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yelena and your point is??????  You clearly have set ideas in your consciousness that you want to hold… so hold them.  You can believe anything you want to believe, but stop trying to convince me I should believe what you believe.  I am sure there are some things that you don’t quite understand due to the language thing, but most of your questions are just plain annoying.  You want to pit information you get here against information you get somewhere else just for the mind game of it.  it is tiring and a waste of my time.

I challenge your inner knowing quite honestly because if you were in touch with your inner knowing you wouldn’t be running around reading everything from everybody and trying to make it all fit together in your HEAD.  You would read what you wanted and simply take it or leave it as your heart led you.  You said yourself  in one comment that you can’t be in touch with the energy in a power spot if someone is with you.  That’s absurd, if just being around another person throws you off than your connection is weak.  I trust ME and only ME!  I have read almost no books and I don’t patronize other spiritual sites.  You asked about who would a past life reading be about if I had one, me or the previous soul that inhabited this body, and the answer to that is; I would never have a past life reading!!!!!!!!  I don’t go to psychics and readers.  I get my answers about my past lives from within myself.  I could care less what someone else’s book says, or their workshop or class.  I don’t do any of it.  I just follow MY path, no one else’s.

It is not my intention to be a teacher or a guru.  I am one woman sharing my path, my experience.  The reason?  Simple, it is two fold.  One is that writing whether about spirit or poetry or whatever is simply one way I enjoy expressing myself.  I share what I write the same as I share my photography or any other creative expression, including building the site.  The other is because as anyone who is on this path knows it can get very lonely as you go along.  As the years pass people fall away as they stagnate in their spirituality or fall away from spirit all together.  If someone who really is going through the paces finds the site and sees nothing other than the knowing that they are not alone in this journey than it is worth while to me.  You tell me you are so blissed out and in a perfect state of meditation that you can’t even feel anything negative, well if that is true than why are you not trying to take these questions inside yourself? 

That is not to say I am opposed to questions.  If people are honestly curious or confused about something I said, I welcome that, but I don’t think you are either.  You just want to throw a bunch of stuff at me because that’s the way you live your life.  I went to great length to get to many of your questions in the podcast and then you went straight to the two questions we didn’t get to.  What the hell is that?  You seem to think you have some god given right to demand answers from me, and in your timetable.  I am not your teacher, go WITHIN!  As far as I can see you’re just on some intellectual trip.  I owe you nothing.  I don’t owe anyone anything.  My site is 100% SHARING, I have asked nothing of anyone ever.

I am going to answer these questions,  they may have had other people wondering, but from here on out Yelena, find your answers within.  There are plenty of other questions that are from people who I feel are really wanting the information as it resonates with what they have gotten within, but they are just seeking some clarity.  I would like to spend my time speaking to those questions.

yeah, what about that catastrophy bestali was talking about? is he still? Even if it is his knowledge at the time isn’t it wiser not to focus people’s attention on that and create collective consciousness of doom?

Bestali never talked about a catastrophe because neither he nor I consider earth changes a catastrophe.  It is just a natural process of the earth and is no way negative.  It also shouldn’t be fearful because higher selves decided long long ago if their potentials were going to stay on the planet or not.  We are still in the midst of earth changes, what has changed are the details of some of what will happen with the earth, due to the fact that Mars decided on a rebirth to house life.  This required an expansion energy to come into the solar system to “kick start” her environment and that expansion energy effects all the planets in the system.  I have talked about this on the site earlier. 

i find 2 statements in your latest article odd: my inner knowledge tells me that HS will never test its potentials and another-one receives by one’s believes (metaphysics 101)-so, even if satanic ceremonies resulted in human sacriface, no matter how fearful the victim was at the time of death, the victim will go to “hell”(join the dark forces) only if he believed in hell. Or are you saying that they can force the soul into conglomerate entity at the time of death? i wonder, why are you so detailed about that issue-i’d guess none of your readers can do the grid work anyway…but some people are more impressionable than others and, again, is it worth creating that kind of consciousness?

Higher selves do test their potentials (souls) they assign karma to different aspects of themselves and decide all of the life changing events and life lessons we experience, except for the ones we create with our freewill, which are usually much worse than the ones higher self thinks up.  It is after all, the ascension of the higher self that is the goal, we are just parts thereof that are given different gifts and talents and limitations to achieve certain goals and lessons for the higher self.

