Fire the Grid – Bohemian Grove Update

To start I want to share something spirit told me in late June. They said the next six months were a very important time. Many people on a spiritual path are being tested in various forms by their higher selves to see if they were going to step up and really do the work. With everything that is happening now, and everything that spirit sees coming, there is no more time left for people to step up. These tests must be complete by September and those who pass the tests need to be in their assigned locations by the end of the year. I thought assigned locations was an unusual term and asked for clarification. I was told that higher selves had chosen where they wanted their soul aspects to be if they passed the tests. In essence this was a final test, as many of the locations were places that many light workers would not consider moving. So I’ll get back to how this fits in later in the writing.

There have been some discrepancies about the actual date of the Bohemian Grove ceremony this year.  According to the associated press and the San Francisco Chronicle the dates are July 12-29.  I have heard its starts on the 17th and I heard the Cremation of Care ritual was the night of the 15th.  Ultimately the key here is that they were in full swing on the 17th in one form or another.

All I knew  is they would be doing their thing in July and we had to pull the grids out from under them in June.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be in ceremony while everyone did the 7-7-7 stuff, but I knew they wanted to get the energy, and they have the knowledge of how to hold it when necessary.  They have a place connected to the grove energetically that is near Klamath, CA  That is where they hold all energies from grove ceremonies  and then do one big send out, like a mass email, when they are ready.  The Klamath location is hooked directly into the Mt. Shasta leyline system grid and then into the primary leyline/vortex grid of the world from there.

The motto of the grove is “weaving spiders come not here”. There are a lot of reference to this coming from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and signifying that the grove is not a place for conducting business. This is indicative of the way the dark forces work. They take a seemingly innocent reference and use it, knowing full well it means something completely different to them. Weaving spiders make webs, webs is yet another term for grid. A weaving spider is a grid worker of the light. For the life of the grove that has been a true motto. Grid workers of the light did not come to the grove and attempt to unravel the grids there. It has been one of their most protected places. Now that is no longer true. Weaving spiders came in June and the sacrifices of the grove will no longer be relevant in their power structure.

There have been some questions about the conglomerate entities that I mentioned in DON’T Fire the Grid. They are difficult to describe. The reason they are called conglomerate entities is because they are a conglomerate of trapped beings, both human and animal in nature. They were embedded into the earth in satanic dark ritual locations. The grove had two of these beings. Each time a human is sacrificed in a ceremony at one of these location they are killed in a really horrible fear inducing way. At the moment of terror and death the soul of the human sacrificed is trapped into one of these conglomerate entities. This has gone on for thousands of years. The conglomerate entities have been moved to new locations when necessary. Each time a new sacrifice took place the strength and power of the fear and darkness of the conglomerate entity increased. Every human soul trapped into a conglomerate entity belonged to a higher self (spirit) and because they were trapped the higher self could not ascend. To the high priests of the dark forces that served two purposes; it strengthened the dark energies they had to work with in ceremony, and it kept beings of the light from their ascension.

Spirit has always said that at the grove they have ritual ceremonies that they do every year, and then other ceremonies that they do now and then.  Clearly this was to be a banner year for them.  A couple months ago when I first heard about fire the grid and went to the site, I instinctively knew I didn’t want anything to do with it and left.  Then when it was brought back to my attention and I watched all the videos.  I realized they were going to attempt to get these fire the grid energies as well, and didn’t have time to think about the complete why of it. 

Now that I  have had a chance to step back for a moment or two I can see the long term plan here.  This was not a knee jerk reaction by them to get the fire the grid energies.  This was a long term plan set in motion in 2002, which means that 7-17-2007 was a pretty special upcoming date to them.  They were planning a special ceremony that day, and that ceremony needed lots of extra energy.  It may be just mere coincidence but I accidentally came upon a Christian board this week that had these little tidbits

genesis 8:4 and the ark rested in the seventh month, of the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat

according to the Jewish civil calendar, the 17th day of the seventh month is Abib, which is believed to be the day Jesus resurrected!

So two really significant historical happenings of biblical proportions, lol, both on 7-17. 

