Owning our Emotions

Comment on fear mongering… oh please  the article does sound very angry…i am surprised actually…i do inner work only for 2 years, but it produced huge changes in consciousness and i can’t imagine what would fire me up like that…i agree, changes do start from within, inner work, not wishfull thinking. However, i know that those of us who are on this path are aware that we can’t push, drag or shame people into it…it comes from within and sustained from within…again, personally i don’t get upset or angry anymore, but when i get homesick (i’m not an earthling i think) in a big way, my only heaven is meditation. How many people meditate when they don’t feel so good? And i mean among those who do practice…yeah, exactly…so we need not to be angry with or expecting from others who are really are ignorant and may be getting “free ride” as you say. We know not to have expectations of gratitude and be prepared to hear just the opposite; we just know better..why get angry then? yelena

yelena, when I was two years into my path I didn’t get angry much either. You are in a honeymoon stage with God, the blissful “there really is something more” stage. It’s like being in love with love. But just like a good marriage, in time you settle in and the love grows into something real that is beyond the bliss. If the Ascension path is followed, you will first get to a place of even greater bliss than you experience now. This is the Nirvana, Samadhi stage. This is where people then often get stuck, because they don’t know there is something more. In a good marriage when you leave the in love stage and get to the point of seeing the person you love as a real being with flaws, the love doesn’t fade or go away, it just becomes realistic, which is empowering.

If you are strong enough to continue out of that Nirvana stage and move on, you get to the difficult part of the path. The deeper you go within the closer you get to your own inner darkness, which lives at your core and must be cleared. It is like peeling an onion and we have all been through some nasty stuff through thousands of lifetimes on this planet. It’s all in there and you have to look at it, own it, and allow it to serve God. There is anger there and rage and every emotional you can imagine, and you must feel them all without condemnation of self.

There are a lot of people who knew me in the Nirvana stage of my path. I would just open my mouth and out would come endless profound musings about the divine. But do I want that stage back? No, because the Nirvana stage only sees one side of the picture, the all love side. As wonderful as it is, we live in a world that is NOT all love, and to change it we have to acknowledge it. We have to move out of that bliss stage and face the truth of the current world in which we live, if we want to ascend. There are plenty of people who live a monastic life in the Nirvana stage, and then die at a ripe old age and that’s ok for them, it’s not a right or wrong issue. We can each remain at any stage we want to remain at.

After leaving Nirvana, the more in tune you get with what is really happening in the world, and how these energies have held back true human expression for millions of years on multiple planets, it’s going to make you angry. It would not be possible to have the full emotional understanding of this and not be angry about it. It will activate things inside you that you have uncleared anger about. God will teach you how to use the anger that was activated and turn it into motivation for change and upliftment

The thing is, who taught you that anger is wrong or unspiritual in the first place? I am not afraid of my anger because I am not a violent woman. I would never hurt myself or another person. I don’t lose control of myself in my anger. Anger is simply the expression of knowing something is not right, seeing injustice. In the story of Jesus turning over the table of the money changers in the temple, he was clearly angry. He had a reason for his anger. What was being done was wrong, unjust, and an affront to what is holy or sacred.

Without anger as a motivating factor in the world no one would ever change anything. The emotion is never the problem, it is how we deal with any given emotion that is the key. We have been taught to fear or suppress our emotions. Every time you suppress an emotion because you think it is negative you limit your capacity to LOVE, as all emotions, and the depths thereof are connected. Most really positive organizations in the world were started by one person who got pissed off. A mother of a child who was kidnapped and murdered, filled with anger, rage and pain, channels that energy into an organization to stop other children from being kidnapped and murdered, for example. A negative example of not dealing with the emotion, attempting to suppress it is; a woman in the same predicament gives over to her anger and rage, turns to alcohol, leaves the bar drunk, crashes into an oncoming car and kills the innocent child of someone else.

I certainly won’t be apologizing to anyone for being angry about the pain, suffering and injustice in this world. I am angry at the chosen ignorance of the masses who have access to information they choose to ignore. My anger is justified. All I can do is express it in a way that is not harmful, speak MY truth. I use it to motivate me on my inner journey, and with my outer work sharing my perspective with those who want to hear it. You’re surprise at my anger is your own EXPECTATION of what a spiritual person is supposed to act like. There are three primary metaphysical lessons, and I do have a partly written article on these that I guess I should finish. They are expectation, perception, and judgment. They are all tied together and how we each interact with them determines how we move through our relationships in this world.

5 thoughts on “Owning our Emotions

  1. Right on, Engtovo!
    And thank you for speaking your Truth and sharing your emotions, which empowered me immencely. I myself am no longer in the Nirvana stage, but was afraid to “own” the increasing agitation I was feeling from the FTG event, as well as from the endorsements by many spiritual leaders and Internet radio show hosts. Feeling anything negative about the event even “internally” was almost like pointing the Emperor naked!

  2. Two thumbs up to moving out of the nirvana stage!!! Its hard but when the hard part’s done it’s done forever 🙂

  3. The FTG event pushed me out of Nirvana Stage!

    I feel so much better being a Warrior, and finding ways to release safely!

  4. well, i tell why i said i was surprised. A few months ago i definetily felt that my brain’s wave friequency switched from normal to meditative friquency (one of greek letters, don’t remember) and in that state it practically impossible to produce any strong negative emotion (at least for me). Are you saying it can switch back?
    BTW, how can one achive samadhi? Does it come naturally with more meditations?

  5. What I have learned about anger is that it is a useful emotion so that you will take a look at yourself and keep your mouth shut about others. It really works for a successful marriage. Righteous anger like the kind Jesus showed is a spiritual quality versus the anger that most of us feel all the time which comes from the ego. The latter is what most people get in trouble about.

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