I don’t believe in hell, and belief in hell has nothing to do with conglomerate entities.  The souls are trapped into the conglomerate entities by using grids at the moment of death that prevent the soul from going anywhere other than into this energetic prison of a sort that is the conglomerate entity.  it is not NORMAL  nothing the dark forces do is normal or right.  That is the whole damn point.  I’m sure there are readers of mine that can do grid work and do grid work and  I thank them for their contributions to the whole.  I talked about it at length because I have had several inquiries wanting more detail about it.  Not all the questions I have received are here in comments many come in email.

dreams are very good means of communicating with spirit as well as your subconscious. however, they are not to be taking literaly. people interpret dreams differently, but it is agreed that they are symbolic. Like death-means transformation; house-your mind; absence of food-absence of knowledge, etc.

I find this just plain insulting I have been recording and interpreting my dreams ( and the dreams of other people I know well) for 20 years.  I know my own symbology and have many years of RESULTS of my symbology.  Dream books are a good starting place, but every person has their own symbols. If you interpret your dreams based on some book instead of results you will NEVER understand your own dreams.  If I have a dream that is confusing to me I write it down and let it show itself, or discuss it with my brother Lee who is quite adept at catching things in my dreams that I don’t see in a confusing dream as I am with his dreams.  There are also dreams that are clearly what I call “processing” dreams.  They are part of current issues I am working in my growth, but are not really spiritual in nature.  I don’t even bother to record those dreams, let alone try and make them in any way significant.  The difference between a processing dream and a spiritual dream are very obvious.  There was nothing confusing about the dream I shared.  Perhaps you missed the part about these tornado dreams being a pattern, this means they have shown me consistent results.

what is the difference between projection, either astral or causal, and just dreaming-i mean how can one tell whether projection or a dream?

Projection is leaving the body and is done during meditation while consciously aware.  We all leave our bodies when we go to sleep.  A combination of the two would be lucid dreaming, in that case the body is technically asleep (in other words in delta brain waves) but you are consciously aware and may affect the direction of the dream.

the activation of the sphere recommended by Bestali-is it basic purpose DNA activation to higher vibration?-i am not clear on this

The Kundalini raises the vibration of the DNA.  Most people who open their Kundalini and thus activate the elemental chakras never activate the sphere.  The sphere is only activated consciously by someone on a dedicated ascension path.  if a person does not intend to attempt to ascend there would be no point in activating the sphere.

there is this SRT (spiritual responce therapy) out there that claiming to clear your akashic records, your contracts, programs, etc Practitioners work with charts, pendulums and HS of theirs and a client (i think). i know it is possible to do because i do this myself (not by SRT method, but by reprogramming my mental and then emotional bodies) for several weeks now and very successfully. But can somebody else even with the help of the Spirit do that for you?

You cannot clear your akashic record.  The akashic record is just that, a record of everything that occurs with every person and animal on the planet.  The Akasha has no judgement or emotion it is simply  a record of factual occurrence.  You do not want to clear your contracts because they were made by higher self for the desired outcome for the life.  Clearing them would be a use of freewill that would likely end with you creating more karma instead of completing karma. 

programming is a good thing to clear and another person can help clear programming, with your permission, but it certainly is not necessary.  It is something that can be done for yourself with dedication in meditation.  If you haven’t learned what you wanted to learn by having the programming to begin with then you may not find success in clearing it until the lessons related to the programming are complete.  However, working on clearing it will raise awareness of the lessons, and may enable you to complete the lessons quicker than anticipated.  So its always worth while in my opinion.

Spirit reflects its level, knowledge, etc and is limited by understandings of a receiver; info is given only in terms that a receiver can understand, and it filters through receiver’s perception. And that’s the reason, i believe, we have different info on a same topic, sometimes even contradictory from different channels, readings, etc

This is why you develop your own inner connection.  If you are not going to or reading different channels then there is nothing to get confused about.  MOST channels are not even channeling spirits at all.  They are receiving a stream of information from dark forces using technology.  The things they bring through make me want to have no association with channeling at all.  I have come close to removing all things related to channeling from the site on several occasions.  These so called channels make every person who actually has a connection with spirit, whether they have channeled or not, look like a bunch of flighty idiots who will believe anything.

Readings are especially bad, very few readers are any good.  Most of them are just in it for the cash.  Also many who are good are not necessarily spiritual, they were simply born with a psychic gift and may be able to see some future things, but have no spiritual understanding of what they receive whatsoever.  If you are trusting readers you will not go far on a spiritual path and are wasting your money.

