More Disinformation

Oh my god every day it is something different

This quote was from the site of a spiritual author.

The root, sex and then the solar plexus  chakras are activated as children grow into adulthood. Having reached adulthood, many people go on to activate their heart chakras and some venture into the realm of the throat chakra, especially during meditation.



Little children that don’t have all seven chakras active and flowing are SICK children!  If you heart chakra isn’t open you are out of balance this is what we healers do, is remove blocks that people create in ALL their chakras because of various emotions and thoughts.  Yes that’s right, all seven chakras with or without meditation

The Kundalini can start to open in childhood but it’s not common unless the child is a very advanced soul.  The Kundalini process can take up to 10 years, but it is completely different from the chakras functioning. 

The chakras should all be functioning in the womb!  As the areas of the body form, the chakras start to function and bring life force from the soul into them.  They should all be fully functional by 5 – 6 months gestation.

I happened upon this site because it was supporting fire the grid , and I clicked on a link in an email about how everyone was falling for the deceptions.  The descriptions of the individual chakras and what they do is just as bad.  I still find it shocking that someone with so little understanding of one of the most basic metaphysical concepts could have gotten a book published.

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