7-17 by it self is a 6 (as above so below) and so is 7-17-2007. Numerology is really important to the dark forces, in fact they are obsessed with numbers in many forms. The large gathering at the grove happens in July because it is the 7th month.

The significance of the 7 in general is that seven represents bringing spirit into matter.  3 being the spiritual and 4 being matter, the four directions.  We all have 7 totems on our medicine wheel; east, south, west, north, above, below and within.  These seven correspond to our elemental chakra system that does not open until our Kundalini is activated.  This is the first step in the ascension process.  These seven; our connection to everything around us (the 4 directions) and our spiritual connection, (above, high self, below, earth, and within, soul) combine with our two primary totems for a 9, completion.  Our primary totems walk beside us, left and right and represent our strongest medicine in the world.  They correspond to the side our body in that the totem on our right side works with our left brain logical strengths, and the totem on our left works with our right brain intuitive aspect.

These are key numbers that the dark forces are always aware of in everything they plan.  They also love to work with 11 and 22 because they are considered master numbers and they want mastery over the world. So going back to the ceremonial dates this year whether they really are the 12th to the 29th or they want the world to think those are the dates they would be significant either way.  Both of the dates have the exact same numerology a 19-1 they are wanting to start something new, and were planning to emphasize it on a 6 day (fire the grid) which is, as above so below.  In other words they are trying to manifest something into the veil of illusion that is big, so it can be put it into action in the world, with either our acceptance, or our apathy.

I am tending to believe that the dates are either accurate or the ones that matter because in May or early June I had a dream where I was given the date July 12, 2007.  I rarely have dreams with dates in them at all, and have never had one with the year.  So I marked it on my calendar.  The dream didn’t include anything about what the significance of the date was. Silly me, I was hoping it was something special for myself 🙂 

I woke up on the 12th with another dream one that I knew was trying to give me information about what the illuminati was up to.  In my dreams, tornadoes always come with news of their doings, these dreams when they are relevant specifically to the U.S. always have someone calling 911 in them.  This dream had the tornado but no 911 call, so this a global storm, so to speak.  In the dream it was said on the radio that this was the largest tornado ever (something huge is planned).  There was a reporter with me who wanted to get the scoop. (intuitive knowing that we didn’t have the whole story)  without getting into the details of the dream, there was big brother, the TV show (we were being watched) and the house was completely emptied of food down to the spices. (The event is big enough to leave us with no food available)  There were photos taken of the tornado that had spirits in them, one was the son of a friend who was dead in the photo who is not currently dead.  ( I’m not sure if he dies in the event or if his death will be a marker that the event is about to happen) One of the most important elements was that the tornado was sideways, telling me it would look like a natural event. being a tornado, but there was nothing natural about it.  My brother also mentioned that a sideways tornado brought to his mind a harvester, that could sweep across doing far more damage than a traditional tornado.  The photos were left hidden in an obvious place for spies to find, so they would leave the rest of our stuff alone. ( indicating a cover up, hiding or destroying of evidence, and that if they didn’t find what they were looking for they would destroy everything looking for it)

This led my brother to talking about HAARP coming to full strength completion recently and speculation that this could be human created earthquakes and volcanic activity.  However another kind of storm, FEAR, could be coming first, the big brother reference could be a way of referring to the the planned false ET attack/landing, we need a one world government to protect our planet from aliens agenda.

I spent the day of the 12th writing DON’T Fire the Grid.  Most unexpected and certainly not what I was hoping the 12th in the dream was referring to 🙂  So I am thinking whatever the plan is that the dream refers to was to be energized at the grove starting the 12th.  I received a quote today stating that the fire the grid site had a new statement announcing that its 17 July 2007 event will produce “the first”… ET contact. hmmmm more coincidence.

Well lets look at another little bit of numerology.  While everyone was all excited about this being the 7-7-7 year after all their 333 and 444 celebrations in years past.  The real numerology of this year is a 9. The day with the 9 energies are the ones the dark forces are focused on, while the light groups were all distracted with 777, is 9-9-2007 a total of 27- 9. 