So one of my personal truths which i presently hold is that God doesn’t really have a plan except to continuosly evolve  through us, our experience. God granted us free will and merely observes how we use it. Now, based on that let me ask you: 1) if God intends in 2012 to take all dark entities off the planet, doesn’t it undermine free will? 2) if God doesn’t interfear and is all love, what dark forces rebelled against? You also say they created density…So density was not God’s intention and creation for us to experience?3) you say that when souls are created, determination is made whether they’ll be  human, nature, animal spirit. Decided by whom? I got impression that not by
souls…again, how about free will, then? 4) you say that souls after assesment go back to their HS…Always? Are you saying that next incarnation will be done by different souls ?

You are free to believe God has no plan, but I have experienced God’s plans in many forms, so I will stick with what I know.  Free will exists within God’s divine structure.  What you seem to want to believe is that because there is free will God has no structure.  You may want to watch the video I posted about the Mandelbrot Set.  They deal with the apparent paradox of a plan and freewill existing simultaneously. 

In general God does not interfere in the creation once formed.  We are however talking about GOD here, and if God decides that something did not go according to plan and is now hurting the whole GOD has the right to make any choice to rectify that.  I didn’t say dark forces created density.  I said dark forces brought about a new form of density that was not in God’s plan and does not serve the whole of the creation.  Their density is one that is so thick, for lack of a better term, that is makes it difficult for being incarnated in it to feel their connection to God.  Why would God want anyone to feel disconnected from their divine essence?

Who decides what sparks (that become twin spirits – eternal love ties in the case of humans) will be human animal etc.  GOD!  Souls eventually return to higher self, normally after one incarnation.  Sometimes a high vibration soul may become a guide after incarnating.  Sometimes a soul is created by higher self for the sole purpose of being a guide.  Occasionally the higher self will create a soul that is going to have more than one incarnation before returning to higher self.  They are called carry over souls.  It would be extremely rare for them to experience more than three incarnations.  So yes, in general, the next incarnation will be another soul from higher self.  However, what is the definition of next incarnation?  Most higher selves at this point in time have four or five souls on the planet at the same time.  One could be a baby while another is 95 and about to pass over.  In these cases lifetimes overlap when looking at past lives.  These are called parallel selves.  If a person has one or more parallels going through a difficult experience and the person is a sensitive they will likely feel some of the feelings of the parallel.

If you familiar with the book “life between life” where the author regresses people and interviews them about that time in between incarnations-none of them mention rejoining with HS

Once again I don’t read other people’s books about spirit stuff, so no, I am not familiar with the material.  But having done many regressions myself with people, I have found that the integration with higher self is insignificant in a regression, it is so ingrained into the soul as there is no true separation to begin with.  Most people are also aware of the life review that happens after death, but when doing a regression this gets skipped as well, unless you specifically ask the person to go to the life review after seeing the previous life.  If you have someone in a regression and ask them to experience the life review and then the return to higher self they will describe it in detail and the feeling of homecoming and joy they feel.

so it is your knowledge that new souls are constantly born or it is all the same original souls just circulating over and over?

New (sparks) spirits are born every time there is a new solar system created.  From there various groups are created that are connected to each planet.  These are angelic spirits and include humanoid species.  Some Universal Spirits will incarnate on every planet.  Most Universal spirits are very old, but God creates new groups of Universal Spirits as needed as any Universal Spirit can choose to return to source when they want to.  God also creates new Universal groups with the beginning of each new super universe.

SOULS are primarily the incarnate aspects of higher selves (some are disincarnate guides) so they are created from higher selves all the time.  You may say they are new because it is a new soul, but it may be a very old higher self.

about walk-in:
if you take all the experience of previous soul and say got a past life reading, who’s past life that would be – prevous soul’s or yours? (especially when you go under the same name)

When I said in the podcast that you take on the experience of the previous soul, I didn’t mean their past lives!  You only take on what they experienced in the current incarnation from birth until the time they leave.  If a walk in were to have a past life reading the reading would be for the soul in body if the reader was even for real.  Name has no bearing at all.

do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?

