Here We Go Again! Damn it!

I just got this email (shared below).  Now they want your energies on Tuesday the 24th.  How CONVENIENT, the dark humans will still be at the Bohemian Grove. and this supposed device was picked up by aliens the day after fire the grid.  Numerology of this day is a 22 day!!!!!  So perfect that it is sent out by a PhD no less, and it wants us to heal something that was supposed to be created by the cabal (i.e. dark forces) . Blaming themselves for damage to the earth to get us to respond and give our energy this is a classic manipulation.

He says he can’t tell us where exactly to send our energies because it would be dangerous.  To whom exactly?  But we will be told in the winter.  The Earth Mother is just fine!  If she needs our help with something she would send out energy to all the people who are open herself, she doesn’t need a PhD mouthpiece.  She is quite capable of  communication all by herself.  They want you to send your energy to this spot, without knowing where is, by intention, using their wording.  They even want you to time shift if you are not available on Tuesday (at 8am pacific time) and send it now or, if you miss the time, send your energy BACKWARDS through time!  Here is the deal, I am working on a fire the grid update where I explain how the dark forces use certain places to hold energy until they are ready to send it all at once.  Since they can’t do anything from the Grove itself.  They want you to send your energies to one of the places they store energy directly!  The danger in exposing where, is that people like me will go tear it apart!!  At the appointed time a high priest of the dark forces, who is no doubt already at the location to facilitate the receiving, will send out the energy with their evil intent.

Once again they use the old standby, the earth is in trouble, to sucker us in to turning our power over to them


Subject: Joint Psychic Exercise to heal Mother Earth’s latest injury
From: “Richard Boy-an PhD” <>

Joint Psychic Exercise To Heal Mother Earth’s Latest Injury – 7/24/07

Friends and Star Kids,
You are invited and called upon to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise to
respond to a healing need of Mother Earth’s after a Cabal-inflicted injury.

The explanation/background follows.
The Cabal had placed a massive disruptive-energy device in a northern latitudes location. This was recently discovered.  A task force, consisting of Colonel Shadow (and his Counter-Insurgency Team) and a Zeta crew and  starcraft, took this device out of Cabal control on July 18 . The device was deemed so damaging to Earth that it was removed from Earth’s atmosphere by Zeta safely into space. However, the device had been in place long enough to do serious erosive damage to Earth’s surface in that locale.

So, Mother Earth needs substantial healing of the damage left by the device’s past presence.  This is where you can help.  You are requested to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise Tuesday to respond
to a need of Mother Earth’s for healing after this cabal-inflicted injury.  The Exercise will consist of directing he-ling, restorative energy to the northern-latitudes location where the device was located. The healing energy “send” should last at least 15 minutes.
The precise details of the location and nature of the device cannot be  revealed at this time. Revealing the information now would pose
substantial risk of harm. I regret that the details cannot be disclosed
until early Winter, at which time the danger of harm will have passed. Please do not ask for more details now.

As for the matter of where to direct your healing, restorative energy
for Earth Being/Mother Earth, please send your energy to Earth Mother by intention “to the location where the recently-removed disruptive-energy device used to lay.” Mother Earth will “get it”, and will gladly receive your soothing, repairing energy.

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can,
and back-time or forward-time (time-jump by intention) your effort to coincide with ours.

Thank you.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor

5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again! Damn it!

  1. Hi,
    Very curious about the work you all are doing. How do you reassemble the grids with love?
    This is interesting. We are chronicling the efforts here in NYC. Unbelievable some days. I’m interested in finding ways to learn more about this.

  2. Hi!

    Wow, I am not sure what to say! I have read only bits of this and other websites, re: fire the grid and scores of other frantic efforts to “save the world”. I concur with those who know that this type of “response” to earth’s present problems will do absolutely nothing to make change. In fact it will make things worse as scores of otherwise responsible folks check out of life for an hour to meditate and pray instead of cleaning the toilet or taking your kid for a walk in the park.

    If you think that we would leave this beautiful planet’s “grids” (a juvenile term to begin with…someone “channeled” that concept back in the day… I was there…) to humans you are naive. There are entire legions of beings who handle that work, both on and off planet. Think bigger!

    In addition the average human mind cannot control a simple human (themselves!), it is highly unlikely that they have the power to “help” Mother earth. Mother is fine and will complete her journey to stardom on time and without interference from on planet human helpers.

    The process of becoming a star is not a sophistocated procedure, those who handle the technicalities have been doing it for aeons, they know what they are doing. Please do not tryp to help.

    Humans have been praying and meditating and godknowswhatelse since time immemorial and it has done little good. The mess on the planet was created by those same people not the “Illuminati”! It is very human to cast blame outside oneself. However if you would see real change, stop it. LOOK WITHIN!

    I would agree with E that if humans want to help that they clean up their own back yard so to speak. When one understands the process of creation one knows that any “dirt” percieved “out there” be it earth pollution, a shortage of this or that, or the Illuminati, is merely their own projection. “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Ponder that.

    If people want to fix the world and create global peace (not to mention peace among the stars!) may I suggest your efforts begin more appropriately in your own living room. Is peace there? How about with the friends and family and neighbors that you have problems with? Perhaps a change of “heart” toward those folks would go further to give you peace of mind and safety in the world, than meditating in the comfort of your bedroom where you are required to do nothing but close your eyes (to your private messes).

    Or how about “not driving on wednesdays” or skipping a meal and donating the money to your favorite street person (take one to lunch! Spread your wings). Practical. Practical. Humans must think practical. Small bits add up.

    Few of you have the mind dicipline to stay on a diet for twelve hours, or to get to where you need to be on time, how is it you feel you are capable of “healing the planet”? You are not. But it is a nice thought, thank you.

    Don’t get glum, THINK for (bleep) sakes. If you do anything I would beg you to learn to think for YOURSELF. Do not form “groups” or worship external “gurus”, it is completely unneccessary. I have it on very good authority that you are in good hands.

    Love and Kisses,


  3. Just an FYI here, I don’t subscribe to the theory that earth is now or will ever be a sun! A sun is a sun, and a planet is meant to be a planet. If a planet were to become a sun, it would not be earth, it would be a gaseous planet like Jupiter IMO.

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