9 Is completion, so they are already cooking up something new for the NEXT cycle, the 1 cycle which comes with the 1-1 2008 – 111. The year 2008 has two 111 days as 10-10-2008 also comes to a 111, so there are ten months between the two power days of the new 1 year that will lead the energy cycle for the 8 years that follow. (right through 2012, when we have the 2nd in the pair of Venus transits and the earth’s rebirth, to 2016 which is the next mercury transit) This year would qualify as one of the now and then ceremonies at the grove (every 9 years) although I think this year was something even bigger.

The dark forces feel they need to control this 9 year cycle to take themselves through the 2012 rebirth. This is where we come to the message spirit gave me in June. I wasn’t thinking about the numerology, but after the fact it is interesting that the 9 date for this 9 year (9-9-2007) is September the time the testing must be complete. The new beginning 1 date is 1-1 2008, corresponding to message that those who pass the test must be in their assigned locations by the end of the year.

Another little interesting numerology tidbit is that Shelly Yates son was 4 in 2002, a 4 year and now her son is what ahhh… yep that’s right 9, in the 9 year, and 10 in that powerful new 10 year. The date of her accident was an 11 day, a master plan was set in motion that day by the dark forces and unfortunately for them, we are screwing it up big time.  As predicted by many wise souls the latest news from Shelly has her setting up a personal site and releasing a book about her life and several other books.  How handy that these will be on her personal site so when people say hey you’re raking in all this cash, Shelly she can say “not from fire the grid, that’s a different site”  What could this woman possibly have to say to the world that takes several books, when she admits to being on a commited path one year?

But the focus now, aside from the personal fortune she is planning from her book sales is Project Cause.  She states that the information about project cause will be up and running in early September.  How convenient!  Just in time for the 999, imagine that!  She says in her message that


(her caps not mine). That is a blatant as it gets!  New world ORDER participants.  Willingly taking part in this evil plan! She then wants all her new world participants to register themselves and leaves us with a quote from Edgar Cayce.  Conveniently Cayce is one of the least controversial metaphysical personas, so she won’t offend the fringe of her followers who are religious.  The quote is one that is about peace needing to come from within, smashed right in there with the message that all her new world participants will be shoving their version of peace down our throats.  We are supposed to see the Cayce quote and ignore the fact that neither fire the grid nor project cause has anything to do with individuals finding peace within.

Over the past week I have written a lot about anger and how we can transform it into something positive. After the conglomerate entities were returned to spirit the souls were released to return to their higher selves. This was both a tremendous victory of love and a time of turbulent emotion. These higher selves upon integration had to deal with the anger they felt at having their ability to ascend kept from them in this heinous way. My brother Lee was of the people whose higher self had a potential (soul) trapped into a conglomerate entity in 1959. Spirit prepared him in advance for the integration and told him he may experience some intense anger for a couple days. They asked him to stay home and ride the storm, as it were.

As the higher selves started to do the integrations they started seeking a way to transform this energy, and decided they wanted to transform it as a group. Lee was asked to assist in grounding this process. They asked him to head down toward Flathead Lake from where he lives to get into the core vortex area. At the same time they asked me to head out to the cliffs here about a mile from the house. When I got to the cliff they started an invocation of empowerment that this anger would be transmuted into love, clarity and the ability of the souls they had on earth to see through the illusions and stand their ground. They wanted all the aspects of themselves to speak out and take action, so that the kind of pain that had been put on to them by the dark forces would not be used again against anyone else. It was very powerful, the winds whipped up and I was aware of Lee’s energy and that of someone in Sedona using the southern vortexes for this purpose with Lee in the northern vortexes. I was the hub between the two using this dome energy that I created here in Pagosa Springs when we got here to protect the town from the Dulce NM influence. (about 20 miles away)

On the way home I became aware that a group of grid workers were pulling out grids from power spots of another sort. In dark force energy work, and often taught in witchcraft, (which is a sign that the type of witchcraft in question was not started in light) the practitioners are taught to hold energy in spots in nature. They look for locations with certain qualities and build a grid to hold energies that they can call upon when needed. The reason true light work would never teach this is because we have access to all the energy in the universe, we have no need to store personal or group energies. The grid workers first ripped apart the Klamath, CA spot where the grove energies are stored when needed. Then came a spot in the Alps somewhere, I was planning to dowse out the exact locations, but never did get to that. Third was a spot somewhere near Monaco. Fourth was in Glastonbury, England. The fifth was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. At this point I thought it was done, but then came to realize the grid workers of all five spots had come together to tear apart a very big one someplace on the east coast of the United States.