Not sure why you care what I think on this matter.  All the information is out there for anyone to discern.  But for the record I know it was an inside job.  I was told about this event in 1989, as an event that would be a marker of where the world was in the timeline.  I think anyone who looks at all the facts and can believe the official story is in enormous denial, even if they don’t believe in dark forces.  The science is the science.

would DNA activation happen without Kundalini openning first? do one goes without another or

Not sure what the actual question is here because the Kundalini changes the DNA vibration of the body, but the concept of awakening more strands of DNA that is so frequently talked about, and often referred to as activation, is not connected to the Kundalini at all.

did you get to Samadhi gradually through meditations or did you use specific meditative technics or themes?

I used the techniques shared in the grand hallway of the infinite self and a couple of steps after that, that haven’t been discussed in any length yet.  If the intent is to get there your guides will get you there with dedication.  We don’t have guides to just watch us, in fact the protection element is the job of our guardian angel.  The job of our guide is to keep us on the path set forth by the higher self.  Some higher selves make very detailed plans for us, others more of an outline.  If the plan includes coming to a higher state of consciousness then the guide is more than prepared to lead that process.  In some cases they plan to take you to a certain point and then allow another to take you the rest of the way.  That was true with me, Bestali turned the inner work over to my guide Atara in 1991, and it was he that led me through the ascension steps that I have progressed through thus far.  Now I have another guide that took over my next phase of work named Aktanc.  Bestali was certainly qualified to take me all the way, but my plan included the others because of a certain rapport that I have with them that would facilitate the work.

About soulless entities-Bestali was answering questions about Grays and he said there are 2 types, one of which is servant type soulless race buid by dark forces/lusiferians..they are dying out. BTW, he also said that  Engtovo is of Melchizedek order whereas i believe you said-Enochian

Well he talked about the Pentalites which are the guardians of earth, and the Greys were created to look like them as much as possible.  But a body that is not an android cannot live without a soul.  If he ever used the term soul less, which I don’t recall, he would not have been using the term literally.  The Greys are not dying out, but they are gone.  Several years ago they were made an offer to return to the work of God, and that we would build a planet for them to incarnate and have a civilization.  They took the deal which the other dark forces saw as one of their great betrayals.  It is the reptilians that have been dying out.

I was a Melchizeldek for a very long time.  The job that I do in spirit required me to spend time as a Melchizeldek worker, and Enochian worker, and a Michaelian worker.  After completing that aspect I returned to my Enochian teacher for the rest of my apprenticeship.  Bestali and I were Melchizeldeks in training together, and he was working with me with his Melchizeldek energies at the time of the channeling.  He knew once I started to become consciously aware of the grid work, that would become my focus, so he let me think I was a Melchizeldek until sometime after Atara got his hands on me, as he is my Enochian teacher.  My brother Randy and I were just talking about that the other day.  Neither of us could remember when exactly we came to understand I was an Enochian.  Now it is like a family joke that any of us ever believed I was a Melchizeldek.

If you already lived your divine expression as darlja, why did you incarnate again? or rather why you incarnated not in divine expression?

I am still living my divine expression as a Dharlja.  I have another body and I walked in my consciousness into this body in order to do certain work against the dark forces that as a Dharlja I would not do because the Dharljas do not interfere in the affairs of mortals.  It was a way that I could abide by the Dharlja philosophy and still get the work done, because this body would be in a mortal experience.  I was asked to do this by God.  Three of us did this, myself, my brother Seb (who I met in mortal and know as Lee) and my husband Makenai who is out there somewhere doing his thing.  That is why my focus here is so much on the grids and stopping the dark forces.  It is the reason I came into this body.  I left my other body in suspended animation to do this, and now more often than not, I am awake in both bodies.  When I have completed this work I can integrate my two bodies and live in my ascended expression.  It is also possible I will ascend in this body while still here, and could live in two bodies, although I feel no need to be in two bodies ascended, and believe I would still integrate bodies.  I can say on a strictly personal level,  that if God hadn’t asked me to do this, I would not have done it.  I miss my family and the divine life, which is why I am so dedicated to ascend again.  I know what I gave up, and even though it has only been 22 years, it feels like 200 as mortal life SUCKS.  People get sick of me talking about ascension, but if they had any clue how it compares to this life they would be working a hell of a lot harder to attain the divine life.  This life is nothing more than slavery to the dark forces.  Divine life is complete freedom and empowerment.  That is what so many people are afraid of.  They have been slaves so long they fear their own freedom.

