Heal the Heartbeat

On my mind at this moment is the healing of the earth.  We all know there is a need for healing.  We have just allowed ourselves to believe it is the earth herself that needs the healing, when in truth it is the condition ON the earth… the human condition.  It is in fact the people that need to heal.  The healing for the planet is in removing all the dark forces so the whole can be at one.  This came to mind because I was looking at the chant for the drumming tape my family made in 1991 Heal the Heartbeat.  I was remembering how at that point we believed it was the earth herself in need of healing, instead of the conditions on earth.  Yet the chant which came through unexpectedly is clearly about rebirth.  The chant came partly to my mother in a dream she awoke with the first verse and had to write it down.  When she said she received something in a dream we all knew it must be important because she is a person who rarely remembers any dream.  She set the verse in front of me and it just hit me and I said “oh I know this chant”, and proceeded to write down the rest of the verses.  They came flying out clearly and we immediately went to the drum to figure out the beat. The rebirth (birth of the phoenix) is a return to balance.  The earth did in fact birth a piece of her consciousness in 1995 0r 1996, I don’t recall off the top of my head.  That consciousness is to be a new planet, the manifestation of that is currently being worked on in the next universe.  Once we got through that labor, now it is time for the earth mother to experience the freedom of living free of the dark forces that have controlled life on her surface for her whole existence.  In fact these forces tried to get her consciousness to turn against God.  She has always been steadfast; they did not succeed in turning the consciousness of any planetary body against God.

I’m not sure why this is on my mind right now.  Maybe because as the powers of the dark force meet and continue to plan for more of the same.  The Earth Mother stands with us in SOLIDARITY.  If we have moments when we wonder if we can pull this off, she is there.  She has never lost faith in us.  We will set ourselves free from the control of the dark forces and she will be set free at the same time.  She could go on without this freedom, without life on her surface as Mars has; she is strong and will endure.  We however do not think that is good enough, any more than we believe it is good enough for ourselves.  Healing the heartbeat to me is returning the Earth Mother and all life on her surface to the one heartbeat of the Divine.

Heal The Heartbeat

Hear the heartbeat of the mother
When Great Spirit walks the land
Now her labor pains are starting and
Great Spirit holds her hand
White Buffalo Woman walks together
With Great Spirit for the plan
Hear the Heartbeat of the mother
Now Great Spirit walks the land
Walk the path of love and beauty
Aid the mother and the plan
Stand as one with the Great Spirit
Now we all must walk our talk
We are one now with the heartbeat
When Great Spirit walks the land
Hear the heartbeat of the mother
Oh Great Spirit bless this walk
As her labor now progresses
Oh Great Spirit hold our hand
All is different yet the same now
As the mother labors on
Mother bringing forth the Phoenix
Oh Great Spirit heal this land
In a moment birth pangs over
Now the mothers pain is gone
Phoenix flies free from the mother
the Great Spirit holds her hand
Now time is moving forward
Time that Phoenix takes her stand
Time for living in the heartbeat
Aid the mother as we can
Honoring truths of the Great Spirit
Walking freely upon this land
Healing of the Phoenix mother
This is the Great Spirit’s plan

5 thoughts on “Heal the Heartbeat

  1. Lief: Excellent question, re: whats in it for the dark forces? Could it be that like miserable people, dark forces love “company” ?(misery loves company).

    Okay, E why?

  2. Engtovo: One more question. What is your perception of “God” (big G). Do you subscribe to a “heirarchy of gods” (small g), as in “levels of creation”? Thx.


  3. I think there is one source that sometimes i call Source, sometimes i call Creator sometimes I call God, sometimes I call Divine Principal and this source is within all things. I was trying to explain to people that there was a Universal Life Force in all things when I was 15 they told me i was crazy. I cried, because i was a 15 year girl misunderstood by all 😦 hahahaha

    There is a hierarchy of Jobs that some entities are created to do, but that doesn’t make the spirit with the job any more important than any other spirit. There have been people over the millenniums that have worshipped spirits who do certain jobs, but that is the ignorance of the people.

    To me the same thing is happening in a lot of Christianity when they obsess on Jesus and talk about how he said he is the only way to the father, but I never hear them talk about their “father”. They worship Jesus and have forgotten all about GOD.

  4. and to Leif I can only say what they get on the planet is obvious, power, money, control, but what they get on the big scale off the planet well that is a question I have been asking myself for my whole existence, it is beyond my comprehension.

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