This work done I arrived home and a hour or so later Lee called. He said “I made it to town, but not to the lake”. As soon as he left a big storm whipped up out of nowhere. He got into town and felt sick, he thought he was going to throw up and pulled over. After the feeling passed he headed home but there were trees down and various neighbors had to come together with chain saws, to clear the road. I had no doubt he had been exactly where spirit wanted him. When comparing times he stopped in town at the same time spirit had me doing the invocations. As the night went on the storm got worse, by morning there had been several tornadoes in an area that it is rare to even get a funnel cloud. Clearly the intensity of the anger he was grounding for transformation was intense. The work was done on behalf of the higher selves, and the primary power holding spots that are used for any grove energies were no longer available.

No sooner had that been completed when I received the email letter I posted in the blog post Here we go again damn it. In their desperation they were going to have people send energy they could use directly to yet another power holding spot. This time they made a big mistake however. They had in their intention that this energy was for the Earth Mother. They never intended to give it to her, but trap it before it reached her. Because the intent was there, with the earth mother’s permission the workers of the light would be able to take that energy and place it to the intent of the Earth’s choice. So on the 24th this energy was siphoned out of that power spot and given out freely as the Earth intended. Her intent? Her first instinct was to use it to help in ridding the dark forces from earth. Upon looking closely at this intent she decided that with the current speed of events in that area, she did not want to offer extra energy that could bring further chaos to those in the light. She felt the pace of that work was on target. So she decided she wanted to uplift those who work so closely with her to bring forth loving energies. She wanted them to feel SOLIDARITY with her and one another. She wanted to offer them strength and fortitude. So the energy was sent out to the workers with that intent and if you are one of us, you felt it, even if you didn’t know what it was.

Unless something comes up unexpectedly, that was the last attempt to save themselves at the grove. They have lost their most important power spot in the North America, they have lost all of their conglomerate entities and they have lost a few high priests and some of their disciples. They were attempting to break grids of light and were caught. Typically if a being with a body is caught in this manor they are released. On the 24th however, the Creator said bring them home to SOURCE. When they were removed from the earth dimension the soul detached from their bodies. With no soul the body’s heart cannot beat. I am aware of approximately twelve who were caught in this manor. If you are one of the spiritual leaders of the dark forces it has been the worst month in your history. If you are in harmony with the Creator, this month has been our greatest victory on earth to date. We are well on our way to remaking earth as God intended, with no dark forces. So to the dark forces let me say PLAY NICE your days are numbered and you will not accomplish any of your goals. May I suggest enjoying the short time you have left on earth and as an individual being! Go play golf or something…

ohhh p.s.  Make sure and make note of this date, November 11, 2009.  There is bound to be someone trying to work with these energies as it is a TRUE 11-11-11.  DISCERN!

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  1. If Illuminati are bound to numbers/numerology, this might be an interesting correlation I’ve stumbled upon this morning. It’s about rescheduling NASA’s “Dawn” mission to SEPTEMBER.

    The news was posted on 07.07.07.
    “Dawn Mission Rescheduled for September Launch

    07.07.07—The launch of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, a mission that will explore the two largest objects in the asteroid belt in an effort to answer questions about the formation of our solar system, has been rescheduled to September.”

    Posted on:

  2. Engtovo…

    Can You possibly give some examples of what kind of tests? Are you also saying that we must be willing to move somewhere that doesn’t feel right?

    Thank You for all the information. Much resonance.

  3. The tests are as individual as the people being tested, depends on what an individuals issues are. For my family one example is knowing that we can do absolutly nothing about my nephew, who we raised and love, having a entity inside him.