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  1. Dear Engtovo,
    i have no point…just questions. Reasons? Well, because i thought you welcome them (that’s why you post and offer comments), because you’ve been doing this long time, have a gift of connecting with spirit easily and having all knowledge from spirit. Now, i first came across your site about 1-1,5 y ago and Bestali’s teachings resonated with me greatly. Naturally, knowing that you don’t search outside of spirit and having established such connection with your guidance (which i trust) it will follow that i am interested in what you have to say. That doesn’t mean i assigned you a role of a teacher for myself (although, i believe we are all teachers and students to each other). We all use the means we can. If i could establish connection with my HS and guidance as you did, needless to say i won’t be asking questions of you or any other. I communicate well in dreams, but automatic writing doesn’t happen for me; not yet. I have very analytical mind which doesn’t help in spiritual matters. So i read a lot, search a lot-this is my way at present-but in no instance had i any intent “to pit information” from you against some other; nor do i try to convience anyone to think certain way. There is no intent behind my questions except getting the answers (which i greatly appreciate) and use in my personal disserment. State of being no matter how content it is won’t assure connection from within. Yes, i don’t get angry, offended or any of that anymore, but it is a state of consciousness, not openness. I beleive one has to be pretty open to let the spirit through and make connection. As to being insulted….i’m sure you know that people who get offended have an ego investment in what’s being said about them. Besides, i wasn’t arguing for universal adoption of symbols that i use-in fact, i wasn’t arguing at all. Subconscious will communicate in symbols that are familiar to a mind; so, yes, it would be different to each person. however, it still will be symbolic (dead person won’t be about literal death). Anyway, I do think your materials about ascention are very useful and unique as not many people even realize that ascention can be achieved while on earth. In fact, with all my searching i never found any other souce that talks about it. In any case, as you got annoyed and angry and felt that my questions are not genuine and carry some kind of negative intent, i most certainly will not post any more questions. I do thank you for those that you have answered.

  2. Well, Engtavo, part of me wants to stay out of this whole matter and pretend, so that I can stay in my comfort zone, telling myself that it is a matter between you and Yelena but another part of me wants to speak my truth. You did, however, post your message to Yelena on a public forum, albeit yours, and I couldn’t help but to get a hit of, and feel the effects of, your very charged energy, so I’ve opted to speak my truth in answer to that.

    You certainly have every right to feel anything and everything that is there for you and in this case, I can see your points and understand where you are coming from, however, as I said, there is alot of charge there, in your post, and is at least bordering, if not fully into, a knee jerk reaction, or so it seems to me. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have “caught” and expressed what was going on for you with respect to Yelena’s questions, before it reached this combustible internal level for you and you were still able to express it and draw some boundaries in terms of Yelena’s questions without some of the disrespectful comments? Because I gotta tell you, that even though I do see where you are coming from, many of your personal comments about Yelena are over the top and I am wondering if you can feel genuinly good about yourself after such a barage, relative to your own self respect. Also, I am not necessarily connecting how it is that you would deride her questions and yet then go on to answer them all, which took considerable time and effort on your part, as the two don’t seem alligned, to me…first deriding them and then answering them.

    And Yelena…I am blown away that you didn’t feel any sense of “insult” as you say, or feel ANYTHING?????? If so, you are definitely not “out of your mind” as they say, but you might want to check in with yourself as to whether you may be “out of your heart” or missing a connecting link of some kind, and I definitely do not mean this as any sort of insult or disrespect to you. The energy in Engtovo’s post was aimed directly at you and it would stand to the laws of physics that something…anything….would enter your field that you would feel. I, myself, felt for you, that it was just too unnecessarily harsh. AND, I certainly can see your point that you were believing that questions were welcome on this site, so because you were believing that, at the very least, Engtovo’s post would be quite a rude awakening and register as shock or a really big surprise? No? And I do agree with you that it isn’t necessarily easy to understand some of the concepts that Engtavo brings forth and I do understand that questions would come up for most or many of us that are just encountering her information. And in all honesty, I will definitely be careful and probably somewhat guarded in asking any, myself…because I don’t believe that anyone would really WANT to be on the receiving end of that kind of expression from Engtovo, given a choice, and so censorship is what comes of it, that I can see or, simply not visiting the site any longer.

    In this case, however, I am glad that I didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, because the information about the Mandelbrot Set was HUGE to me…and wading through some “stuff” to reach that gem, was personally acceptable, although not necessarily ideal. And, I am grateful to have and have taken this opportunity to speak my truth, as well.

