The Bodies

Often when talking, like in the podcast, we breeze right past a subject without thinking about what someone listening may or may not know and it can lead to misunderstanding of certain aspects. In most cases I could just wait for someone to ask some questions, but in this case this one subject stood out to me as being confusing so I will elaborate.

We talked about the etheric body in the first podcast when we were talking about astral projection not being astral, if you are a causal level soul And that you don’t have an astral body unless you are at an astral level vibration, on the causal level, it would be a causal body. Then we talked about having an etheric body, and this would lead one to think the etheric body is the one with which you project, or enter dream time. It was not my intention to leave this impression

The etheric body belongs to High Self it is the Spirit Body it has a form to it, but it is not physical, it holds the blueprints, so to speak, of what God created for the spirit in it’s full expression, not just it’s physical experience, and in fact the whole spark that became the two spirits (eternal love ties)

When incarnated we have four bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual and there are grids that create the matrix of each body. The physical body is obviously very dense and it’s grid system is the intricate expression of the DNA. The other three bodies house different aspects of our soul expression and each have a set of chakras embedded into their grid system

These grids really generally are shown in the diagrams, there are also diagrams of the three chakras systems of these bodies.

The spiritual and mental bodies have the blueprint of the soul incarnation and DNA connection and body expression programmed into them. The emotional body has the highest probability of hindering the perfect expression of this blueprint. Thought can trigger a mutation of this blueprint in the mental body though, and filter this into an imperfect expression in body as well, creating illness. The spiritual body blueprint cannot be effected by either thought or emotion and remains in it’s pure form.

To bring this perfect blueprint into expression to heal a disease for example you would call the blueprint from spiritual body into the mental resetting it, and then into the emotional, clearing anything not in harmony with the blueprint, and then into and through integrating all into the physical. to bring forth the healing of the body.

When we leave our bodies in what is called astral projection or in the dream time journey our soul is using our spiritual body. Information is sent back to the emotional and mental bodies into to brain that then is received as thought, information, and vision or is passed into the physical body as sensations and energies experienced.

The following aspect may not make any sense to you because I have not gone into any great length on the activation of the sphere, and that part of the ascension process, but I’ll stick it in here anyway.

During the ascension process, when the sphere is formed, the spiritual and mental bodies get woven into the sphere structure directly, the emotional body stays tied to the physical but is also still tied to the spiritual and mental bodies at it always has been. Emotions must pass through to the mental or spiritual body to be expressed in the sphere as the emotional body is not tied directly to the sphere.

A Master Incarnate’s bodies work a little differently. For those who don’t know a Master Incarnate is an Ascended Master who comes and takes on physical form for the purpose of teaching. A Master Incarnate has no Higher Self because they bring the totality of their spirit into form. Master Incarnates have full access to their etheric body because they have no Higher Self, the etheric body is brought into form with them.

A Master Incarnate’s etheric body holds all possible models of DNA sequence expression for the planet so if a master incarnate felt a reason to do so, he or she could re-sequence their DNA and literally reprogram the spiritual body blueprint. They would filter it down etheric- spiritual- mental- emotional- physical and change who they are, their race, their gender, appearance, but also the DNA and chromosomal realities of their body. They could become your DNA relative if they desired, they could sequence themselves so that a DNA test would show them to be your parent, or your child.

There is not much chance they would want to do this for any reason, but they can.

A Master Incarnate when leaving body takes the spiritual & etheric body on the journey. They are interwoven and can appear physical to other people if so desired, but if touched would not have a full density, more like a partly dense hologram. As all Master Incarnates eventually becomes Dharljas, if born into mortal bodies (which is essentially why they come to be world teachers) This ability would have little use after becoming a Dharlja, as a Dharlja can bi-locate and have two physical bodies in different locations anyway, there would be no point in projecting an etheric alternative.

5 thoughts on “The Bodies

  1. Dear Engtovo

    I want to Thank You and Yours for the information that you shared in your podcast, which was enlightening, informative as well as confirming of some things for me.

    Although I do have some questions relative to your podcast, and Thank You, too, for your clarifying some of the information, i do have a question about something unrelated to the podcast.

    Somewhere on your site, I ran across information having to do with the effects of various substance abuse and addictions on the aura, and I do understand that they can blow holes in our field, and, as a result, our protection. You didn’t, however, mention anything about tobacco use. Can you tell anything about cigarette smoking specifically?

    Also, just out of curiosity, you mentioned that when you conceived your daughter that you stopped using marijuana. Did use of that just stop on a dime, so to speak? Did it leave you rather than you leaving it?

