More on Group Energy & Dark Forces

/comment snip/ however, on the local level of groups of 100-150 people meditating on light and love-that’s what i felt, light and love, even for days after. also there are documented evidence of significant crime rates dropping during group meditations. i think, the solution lays in focusing within as individual, becoming Love and expressing it without…if more and more people could do that –  yelena

A group that is small has a focused intent and is capable of determining where their group energy is going.  When 1000s of groups that size along with other individuals are all sending out their energy to something bigger who is taking this energy and applying it to what intent.  I have read the info about reduction in crime and it wasn’t very convincing.  I imagine that if you get your hands on a bunch of statistics of a given area before and after there will always be something that you can take out of it and give credit to the meditation.  Statistics as a whole are a tool of manipulation, the numbers can be presented in so many ways to give about any perception you desire.  The problem is light and love is a wonderful ideal, but group prayer should always be given a very specific intent. 

A positive example of those same 100 or so people, would be intending the healing of a specific person who is ill.  When you do this the energy is handed directly to the person’s higher self.  There is no chance of any negative force high jacking that energy.  The minute you go to a global event, who is taking the energy for the light to apply it to the intent?  What are their qualifications for doing this, and where did they learn the skill of holding and then placing the intent of millions of people?  What is the SPECIFIC intent?  More love is ambiguous because it means something different to different people.  Even focus on your joy is ambiguous.  Have you ever considered that a pedophile feels joy when looking a child pornography, or raping a child, and that he may have participated in the meditation and put that “joy” into the group consciousness?

The solution does lay with the individual, focus on raising your own vibration and ignore group stuff, unless it is something very specific like intending the healing of someone.  If you feel the need to express assistance to the world there are plenty of active ways to do so.  Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks etc. are all loving positive expressions.  You can also offer love and forgiveness to every person on the planet in individual mediation without it being used against you or the whole. It is the magnified power of groups that the dark force wants to use, because once you give your personal energy over to a larger group you no longer control it, and because it grows exponentially the more people participate. 

This is obviously the same reason why light workers want to do it.  They want to grow their intent exponentially; they just don’t know what they are doing.  It is like sending a 15 year old out on to the freeway who has never driven before.  Would we do that?  Of course not!  Driving requires proper training to be safe.  Group power and intentions also require adequate training for the intent to be held then used where intended.  This is a problem over and over again in spiritual circles.  

I know people whose group endeavors were ceremonial in nature, and the ceremonial leader thought he/she was properly trained but were not.  In these situations ceremonial participants who came to raise their consciousness have left ceremony with entity attachment instead.  They allowed themselves to be vulnerable in ceremony and that’s what makes ceremony powerful.  However, it requires the ceremonial leader to have the knowledge and ability to protect everyone in the ceremony.  It also requires the ceremonial leader to have the highest vibration in the ceremony.  It should be obvious that this then requires the ultimate of integrity instead of the typical ego.  A ceremonial leader who could tell someone they could not participate in the inner circle of ceremony because the person was of higher vibration than him or herself, would be a rare individual indeed!

Most people don’t even know how to properly protect themselves, let alone protect the energy of millions of people.  On the other side of the fence dark humans are taken into training in childhood and taught;

  • How to protect themselves
  • How to protect their greater group
  • How to attack other humans
  • When humans are vulnerable to attack
  • How to use and manipulate energy
  • How to hold large amounts of energy.
  • How to circumvent Universal Law
  • How to trap energies and (i.e. cause a recently deceased human to be earthbound)
  • How to make grids
  • How to unravel grids of light workers
  • And much much more….

Contrary to that, we are generally taught in society that spiritual energy doesn’t exist, and those who feel it are maybe a little crazy, or paranoid, especially if they feel attacked by something unseen.  We are taught from childhood that seeing or talking to spirits and angels is make believe.  Parents strive to get their kids to let go of such make believe before they enter school, where they receive further brain washing. 

When I was a small child I could see the grids.  I recall being four or so and I was starting to forget and not be able to see them anymore.  When I was on the verge of falling asleep I would drift out of my body and see the grids and get scared, because I was forgetting what they were.  It would startle me back into my body, and then I would be afraid to close my eyes for a while.  This may happen four or five times before I fell asleep.  I remember telling my parents I was afraid of the lines, they of course, were clueless what I was talking about.  There is very little else I recall about being four!  If my parents had known what grids were, they surely would have realized I could see them, and could have encouraged me in keeping this ability.  The children born into long lineages of intentionally aligned dark families are encouraged to remember everything they know and use it for hate.  Their spiritual knowing is nurtured for evil purposes, while simultaneously the general population is taught there is no such thing.  What the general population is allowed to know stays in the confines of religion, where it is tightly controlled.  Then all religion teaches that anything ‘occult’ is negative and must be avoided.  They do this to ensure there are very few people on the planet with the spiritual knowledge to fight the dark forces on their own turf, so to speak. 

They own all the institutions of higher learning.  They determine the curriculum of the psychology and psychiatric paths and anything they find threatening to their power is classified as a mental illness and MEDICATED.  That is not to say there are not also real mental illnesses.  The fact that they then make a big fat profit off the medications too, as they own the multinational corporations, is just a fact they find hilarious.  They use every opportunity to medicate us, from mind numbing neurotoxin fluoride in our water and toothpaste, to msg in our food that causes us illness and saps our energy, so we have no energy to resist them with.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, they spend their time laughing at our stupidity, that as a whole, we don’t even believe they exist let alone that they could be doing the things they do.  Humanity needs to WAKE UP!

Developing your own inner connection to the Creator is the real goal.  A lot of people get lost in their perception of what it means to express love and force themselves to act a certain way.  Moving to the expression of more love is being honest about whatever you feel in the moment.  Denial of a feeling that is not seen as loving (such as anger or pain) does not get you closer to love.  It simply suppresses the feeling, pushes it inside and forces it to come out later, when it is often harder to understand what it’s about.  We each need to find safe places and ways to express emotions that we are processing that are unpleasant, so that we don’t hurt ourselves or others in the process of release.  What most spiritual people I have known do is put on what I call the new age face.  They talk about love and light and it in reality is some kind of spiritual version of politically correct.  A true spiritual path requires absolute honesty; even about the ugly dark things inside us that we are clearing and healing, to move to a greater expression of love.

2 thoughts on “More on Group Energy & Dark Forces

  1. when you talk about dark forces do you mean the robot-like soulless race BESTALI was talking about? also Illuminati or what ever you want to call it -humans in power as well?
    I am increasingly curious about learning energy manupulation you talking about. i sort of understand what you say, but if energy can be manupulated like that there will be no end of good/evil war, assembling/disassembling grids, and so on. And we have been repeatedly told that it is all illusion, playground, theater for us to express ourselves 🙂 In any case, where from would you recommend i could learn about energy manipulation? About evil entities attachment: isn’t it low vibrations (like negative emotions, mostly fear) attracts and makes possible for an entity to attach? They can’t attach just to anyone they choose, a person must be open and vulnerable-isn’t that true? And will it be possible to observe any changes in a person if in fact such a thing occured (except, mental disorders, obviously)? Lastly, if you are a walk-in (as Bestali said), why are you referring to your childhood (actually, childhood of your body:))

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