    As far as the moving part, it isn’t that it won’t feel right but that it may be contrary to what you think or things you’ve learned. For me it is going some place that is not a ‘safe” area on Bestali’s original maps. I would have considered moving there a long time ago, but never really felt it was an option for me. So I’m excited 🙂

  4. yeah, what about that catastrophy bestali was talking about? is he still? Even if it is his knowledge at the time isn’t it wiser not to focus people’s attention on that and create collective consciousness of doom? i find 2 statements in your latest article odd: my inner knowledge tells me that HS will never test its potentials and another-one receives by one’s believes (metaphysics 101)-so, even if satanic ceremonies resulted in human sacriface, no matter how fearful the victim was at the time of death, the victim will go to “hell”(join the dark forces) only if he believed in hell. Or are you saying that they can force the soul into conglomerate entity at the time of death? i wonder, why are you so detailed about that issue-i’d guess none of your readers can do the grid work anyway…but some people are more impressionable than others and, again, is it worth creating that kind of consciousness?
    dreams are very good means of communicating with spirit as well as your subconscious. however, they are not to be taking literaly. people interpret dreams differently, but it is agreed that they are symbolic. Like death-means transformation; house-your mind; absence of food-absence of knowledge, etc.

  5. Thank you for this urgent transmission. It was inspiring and informative.
    I would like to ask your opinion on some of my own recent observations. I’d rather keep it on the DL for now, and perhaps open a more public dialogue if spirit tells me that it’s needed now-but I’ve got a few too many shadows cast in directions where light needs to be shed, and far too few social dialogues of curiosity, let alone understanding or action.
    I’d like to send you some video clips of my research and battle strategies here in Phoenix, AZ–Which seems to not only be the fastest developing city in the US, but the most rapid widespread control of material dissatisfaction propagated to cover-up all kinds of energetic rape in the American dirt for hundreds of years.
    What do these fuckers want with Geronimo’s skull anyway? I probably don’t want to know…..there’s enough work to do already.
    Orgonite resonance devices, Crystal harmonic instruments amplified into the ionosphere on heavy Chemtrail days, Hydrogen water fuel cells using Quartz crystal, Gold, Pyrite, Hematite, and meditation,…..Conversational light pattern dialogues with “airplanes” and “stars”…..Kaleidoscopic Mandala art projected back into the sky at night…..It’s getting to the point where the tin foil hats are starting to look fashionable…….
    I would like to show you what I have filmed of the Phoenix night skies in the past three months. The ET “invasion” is well under way. You’d have to be in the deepest of apathetic sleeps to not feel that antsy excitement from just looking at the sky…But the spooky thing is that the sky is full of airplanes and heilocopters and “heat lightning”…at least that’s what my primitive cave-brain wants to think…..and what my fellow sheeple seem to be satisfied with.
    I see the aircraft differently when I open a vortex of illumination, tho- every single night I watch the stars come to life, and airplanes transform into enormous layered discs and spheres and triangles of structured light, shadow and reflection. I’ve filmed things I still can’t wrap my mind around–So I’ve just stopped trying to figure it out. I’m left with nothing but faith in spirit.
    I’m heading to Burning Man in a couple of weeks…first time for me and my girl–in my hopelessly romantic imagination, this event could represent a sort of anti-Bohemian Grove intention in it’s fiery sacrifice of our superficial, temporary physical endeavors to the energies of spirit and creativity…I’d like to ask your opinion of this gathering and it’s potential influence on that great big dodecahedron in the sky as well…….I can tolerate the commercials if I believe in the product, you know?…supply and demand…..anyhow…
    Sorry-I hope that this long winded rant serves as a compliment to the seeds of yer thoughts….you got me all fired up this morning-peace in the valley-Pazzo

  6. I really know almost nothing about the Burning Man thing. I recall seeing a TV story about it many years ago, but I recall almost nothing. I remember the image of the big burning man, i’m not sure if they even talked about what it was about or if it was one of those stories where they say “hey look at all these crazies” any time group is doing something out of the ordinary.

    I’m always interested in things happening in the skys 🙂

  7. Re. the recent “ET sightings” I suggest that we use discernment as well. Looks like this is going to be the next major hoax.

