Fire the Grid Artwork

One of the readers sent me the CD booklet for the Cd used in the fire the grid, curious about the artwork below.


He wanted to know if  this was the grid Shelly was referring to.  What I can say is this depiction doesn’t represent any actual grid.  It is interesting though in its symbology.  The four directions are represented showing that the intent is to surround us completely.  The brightest light, when looked at in full size is coming from eastern Canada, so I guess Shelly and her two minions are the world’s greatest lights!  NOT!  The smaller light appears to be in Tibet.  The energy around the planet is moving counter clockwise.  In this type of depiction just like with crop circles you want the energy to be going clockwise, not counter clockwise.  The rest of the CD pamphlet is so full of subliminal images that I could hardly stand to look through it.  It made my third eye ache, which is common if you are sensitive and looking at something with subliminal images, so it’s a good symptom to keep in mind.

8 thoughts on “Fire the Grid Artwork

  1. Thank you Engtovo for your time to analyze the picture, and your interesting insights.

    After sending you the booklet I too tried to figure it out. Seeing the “squareness” in the design, I concentrated my effort on finding possible symbology behind it.

    Since only a portion of the whole pattern is visible to the eye, it took me quite a while to find the answer to a question: what it would look like if there was no globe?
    So, what’s the solution? Well, in my opinion, the design in question represents a device known as “Solomon Knot”.
    I believe it to be this particular knot, because of the common number of loops in both designs.

    Information about Solomon’s Knot can be found here:

    I think there is more to discover in the Fire The Grid’s picture. For instance, what the loops are made of, symbolically of course?

  2. I’ve made some new observations regarding Fire the Grid artworks, I’d like to share. It’s about the lights.

    In the picture presented here there are two of them, as Engtovo pointed out. However, on the newest picture posted on site, in the updates section, attached to Shelley’s “The Twilight before a new Dawn” article, a third one has been added. It is placed at the South pole, illuminating it.

    Curious about this, I’ve checked earlier artworks, available in the download section. There, I could see that some pictures include a third light too, but positioned farther from the globe, just beaming its ray towards it. Looking for a possible pattern, I compared the documents’ dates, and found that there’s indeed a progression of the third light. Was this planned or happened by a chance? I wonder.

  3. It is like a Solomon’s Knot very interesting. The new pic is interesting too I see that very subtel light at the south pole and with the color difference it seems more three dimensional too.

  4. This is a newsletter I received today from Dr. Meg Blackburn, whose insight I used to respect until she began endorsing FTG on her radio shows.
    I don’t think she is making any of this up. So, what is it that she says she heard and saw during and after the event? I do feel that things indeed intensified exponentially after the event, but not because of the event. I would appreciate any comment on this from Engtovo and her readers. Thanks!

    Online Messages August 2, 2007

    Greetings to each of you! Much has transpired since our last transmission!
    First of all, the most asked question that I have had since July 17th is DID WE FIRE THE GRID?? The answer, unequivocally is YES!!! So what happened? What continues to happen? Ok, here goes ~

    As we all came together to Fire the Grid on July 17th, the intensity on Universal levels was amazing. If you could here it (which I could) our Oneness sounded like a huge humming that had a pulsing rhythm. We were not only addressing the earth grid, but the Universal consciousness as well.

    As the humming intensified, the fabric of creation slowly rose, like a huge wave. The wave changed frequencies, changing to higher and higher vibrations as it rose. At about the 45 minute mark, the wave collapsed from a convex rise to a concave trench-like form. Next, I watched as the convex format began to shift and change, the frequencies continuing to rise. And then it all smoothed out like calm waters. This was one of the most powerful events that I have ever witnessed.

    We unified the earth grid with the universal mass consciousness, something that has been lacking for eons.

    And as we did, the earth grid had its own reaction. Many described seeing or feeling blue lights that went on one right after the other.

    Every sector of the earth grid that wasn’t working, that wasn’t lit, awoke.

    The field of blue energy that occurred (which by the way is a very healing set of frequencies) expanded and then the entire grid glowed golden. That’s right.

    We brought the frequencies of our very source to the earth grid.

    We are powerful in our being and even more powerful when we unify for the greater good. We did this with intention, with passion, and with Grace.

    So now what???

    I know that many who participated may have expected immediate results. In many ways we are seeing those. The earth has begun to rebalance. If you watch the earthquake patterns regularly (which I do) you would notice that the pattern has shifted slightly and that there is movement in areas that we don’t normally see. The intensity of the pacific ring of fire has changed as the ring has shifted slightly as well. The intensity of lightening has become greater, with huge lightening storms occurring as the grid balances. There have been great releases of the electromagnetic energies from within the earth. This is a sign of shifting and changing. In fact, these releases have been so prevalent that most of the people I have shared healing sessions with of late have partial or full reversal of their chakra systems. This has been consistent across the board. Before we fired the grid, I was onl seeing this in the earthquake zones.

    And then thereare the space time relationships. How many of you are seeing things? They are there, then they are not? People, animals, indescribables? The dimensional barriers have thinned even more, and there are communications going on that are easier to relate. And the elementals have been hugely active.

    Have you seen the little squiggly patterns in the air? Little spirals covering your entire field of vision? Those are the basic elementals and they are alive, awake and active in the way that they were when our original root races existed on our planet.

    And in the news, politicians exposed, injustices being made right or at least challenged. And this is just the beginning.

    Energetically, we have experienced many changes. Our overall frequencies have been amped up considerably. And we have been refined. Many of you might have noticed how much more sensitive you are to things. That is because you are more accessible. When we fired the grid, we experienced a major cleansing. Our particulates have a different mathematic ratio than they did before the event. The very fabric of our manifested selves in relation so all creation is now spread farther apart, allowing information to flow through us more freely, uninterrupted (unless of course we are kicking and screaming, resistant to the very changes we intended!).

    And speaking of energetics, remember that this kind of work always has a trickle down effect. As the energies of what we have done reach our earth and therefore our experiences, the effect will grow and grow, becoming more and more sound and obvious. Don’t think for one moment that you didn’t make a difference. That we didn’t make a difference. All I can say is I am honored and privileged to belong to the One of which all of you are a part.
    The most important part of this entire event was the unification of peoples across the globe for the intention of love.

  5. Ooops! That was a very dumb question… I ask the web master to kindly remove the above comment and this one. We all create our own realities; we each create what we want to see and hear… that’s all there is to it. This is rather unusual for me to be so off center…. I have been rather wobbly these days, trying to seek validation or more information about dis-information and I guess I got trapped. The lesson was leant. Thank goodness I found my center again :-).

  6. Well Asahi I will delete the posts if you want but I really wasn’t seeing this as asking for validation but more initiation of discussion. I am really glad you posted this because I have never heard of Dr. Meg, and I have a lot to say about her and the post. Thank you for sharing it.

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