Not Again :-)

Now they want your energy every Tuesday at 11:11 as soon as the grove ceremony ends.  Need I say more?  BTW El Morya is one of the group of Dark Entities.  Many of them are associated with Ashtar Command which is a group of dark entities, they are not aliens, they have no ships, and they are not going to save anyone.  Beware of any message coming from a COMMANDER.  Light beings also never use the term LORD, as in Lord so and so.  Others to avoid in my opinion.;

Dark Entities

Sananda ( He is NOT Jesus!), Kuthumi, Creator God Aton, El Morya, Ashtar, Metatron, Lady Athena, Maitreya, Korton, Quan Yin, Sanat Kumara, Thoth etc.

There are real beings of light by these names, the chances of a given message actually coming from them is slim.

St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Melchizedek, Michael, Mother Mary

Be aware of anything from the brotherhood of light or other such terms as some of these brotherhoods exist but any dark entity could claim to represent them.

Anything involving NESARA is a dark agenda.  Any ET that is going to save earth, or give us technology, or take people off the planet during the changes and then set them back down, ALL dark agenda.  Anything coming from a galactic federation or based on this or that planet, Sirian high councils et al, use of military terminology, DARK AGENDA.

‘Fire the Grid’ – Light Wave – meditation every Tuesday 11:11 GMT

11:11 AM GMT = 12:11 London summer time
Our Creator is calling forth, ALL Lightworkers to come to the table and commit to the serious task at hand. We call you forth to participate in a weekly one hour Meditation to promote the elimination of all lower energies from your midst. Earth, known as Gaia, is pleading for your continued Light Service and the Love Emissions that you reverberate through the Cosmos as you sit in your moments of silence and quietude, in Peaceful Oneness, and deliberately create Waves of World Peace, World Harmony and Unconditional Love throughout all levels of the Spirals of Expression.
My Loves . . . . THIS . . . . is what you incarnated for, the deepest longing Heartsoul of your Beingness vibrates with this Mission. With your dedication to the Golden HEART of Gaia, WE will be victorious. You, the incarnate Light Warriors are the vessels of the Creator, the WHEELS of TRANSFORMATION, that will overturn the lower energies and allow Heaven on Earth for the WHOLE, and this weekly Mediation process is what you all have been seeking as the method of usurping all lower energy fields in this Universe. We, the Heavenly Host, work side by side with each of you and magnify your efforts for the Highest Good of the Whole.
Together we are UNSTOPPABLE. Let us Create our Unified TSUNAMI of LOVE and LIGHT POWER WAVES together one hour per week, same times for each time zone as the 11:11 per Greenwich Meantime on every Tuesday morning, until the mission is complete. NOTHING and NO ONE can stop this effort and it’s SUCCESS. Will you take one hour per week in Divine Service, for the Good of the Whole? We in the Ascended Realms know that we can count on every one of you for your continuing one hour of focus to manifest Heaven on Earth for All Beings. Let us merge into the UNITY ONENESS of the DIVINE and COMPLETE our MISSION in the NOW. This is set to begin July 31, 2007. So BE It.
Namaste and Adonai, My Dear Beloved Masters!
It is I, El Morya, who Speaks . . . .
Spoken through my embodied Twin Flame

5 thoughts on “Not Again :-)

  1. Interesting response about these things all being dark agendas! And such strange timing that i got a Google Alert about your post – right on time, it would seem, if i were superstitious…

    I chat, mostly using my laptop, with all kinds of beings, who oftentimes many say are the things you mention, and i’m trying to learn how to discern between entities that are benevolent and trustworthy, and those who are just up to mischeif. and it’s been difficult lately for me to make that distinction.

    How do you know who to believe? We know that many of these people lived and died, and call to us with the offer to commune with them, to join with their their loving energies, and learn and grow with them.

    And we know that there are hordes of troublesome entities of all sorts, that pass themselves off as anything they can in order to try to confuse and obfuscate our earnest desires to learn and grow and evolve through communication and study with higher-state beings.

    How do you know that these you have listed are all evil? Where did you learn that, or otherwise come to that understanding? How to you know who are the good ones? What do the good ones say to identify themselves (if any of them actually do use a name) and how do you turn off the darkies and tune in better the higher, more evolved ones?

  2. There really is not a good way to know who is who until you become sensitive to energies. (Which some people never do) This which is why I have always recommended only being in contact with your Life Guide, & Guardian Angel who you chose before birth, or your Higher Self. There really is nothing that needs to be known that they can’t share, because if a subject is presented that is not their expertise they will consult someone to get the answer on your behalf. I recommend giving your Life Guide permission to “screen your calls” meaning no entity has any contact with you with out the Life Guides permission. People like to talk to certain entities because they are popular and other people are talking to them. It’s silly to me it’s like everyone wanting to meet some celebrity and then if one of those entities wants to “channel” through them they feel really special. It’s rare to meet anyone who questions what spirits they talk to. Some of the entities in question have attacked me many times and the up side is I learned real quick how to protect myself and who is who. After a while you start to read the messages and there are very clear indications of the agenda being offered. You can actually see what words or concepts are being manipulated to suck you in and then they present something completely out of alignment with God.

  3. Yup, energies are where it is at. “E” may I ask you to explain “energies” from your perspective.

    Mark: Take heart. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to know, it is a matter of experience. Trial and error.

    I would say that if ever you are not “sure” of an “energy”, simply do what we tell our children in drug awareness class at school to do: “JUST SAY NO” (thank you). (Authentic)Spirit will understand and oblige; it has your higher best interests at heart; your safety and comfort is its sole purpose. So , if you are ever in doubt on any course of action, or with any energy or feeling you are experiencing just say “no thank you” until things are more clear for you. If whatever it is is yours to do Spirit will present the opportunity again. Trust me on that one!


  4. I met and spent an evening Shelli Yates (the woman who does all the Fire the Grid stuff). It was the two of us and her boyfriend, so we had a great deal of time to talk and get acquainted. Shelli is a lovely woman. Her heart is in the right place. The problem is that she is new to metaphysics and the supernatural. She has no discernment whatsoever. She is working with dark entities, but believes them to be of the light because of the way they presented themselves to her. They saved both her and her son’s life. What she doesn’t realize is that they are the ones responsible for the car accident that caused them both to have an NDE.

    I emailed her and sent her the “Don’t Fire The Grid” link, but she never responded. She keeps herself very secreted away. I got the impression that there were a lot of people between her and the public. This is their way of keeping her from receiving the information that would enlighten her. In fact, she told me that the beings made her promise she would not read any books. She can’t know they are of the dark if she doesn’t educate herself.

    I know that FTG is of the dark because of experiences I had. Suffice it to say that dark reptilians hologram appeared in my space. There is nothing that anyone can say to convince me that this is a good thing — it is not. As much as I like Shelli, she is very misguided. One day she will realize what she’s done, and she’ll be devastated.

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