    FYI, here is an interesting article (transcript of a radio interview):

    You can also listen to the interview if your eyes are too tired:
    [audio src="" /]

  8. Pazzo: I love that “sheeple” thing, can I use it! Ha ha indeed.

    I would also be very interested in knowing more about the activity over Pheonix! Email me if you don’t feel comfortable going into it on Engtovo’s site, (though it appears she has invited your comments). Thx.


  9. Engtovo: May I have your thoughts on the efficacy of “lightworkers” going to places on the (physical) planet to “perform” rituals ostensibly to offset negative energies or heal stuff, (whatever they are doing…I confess I just do not have time to read everything put forth on your site right now so I am ill informed as the the facts of “what” they are doing). So I s’pose what I am asking for is a general synopsis of the (spiritual)”necessity” for it. Thx.

  10. Well I would have to go back to terms here and say I don’t believe in ritual because it is going through the motions and people rarely give it meaning. All the people I know spontaniously do what they feel is needed. As far as a synopsis of the necessity I’m the one who doesn’t have time for that one, that could be a book.

  11. Dear Diane, I`m glad to meet you on your wonderful blog and site. I am a Romanian single woman, 55, ex-economist, about 11 years metaphysical-astrologer. Because no one around me could give me an advise in this moment of my life, I feel I need now, or even an idea, I please you for some inner help. I`m not a rich woman in 3D sense and I am on the edge of retirement. In my life I lived only in 3 houses: 29 years with my parents, 23 in my little studio and the last 3 years in another more little studio after my last divorce. In my country for those of my age it is easier to have a tiny house, in an ugly block of flats, this meaning 16-35 m2. I am in my actual location, 24 m2, about 3 years, at a seventh floor, where I was guided to live and it is very near to my childhood square. All my life I wanted to return in those places of my town. I have a mentally impulse to remove only to solve the money problem, but it is not from my heart and not for other reasons. All got started with the problems I have had in the last 15-16 months with the money or prosperity. I always have had clients and even I had not so much money, I had even more that I needed, effortlessly, measured in living means. I am an awakened one, of course as everybody, awakened to an opened point, but I know about what happens on our planet! In the last month I had this feeling that in September, or in the end of this year, I must be in another place, house or circumstances?, to move and/or live in another place? or in other stylelife? Spirit doesn`t told me if I must relocate in another region, no comment on this. This seems to be up to my choice, I have this strong inner certainity. We are in this town about 3 or 4 generations. We have no relative in another places in my country. In the mean time, I know that Spirit want me to do another carrier as photo-writer, but this change is in my heart, comes from my passion, because I always loved beautiful shapes, light and colours and words, but not so much the words as the light, colours and shapes. I am nearly a deft person and I wear a hearing prothesys. Money this year was very-very rare for me. And now I have some debts and I must retire before the retirement law here change, against the people prosperity, as usually! But I have no money to leave in the coming 3-4 month until the pension begins to come, I have these debts and no clients. I don’t know, I can`t understand what in the world happens! I must renounce to my ill(social)-pension to have the retirement pension and in between, 3-4 months, nothing! Banks here don`t get credits or cards in my situation. It seems I must sell the studio and remove in a more little studio to have the survival money. No one around me doesn`t want to borrow me some money for not to be forced to sell the studio. And if I sell, it will be exactly as you said:
    ” These tests must be complete by September and those who pass the tests need to be in their assigned locations by the end of the year. I thought assigned locations was an unusual term and asked for clarification. I was told that higher selves had chosen where they wanted their soul aspects to be if they passed the tests. In essence this was a final test, as many of the locations were places that many light workers would not consider moving.” …. The studios I could buy are 16-18 m2 ( for me and my five old cats….) and they are indeed in places where I never would consider for my moving!!! Here live very-very poor people, drinking people, gypsies, etc…These are places of great riscks for a single woman of any age. I have no money now because I didn`t re-moved ?? I have no money exactly to force me to re-move?? As you probably know, astrologers see little for them selves. I wake up in the morning with a kind of ideas and I go to bed with opposed ideas. I am born on 3 febr.1952 h 4 am in Bucharest. I will greatly appreciate any idea you could and want to give me. Or it is better to remain here and resist knowing that God wouldn`t let me without survival means? Because toward the now location I also was guided to find it 3 years ago! Tarot didn`t gave me a clear answer, nor did my dreams. In the last days something in my inner strongly opposed to remove… Please help me, if you can see something! Thank you and God blessed you, Diane,