  3. Well yelena that is just more classic manipulation. I have come across people like you often. The reaction of ankatara is typical as well, that is was so harsh. Honesty is honesty, and mosy people can’t handle it. I don’t feel it was a knee jerk reaction, as yelena has been in contact with not only me, but my brother via email for at least a year “expecting” answers. I don’t feel bad at all!!! Setting boundaries is part of life, and it is a part that new age people are especially bad at. They think setting boundaries is being mean or harsh, and so be it. It is what it is, and I stand by every word.

    When i say i don’t experience negative emotions it doesn’t mean i don’t feel anything…negative emotions are tight up with fear or ego. I had ego problems big time; i took things personally; i was provoked easily and my emotions were all over the place, i had no control over them whatsoever, i was giving my power away to external circumstances-it was not pretty…I was a student in the School of metaphysics for a year and worked very hard on that issue (along with other ones). I’ve changed 180 degrees, i will never go back to old me; i don’t think i even could if i wanted to because even my physical body changed in response to mental and emotional changes (i mean brain chemistry and such). When your attitude/perspective is changed-that’s it, you come from a different place than before on response to all stimuli. Feelings of being insulted or offended come from the EGO, so when you feel them no more it doesn’t mean that you have no heart, it means you have no ego (or it was transformed). So for me, THERE IS NOTHING OFFENSIVE ABOUT THE ACTS OF MY FELLOW MEN

    i don’t know what “manipulation ” you ‘re talking about (?) It is a bold statement to say that you know me and came across my type often…you know me not. I, on the other hand, never came across a person so advanced on spiritual path as living in divine expression (although in another body) and at the same time carrying so much anger around and RE-acting so easily. In truth, i am puzzled by that, althought it is not my concern. I have no expectations, however, if one leaves e-mail address one should not rule out that people will make a contact. You posted contacts not only for youself, but for you mother and your brother as well. Yes, we exchanged a few e-mails with Randy…so what? You sound as i was stalking him or something. He didn’t answer to my last e-mail..again, so what? he didn’t feel like it, that’s fine with me, i never wrote to him again. in truth, i don’t even get all the commotion: if you don’t want to be bothered by e-mails, questions (or certain type of questions), comments, etc – don’t make it possible on your website for other people to do. In conclusion, i say again that your website is unique in providing uncommon information and i love your guide, Bestali; however, i won’t be back anymore as it is just too much personal negativity and paranoia comes through (and i don’t mean just toward myself, but in general)

  5. I can see why Engtovo is pissed here. She is putting lots of time and energy out there by answering the questions. If you read each question from yelena, some I find are intellectual ones. It is not discussions about how to pursue and practice the ascention path, like this one: If you already lived your divine expression as darlja, why did you incarnate again? or rather why you incarnated not in divine expression?

    How can that info help you on your spiritual path?

    I had read tons of books, but it just did not help me to go within, until I come across this auto writing info on Engtovo’s site, and her emphasize on trust youself, go within. If you can not make the contact with HS, no matter how advance teachings are, you won’t believe. You will be collecting lots knowledge, but won’t really help you.

    Engtovo did not ask anyone to believe her. She encourage you to contact your HS for your own path. She put so much info and affirmation audios out there for FREE. That takes tramendous energy and time. I think she is really nice.

    No matter what anyone said, the first priority is to connect with you HS, you can trust your HS. The difficult part is how.

    So she scold us a little, she is still human, eh? I would not expect a saint out her. She is advanced on the spiritual path by hard working this life and past lifes. And she lend us a hand, I will remember that.

  6. It is blatantly obvious that the love, dedication, and truthfulness of Engtovo do not compare to those of her casual inquirers…. it was simply clear. But when I read the responses, I felt hopeless. I have been feeling hopeless for many years, because every time I tried to speak my truth, I met with these classical manipulations and typical reactions from the Nirvana people. So, I decided to keep my mouth shut and stick to my truth “silently.” It worked to a degree, but did not result in total contentment. I probably need to speak up again without fearing and avoiding these “typical” reactions. Thank you Engtovo, for showing me the way.

