. About 3 years ago something happened in my life that led me to listen once again. 2 years ago I was led to give away everything, my house all of my belongings and leave all that was known behind me. It seemed as though I had to leave “the program” to see what is behind it all. I have been traveling around the whole US since then, talking with spirit everyday and seeing SO much. I couldn’t even begin to share the things that I have been shown in the last 2 years, but relating to the crop circle….. about a year and a half ago. I had a vision of a 9 point star. Each point had a symbol in it. In the middle of the star was a triangle with an eye in the center of thet. The pupil was the yin/yang symbol. Below this nine point star was a crescent moon. I drew these symbols on a peice of paper and knew that I was supposed to get it tattooed on my left shoulder. So I did.
    The crop circle looks exactly like my tatto, except for the symbols that I have in each point. Spirit has shared with me about 5 different levels of meaning behind this, and yet I still know there are many more. To sum them all up so far… these symbols reflect the times that we are in. 9 levels of conciousness, 9 different levels of religion, 9 planets who are experiencing the same as we are. All coming together in this time to create something new here.
    Anyway…. this is a VERY shallow meaning of what I have been told. But I thought that the crop circle was interesting. Wish I knew what it meant to those who left it. Maybe someday soon I will. Take care.

  7. I’d like to hear more of what you mean. For example the Bahai Faith also puts different symbols around the 9 points, but to me Religion is meaningless mind control and so 9 levels of religion Is something spirit would never talk about to me, because religion is not spirituality. There are spiritual people within religion but most are not. The nine levels of consciousness would be interesting to know more about and which 9 planets they are talking about and how they are experiencing the same as we. Typically an eye in a triangle is a symbol of the illuminati. Are you sure you know who is talking to you? The illuminati communicate with people pretending to be spirit, please don’t take offense by my asking, but it is common for them to target people who were open as children and shut down at some point. It would also be EXTREMELY unusual for spirit to want you to tattoo yourself with anything. These are the types of choices they leave to us, but the dark forces on the other hand often tell people to tattoo themselves, they love to have people “marked”

  8. Hello, I dont know how I came across this, I was searching trough google for some crop circles pictures, and eclipse pictures because I design in computer… and I wanted to make myself a tattoo design inscribing certain things in this eclipse/crop circle context. STRANGELY, I come here and read this and see various people talking about the crop circle and a woman tho says she has a tattoo with it. I find myself deeply touched and moved by the shape of this crop circle, I dont know why I think ive seen it before, or maybe I just love the way it looks, but Id like to know more about the symbols you inscribed on it, and what exactly does your tattoo have in difference with the crop circle, Id like to see it :D. I dont think in anyway you are being fooled by a dark being, there are several spirits with very specific duties with certain humans on earth, and these duties must be fulfilled for our planet.
    Trust your spirit and take protection and guide in the spheres of energy that surround us, the violet flame would not let such faithfull human be fooled by an evil soul like you portrait, and would let them alone with no protection. I am sure if you do things right your mission will be clear as water when the time is near.
    Im sorry I didnt introduce myself, my name is Jet and I have a profound interest in all soul ascention subjects and I consider myself in the path of becoming part of this conscioussnes revolution. I am still planning on marking my body with such design, and would like if both of you who clearly have more information and are more spiritually evovled, could clear my mind of some questions and things Id like to know.

  9. Have you seen Star Dreams?Awesome Documentary!
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * – Cached
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    I watched it the other day with a group.I like the way it may fall in with 2012.

    It was definately an interesting documentary to say the least.

    Peace & Love Engtovo


  10. Hello Engtovo,

    I received a news letter June 19th about a new recent crop circle.

    {Scientists and mathematicians were stunned the other day when a new crop circle appeared in a barley field in Wiltshire.

    When mathematicians analyzed it, they realized that the concentric shapes represented the coded image of a fundamental equation.

    The 150-foot diameter image, found near Barbury Castle, an Iron Age fort, represented the first 10 digits of pi (3.141592654, for all of you who don’t remember high school or GCSE math) – the mathematical constant used to calculate the measurement of a circle.

    Pi equals the circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. You work out the circumference of a circle by multiplying the diameter by pi.

    This is all the more remarkable because pi (or π., as it is represented in Greek) is one of of nature’s most amazing natural numbers.

    Pi fascinated mathematicians since the early Greeks, and it was Archimedes who was the first to investigate it rigorously.}

    I would love to stand in a crop circle to see if i could feel the energy.I hear they change everything it touches it.


  11. Hi Engtovo
    This is Abhaya. I have recently developed my interest in crop circles and came across your write up. I found it very interesting. As you have explained this particular crop circle.can you do the same for others also. I mean that it was very enlighteneing to know about this one and it would be amazing if you could read other such circles for us.

  12. I don’t keep track of all the crop circles, but every so often one comes to my attention that seems to be in alignment with something else I am working on at the time. I have noticed that when the researchers find something in a crop circle with a scientific bent. Like the recent one dealing with Pi, they seem to get stuck on the science and ignore the fact that if these are messages from more advanced beings then science and spirit are not separated, because they don’t share that limitation with mortal humans. They know that all Creation is interconnected and they have a non science message to offer, even when there is a clear science interpretation. To them math is language and most of the time we get the equation and miss the message.

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