  12. Thank you, Mitch, for reminding me 11 july Karen`s alert! And yes, for sure something it is in the air!! May be Diane will tell us more about it. Karen perceiving seems to be somehow similar with mine. I want to re-move in another house, because where I am now, it is no longer a place in my resonance. Not to do this only because of the money, but to realize my resonance dream, trusting and following my Higherself guidance when buying the other house. interestinglly enough, this could solve al my money problem. It is about retirement from all 3D jobs, going where our resonance is now and doing our new jobs. It is about shaping the new Earth, building communities based upon resonance, doesn`t it? Thank you again, Mitch, and glad to meet you here,


  13. After reading all comments on this site, I have a feeling that I shoudn`t write here about my problems, I feel I did a mistake. I appologize for my mistake and I please Diane, or the owner, who is, to erase my first comment, thank you. It is a confusion I did and which I regret, I applogize again,


  14. Before your wish will come true Stefania, I would like to ask you a question. In order to solve your problem with having no clientele, have you ever tried to utilize the Internet to offer your services? Just don’t know if this would be a viable solution in Romania.
    Personally, I’m not very much into the astrology but sometimes I check one astrologer’s site. He offers generic weekly, monthly and yearly predictions for all visitors for free, and then paid services for those who request it.
    According to him the tides for Aquariuses will turn for better in September. (September again)
    I am an Aquarius too, so I’ll see how good he really is. 🙂

    And, about second thoughts you have regarding your post. With exception for asking for personal guidance (I guess), there is nothing wrong with it. Perhaps this format here is not most suitable for this kind of communication. Unfortunately the available discussion forum has not yet been really utilized for that purpose.

  15. Thank you again, Mitch, for your understanding! After posting my first comment I read the discussions and I felt I was posting something too private on a public blog… I have no right to ask this kind of help. I asked for erasing because in this light it seems to me not to be appropriate. The discussion between Engtovo and Yelena made me sad. As an aquarius I have sometime a feeling of globally friendship and sharing some sort of help, but it is not really true for everyone, it will be, may be, in the future! I had a site where I put some of my ideas, but it didn`t work here. I ended it in may after 18 months. People here are somehow very limited and I was marginalized in astrology years ago just because of my ideas about planetary ascension and other things like these. In my country astrologers make people greatly depend on their previsions, which I didn`t, because I always wanted to make people free and not enslave them with astrological readings. So I was put out of the market in 2004: no collaborations, no papers, no magazines, neither tv nor radio, zero marketing. I am on the edge of a great change and even I am happy with myself, sometime I feel too alone. I wanted help people re-gain their own soul, their own force, but I learned that not everybody need or want to be free. I have a thought to do my own blog after solve my current problems. You know, it is about money but it is in fact more than money, it is about my creativity, my passion, about expressing my heart! Any way your comments helped me in a curious way…Someone who tell me something like you did could be a friend, even they are far away! If my comment doesn`t annoy, it can rests here. After reading Engtovo article about the grid, I was intrigued and finding myself on the edge of re-moving, I felt a need to ask her some details if this was possible, which I did. Thank you again, I will return to read interesting postings here, best wishes for you,


  16. Engtovo: Thanks, re: “lightworker assemblies” reply. I agree that people such as yourself who “spontaneously” respond to energies are doing it the “correct” way.

    What I was referring to was the people who join “groups” only because they like the idea of what is being presented. (Nothing “natural” happened to THEM personally to spark an internal feeling to “do” something).

    In terms of “Fire the Grid” for example, most one of the people I know personally who intended to do the “meditation” are people who have no “habitual” meditation schedule! I think they liked the idea of “assisting”someone they believed was “in the know” (whom they believed to be more “Spiritual” because of her NDE story!).The “efficacy” of those groups is what I was referring to. I wonder at the benefit of that group activity.