  7. Engtovo,
    thank you for your generosity with your time , energy , and wisdom in your gift of this site. There is much truth here that I am in resonance with but also much that I am still integrating. I moved my family from the East coast to the 4 corners area 15 years ago following guidance from spirit, what a surprising and meandering journey it has been! (and continues to be) Over the past month I have been reading and integrating most of the information I have found on your site. I am particlarly inspired by your emphasis on a strong personal connection and communication with one’s personal guidance. This is an area of development which I have neglected and rationalized my dependance on others, and as you point out it is fundemental and of the utmost impotrance! Although I have been limited to pendulum communication, I am recommited to deepening and expanding my connection. Again thank you! I have been sensing an urgency lately and hope that there is still time that I may contribute my energies in a meaningful way. In my time here in (4 corners) I have become aware of powerful energies present in the earth and in human consciousness, particularly eminating from Aztec Ruins and Archuleta (sp?) Mesa, I have read something on your site about Dulce NM and I hope you can elaborate or direct me to more specific information.

    Bright Blessings!

  8. Wow again! As I read deeper into this site I am feeling an enthusiasm for the real work going on here. You go girls! (M&Y)

    Q: Where is it written that “holy” people do not feel or express anger? Who made up those rules? (Ponder that). Who decides what is “appropriate” expression for an individual with free will? Who made up those rules?

    Emotions are emotions (“good” and “bad” is an ego trip in itself). Emotions are “guaranteed” in a physical body! So is expressing them. (Appropriate to present healthy social custom is a lofty notion but does not always happen. Nor necessarily should it). Freedom from the box of “acceptablilty” is crucial to progress in “veiled” areas such as the content on this site.

    Where would we be without our “independent thinkers” stimulating the rest of humanity to “wake up and look alive”. Pioneers are pioneers in any field,
    metaphysics is not exclusive turf from “slings and arrows” . Without the safety to toss our deepest notions off of each other, where will new modus operandi for success come from? Passion is a “given” for fresh minds with unorthodox ideas.

    Sometimes that looks like a fight!

    Having said that I would remind all readers who might have felt torn to “pick a side” that progress demands that all voices be heard equally (and taken at face value as an opinion/personal view of things). Nothing more, nothing less.

    I did not take the dialogue between M and Y “personally”. Just the opposite. I put (that part of) it aside as “how humans are” (whoa la) and shortly thereafter felt “reassured” that I was dealing with two meticulous and very intelligent influences. The questions and answers were insightful and I can see the “finished product” being very beneficial fodder for thought on other people’s journey “home”. Though some of us may find it redundant, there are other people who desperately need this dialogue from which to glean their own insights and begin to ask their own intelligent questions and thus find their own answers within.,

    Hang in there!



    Having said that, I will say this.

  9. By being a student of Edgar Cayce’s material, I’ve learned this old wise saying: “Be angry but do not sin”.
    Actually, it’s a quote from the Bible; Ephesians 4:26.

  10. First, it is the the JOB and purpose of our various bodies to provide us with information. That is how they Serve Us. If we get too close to a fire, our physical body will convey that information so that we can make the choice to step away, or not.

    The purpose of the emotional body is at least as vital to our well being as the above example…it gives us INFORMATION, which is ideally not to be judged by us as either good or bad, but simply is. In part, it lets us know when a violation has occurred so that we can take remedial action, either inner or outer, or both…or at least that was the design. However, due to various sources of fear, including powerlessness, whether real or imagined, people instead go into suppression and denial. Ultimately, that leads to suppression, denial and rejection of their connection to SELF…and then the Servant becomes the Master, rather than the other way around.

    One reason that people suppress feeling is that the negative ones usually are accompanied by fear of their own powerlessness, fear of losing control or getting lost in that negativity or negative charge. Feelings are designed to come and go quickly, that is part of the information generating system. IF, someone is stuck in a feeling or it feels overpowering, and finds they cannot get back to their Center, than something is up AND that is information for us in itself, to dig deeper. However, this is often when denial kicks in.

    I completely champion Engtovo’s right to feel what was “there” for her, in fact, that is her and our “job”, as I see it. However, I also felt that there was a fair amount of disrespectful expression of it. Go back and read her initial post and imagine that you were the receiver of it. Do you pick up on love and respect, or something else? (yes, i know, the “something else” is always some sort of distortion of love.) Many of the statements in the post are inflammatory and would typically result in DEFENSE from the one receiving them, and that would at least be understandable, in my book. This is the basis for most wars, either personal, or global. (or, in reading it, did you, even if very briefly, feel a slight sense of relief that it was not aimed at you BUT at someone else? and of course, separation is an illussion) Many of the statements were purely subjective as well and the truth of the statement would change based on the perceiver. AGAIN, I am not saying that Engtovo was right or wrong in her perception, because that is very much personal to her, only that her delivery, communication and response was not necessarily in keeping with harmless intent. Imagine yourself receiving that response on a public forum…at the very least it could bring up a sense of humiliation and degradation, (disrespect) and because those are uncomfortable feelings to feel, and also because Engtovo is in the role of the authority figure on this forum, it would be very common to bury and suppress the feelings I just mentioned, along with the many others that could come up. Instead, drawing some boundaries would have avoided Engotovo’s feelings from escalating to the very obvious level of frustration that was going on for her, which leads to this type of personally intended and generated expression, WHILE still being true to herself relative to her own perception and internal signals.