    In respect and resonance,

  2. Spirit has never talked about tobacco in terms of any damage to the aura or spiritual interference. When we first started doing healing in early 1989 my mom smoked and had since before any of us kids were born, I think she started in 1950 and spirit had her do this series of healing circles with a group of ascended masters every night for a week I think. During this time she started having dreams with things like, a billboard that said I am a non smoker hahaha. On the last day, she had one pack of cigarettes left. She still wanted to smoke, but every time she lit one up it tasted horrible to her, and she would put it out. She went through the whole pack like that, as the rest of us laughed hysterically. When the pack was gone she never smoked again! She had no symptoms after 40 years of smoking either, pretty amazing. I think when it comes to smoking spirit is more concerned with the health of the physical body. They have told several people over the years to consider switching to the native spirit natural tobacco. When I smoke my prayer pipe on solstice and equinox I use a kinikinik blend, but would use the natural tobacco now and then in ceremony. I never had a smoking addiction though. The kinikinik blend would be something that could be used by a non smoker without a problem.

    The pregnancy thing was immediate, as soon as I suspected I was pregnant which was pretty early, because my period wasn’t even late yet. For me it wasn’t something I had to try to do, it was automatic. A few months after her birth though I was back to partying with my old friends. Then I fell in love with a guy who was an alcoholic and as time went on his addiction because a big problem. Eventually he went to AA and while in AA he proceeded to spend our rent money on cocaine to snort with a guy from AA. During this same time period I was enjoying the pot less and less, and at the time I attributed it to the pot getting stronger. I would smoke a little bit and get uncomfortable and have to go walk it off. After the cocaine thing this guy kept smoking more and more pot although he wasn’t drinking. Something in my head just said ooohhhhh a drug is a drug is a drug, I get it! I thought if he is going to be high one way or another the alcohol was actually the cheapest at the time.  From that point our relationship just fell apart. After that I drank a handful of times over the course of a couple years, and didn’t use any drugs and I was just done. It did nothing for me. After being sober for a couple years my clairaudience popped open.

    The stuff about the aspects and family will probably be easier to expand upon in the next podcast. Solara lol My ex-husband had her first book when we met. I took one look at it and though oh this is a sham and he was really upset with me. By a year later though he was a far bigger critic of Solara than I have ever been. We lived in Sedona when hundreds of people showed up in 2002 expecting to go out in the desert and ascend together. I always just knew that ascension was a personal thing, that people were not going to ascend in groups. We had a store across the street from where they all parked to carpool. Seeing them when they came back so dejected that they didn’t ascend was really sad.

  3. Thanks again, Engtovo for your reply and the information. I, too, “knew” of the conception of my daughter, actually, at the very moment. Later, when the doctor pronounced the due date, i said, no, she was conceived, on such and such a date. he said, no, there’s no way her heartbeat could be so strong, if that was the date. sure enough, she was born on the exact due date of my own projection, not the doctors.
    I have the feeling that we, all women, that is, are actually supposed to “know” of the conception, almost immediately.

    With respect to Solara…i don’t recall her ever even mentioning “ascension”…nor do i recall a gate activation in Sedona. I wonder what it could be, because my experience is that I have really never come across an individual, a leader, in the spiritual communities that is as pure, clear and no nonsense as her. And because I feel resonance with your information as well, i was surprised to find that you had issues with her body of work.

    One thing that i do really resonate with is your mention of the conglomerate energy being called back to source, sans their individuality, is the way i am perceiving it. is that accurate, in terms of what you are saying? also, can you tell me what you mean exactly by “conglomerate” energy? the other thing that comes up for me is that while a being is still breathing, to me, anyways, there is still hope that they will acknowledge the light and bend the kneww. so, sometimes i wonder why not give them more time. of course this is probably just silliness on my part, as the timing involved in their unwillingness is also governed by Source, yes?

    i am very interested on any information regarding the causal body. and very much interested in getting clear on the aspects or fragments that you had mentioned about earlier.


  4. So, etheric body is the one that stays with HS? then, the spiritual is the essence of the soul? what is the difference between projection, either astral or causal, and just dreaming-i mean how can one tell whether projection or a dream? the activation of the sphere recommended by Bestali-is it basic purpose DNA activation to higher vibration?-i am not clear on this

  5. oh, i forgot- you did live in Sedona at one point, Engtovo, didn’t you? i want to visit places of power (vortexes) over there. I am pretty good at feeling energies when i am open, but i am not open often and certainly not in the presence of another person. so i’m seeking your opinion on whether it is practical to find these places without a guide? and which vortex(es) would you recommend? Also, there is this SRT (spiritual responce therapy) out there that claiming to clear your akashic records, your contracts, programs, etc Practitioners work with charts, pendulums and HS of theirs and a client (i think). i know it is possible to do because i do this myself (not by SRT method, but by reprogramming my mental and then emotional bodies) for several weeks now and very successfully. But can somebody else even with the help of the Spirit do that for you?

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