    One last thing for those who do not know. Having an NDE (I’ve had two), or even being a “Walk In”, does not automatically qualify a person as “more Spiritual” than anyone else. These events leave us with impacts of course, many of them very affirming, but it does not imply that we now are more “qualified” to tell people what THEY should do or think. And I would add that anything that creates “hype” and frenetic emotional excitement should be “suspect” in terms of joining in. Spirit brings our work to us, one does not have to go looking for it, or join groups. But that is just my opinion.

  17. To Stefania

    Well then Stefania, it looks like you are not just been guided but actually been FORCED to abandon astrology, which has become detrimental for your spiritual grow.
    And, a thought occurred to me, that your problem with hearing (being nearly deaf) maybe serves you as a metaphor for not LISTENING to the still small voice within for guidance, for too long?

    But don’t listen to me. 😉 Go within. Seek, and you shall find it.

  18. !Twila I agree I also know people who had NDE or are walk-ins who are just living a “normal” life and could care less really about a spirit path. You can have either experience but it is what you do after that determines who you are.

    As far as the group thing, I too have been exposed to many who just like to join in because it is the thing everyone is doing, and they don’t meditate on their own before or after. I think there is little, to no benefit, from those group things. I really believe a small group of say 7-11 people, who have been meditating and working with energy for a long time, focused on a specific goal could create a greater effect than millions who are clueless and likely not focused on an intent at all, but just want to say they participated.

  19. Indeed, Mitch! I felt so from 2004 when I was first time forced to re-move! And it is also true that astrology no longer was a support for my evolution, for other may be, but not for me because I did astrology about 25 years now! Meantime I learned many-many other things. It is exactly what I feel. But this thing, to be in another place at the end of the year… Spirit made me to undestand I must go from here and fast enough to arrive in the other house in september or with 1 sept. a asked my pension. My friend who works at the House of pensions told me to wait for november, without any reason, but I know that I must did my dossier for 1 september and not later. I thought and I thought today and I understood clearly that Spirit want me in another location in max. 30 days, a month. I will begin at the new moon and I will end to the new moon in september. After taking this decision, I felt better than yesterday or some days ago. It seems that the circumstances created by Spirit cannot be solved in another way… So I will go and trust my heart. About my hearing, you are right, in my familly and at work I never liked what they were talking, just all kinds of fears and gossips, vanity and silly things, competition and all kinds of words whith which I hadn`t any resonance. They all wanted to dominate and control me and they didn`t succeeded. I have the destiny axis on Pisces-Virgo which implyes strange illness and it was strage to have tympanum sclerosys from my 36-37… My second husband was exactly as my mother, I couldn`t listen his tribulations about businesses and money, about sex and many other. I needed a deep clearing to get a hope one day I will meet someone really for me! I never perceive myself as a deft person, but for the public, that is! To encounter the right person, to fulfill in fact any dream someone could have, the person must have no money debts, because money debts enslave us and block our dreams fulfilling. But even when child and I knew nothing about the Spirit, I always followed my heart at any cost! And sometime it was a hard cost. Thank you, Mitch, be blessed,


  20. Engtovo: Yup, but I maybe should have said we DO “clearly percieved” (by us that is) “Spiritual” work but it is not public or with groups of people, or openly visible in the world of form. We work underground/incognito so to speak. It is not important to me that anyone else know of my NDEs. I only tell people if they are in a situation (say have an upcoming death in the family, something like that) where the information might help with transition.

  21. Hello Engtovo

    I was lead to your site and have read it all and it seems to resonate with my personal view. I live in the flathead valley in the center of the votexes. I beleave I am here for a reason. I was lead out in the woods durring the storm in july and it was very unusal. I am intersted in more information on the votexes and things going on the the flathead.

    Thank You

  22. So, after all, it is number 9 they chose for the Dawn mission. See my comment from July 26, and Engtovo’s article, of course.

    “09.27.07 Dawn had a beautiful ride to space on September 27 and is on its way to study a pair of asteroids. Launch was delayed one day from bad weather, and liftoff was delayed 14 minutes from a boat in the range safety zone. Following liftoff at 7:34 am EDT (4:34 a.m. PDT)”

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