    I believe that the quote Mitch provided sums it up nicely. YES, know what’s going on with you and be in receivership of the information and signals that are being provided by our servants, the various bodies, AND maintain your ideal, with respect to intent, at least when possible, as that is the road, to me, of impeccability. However, as one gets supercharged by having avoided previous signals, it is then that knee jerk reactions ensue. Speaking personally, I would usually prefer a knee jerk reaction from myself and others rather than further suppression, because the discomfort of the event passes, but the information, knowledge, awareness, and resulting discernment lives on. I have often received lots of helpful information through them, (k j reactions) both about myself and others. However, some knee jerk reactions can also reach devastating levels of harm to all concerned, as seen in the news headlines, which is beyond the scope of this posting, but does carry within those events similar energy dynamics and principals.

    And Asahi, I have to guess that by your your use of the term “casual inquirers” you are alluding to, or at the very least, including me? That is certainly your right, but do you really believe that you have adeqate information to make such a blanket statement and personal conclusion? Not to mention that the qualities of “love dedication and truthfullness”, as you say, are aquired, and I don’t think it makes someone “lesser than” if they are in the process of that aquisition. In fact, I believe that it takes a humble and gracious spirit to acknowledge and make any course corrections that may be required of us in pursuing those qualities. Still, that is, of course, for you to decide for you, but it seemed rather odd, and maybe I am asking for clarity directly from you rather than making my own assumptions or guesses, because I typically do not do well with passive aggressive or cloaked kind of remarks, and as a result, am aware that I could be off the mark. (which in archery terms, is called a “sin”, by the way) I am glad, however, that you spoke! Keep Going! With respect to your pervading sense of hopelessness, my heart goes out to you as I do understand and sense your despair in that. I want to point you to an article on this site, it is in the “channel” section and I believe it may actually be titled something like Hope and Hopelessness. Within it is a Key for getting out of that particular crazy making cycle or merry go round system of mind control. And, if that is what you want… So Be It and So It Is Done, NOW.

    With Gratitude for ALL

  11. Ankatara: You certainly are lucid and thorough! I stand corrected, re: (some of my far less detailed and eloquent assersions). Thank you!

    I would like to comment on a few of points if I may:

    1. You asked: ” in reading it, did you, even if very briefly, feel a slight sense of relief that it was not aimed at you BUT at someone else? I am not sure who you were directing that question to, but if it was me, I can assure you that no such thing could possibly happen for me for that “relieved attitude” perspective is one I just do not have. As an “unltra sensitive” I feel people’s pain deeply and public humiliation is at at the bottom of the totem ple when it comes to acceptable means of “setting boundaries”;

    One of the reasons I posted my bit (in response to the exasperation that Engtovo and Yelena seemed to be experienceing with each other) was to make it stop (not for them but for me. I cannot bear violence in any of its forms and I felt uncomfortable; I needed for it to stop. I was not as eloquent as you in detailing the facts and specific issues, hence, I may have appeared one-sided, as if I were picking sides: I was not. And I apologize if that is how it sounded.

    3. Asahi, Who is that? I too would take exception to being labelled a “casual inquirer” (am I?). I hope not. As I mentioned in a different post (it it calleda another thread…) I do not differentiate at the Spiritual level between individual elements of the whole. No one of us is more important (or more “advanced”) than the other spiritually speaking; each simply has individual part to do in the expression of the loving and benevolent Creator’s(My God’s) plan for his/her/its beautiful children and this beautiful world. So if my original post caused any pain inadvertently, I take full responsibility for that. If I can repair any damage I may have done, please just let me know, and I will do my best to make things right.

  12. Hey Jack your comment ended up in the spam folder and I didn’t know it was there, sorry about that. There is some really powerful spots down near Archuletta Mesa. There is this little road that goes east deep into a circle of mountains near Najavo peak out of Chromo that is really cool.

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