Fear Mongering… Oh Please

There have been endless comments about fear on many internet BB’s, lately, as in being afraid of the group mediation fire the grid, or afraid of dark forces, or even the ultimate in ignorance, being afraid of people joining together to raise their consciousness.  This has to be discussed!

P.S. to all the nincompoops out there, I am also not a ‘guy’, although it is an interesting assumption that someone presenting a rational argument must be a guy.  I also have not put my information ‘DON’T Fire the Grid’ on any other site but this one.  I sent it in email to a handful of friends and so did my brother and from there it ended up in countless locations.

The information I presented is not about fear, nor is it intended to invoke fear in anyone.  It is about critical thinking, questioning, and seeking.  I have been working the energies a long time and know the way the dark forces work.  I am not afraid of them.  I do know exactly what they are capable of, and what is required to stop them.  That is what I endeavor to do.  What is going to happen if you participate in ‘fire the grid’?  Nothing now, because the energies have already been neutralized on your behalf by people who know what to do and YOUR WELCOME!!  Ignorance of what you do with your energies is no excuse anymore.  Everyone on the planet is responsible for the condition of the planet through participation.  The idea that anyone is trying to stop people from joining together to raise their conscious is simple proof that you know jack about raising consciousness.  If you think that raising consciousness (i.e. raising vibration) is simply holding hands and praying together than you have a lot of work ahead of you.

You say “well, love and light is stronger than darkness”.  Yes this is true on the large scale, which is why I have always said the dark force has already lost the battle.  Creator is taking care of the big picture.  Here on little earth however, the dark force has been in power a very long time, and if you can’t see how ugly it is, WAKE UP.  The dark forces use spiritual technology against you and you are oblivious because they control the institutions that would have taught you the same spiritual technologies to protect yourself.  I am well protected, spirit taught me directly how to protect myself, so I have no reason to fear the dark forces.  That protection is an ongoing process however.  I didn’t just protect myself once.  The dark forces learn things about my grid of protection and then I must upgrade it, just like we get virus upgrades for our computers.  Dark forces also use physical technology against you; mind control technologies have been ongoing for quite some time.  Are you protected?  Do you even know what makes you vulnerable to these things?  Do you just believe that because you want to raise your consciousness that you are immune?

You may raise your vibration in a group event for a few hours.  If someone there was a much higher vibration than you, that caused your vibration to raise, but when you get home the chances of you continuing to hold this vibration is miniscule.  The reason is that you haven’t done the INNER work to sustain the higher vibration.  Raising consciousness is truly a personal journey.  It requires dedication and commitment, something I see very little of in the greater spiritual community.  People are looking for the easy way out.  They think oh well we can just have a big world meditation and we will all be more loving and the world a better place.  It just doesn’t work that way.  What have you as an individual done to raise your vibration?  One little hour or two of world meditation is squat.  It doesn’t even measure up to an hour or two of personal mediation.  It is the same old problem seeking a solution outside of you to ‘save the world’.  The path is INSIDE.  To change the world individuals must change themselves.

This doesn’t mean we cease all outer work.  I will still be doing grids to stop the dark forces.  Another person will still be doing charity to feed the hungry.  But these outer expressions are not a replacement for inner work.  What I see is a bunch of people for which new age, wicca, metaphysics, pagan stuff is really just a fun hobby.  They get to live outside the societal norm and this makes them feel oh so SPECIAL.  When it comes to actually doing any inner work they run like hell.  Then tell the ones of us that do the work, that we just don’t love enough, or are too judgmental.  Well guess what?  The new age version of not judging is not the spiritual issue of not judging.  New age version says all questioning (i.e. seeking) is judging.  Spiritual says we should not CONDEMN, and that, like as all issues, is an ongoing challenge for all of humanity.  We do however, judge every single day.  We determine through discernment whether to cross a busy road for example, that is making a judgment.  Why are you afraid to discern your spirituality?  Is it just that it is too damn hard, too much work?  After all it might take away the time that you are spending drinking beer in a dark energy laden tavern?  God forbid.  If one more light worker tells me they are going there to “spread a little light around” I’m going to hurl.  How many of the fire the grid participants will be doing their hour of joyous mediation for the cause from within the bar or celebrating it right after?  I ponder. 

I certainly understand why light workers want to escape, but I also understand there is no escape, and their attempts to hide in alcohol or drugs only give the dark forces more ammunition to work with.  Dark forces love people under the influence.  They cannot protect themselves, and hey if you’re looking for an entity to attach to you by all means go hang out and drink in the bar.  Be aware however that you will not be spreading any light to the poor lost souls there.  How about taking responsibility with some basic honesty, that would be refreshing.  Just say “Engtovo I can’t cope, so I’m going to go drink and try and forget.”  I would still think it was a cop out, but that then would be my problem. 

This really is to bring me back to the core of the discussion…FEAR.  Who is afraid of what?  I don’t have to hide in bars, with drugs and alcohol to cope with this world, even with the awareness I have.  Is it hard some times?  Sure, of course it is.  I’ve been part of wonderful groups and we have done amazing healing circles that left people in tears so overwhelmed with love.  After the afternoon or evening is over, undoubtedly a large group will leave together to have some drinks and get their vibration back down where they are comfortable with it.  So don’t give me this crap about questioning global meditations being fear mongering and trying to stop the group from manifesting a higher consciousness.  A large percentage of you wouldn’t know higher consciousness if it bit you in the ass.

Do I sound angry?  Oh that’s the next thing you’ll hit me with.  I’ve seen it all before.  In fact the dark forces love to use that one too.  Take politics they have the country convinced they don’t want an angry candidate.  I do!!  If any candidate were ever to be real, he/she would have to be damn angry about the state of the country.  After all any one who is not shut down is angry and our candidates should be representing our point of view.  I am annoyed and at times angry.  A very small group of people has accomplished all the work that has been done against the dark forces.  The rest of you have been sitting on your butts and feeling good about spending an hour in a global meditation.  Half of you refuse to even believe there are dark forces, or accuse us of fear mongering if we dare to mention them.  Yet when the work is done and our small group has been successful, you will all reap the benefits.  It is like fighting two forces, the dark forces and the IGNORANCE of those who claim to be doing the work of the light.  Does it piss me off that you are making my work harder?  Hell yes, and rightfully so!

In this world when discerning if all else fails, follow the money.  Money is the control of all things unholy. There are people in this world capable of holding money with integrity, but they are a small minority.  When it comes to fire the grid, I don’t hear all the do gooders even wondering why a woman who was told she was to take no money for this (and no one else was either as she states in her video) is selling coasters, magnets and t-shirts.  She has commercialized the whole thing.  Do you really need more of a clue then this about the consciousness level of this event?  Where is the money from those items going if it is not to be about money?  She claimed three people put the whole thing together with no money.  Is she still on welfare?  Again I ponder.

I know a lot about doing the work and having it not be about money.  Just in case you haven’t noticed, there are no ads on spiritnexus.com or the blog, since 1998 there never have been.  I am not rich, I have never asked for money for any of this.  I have a paypal donate button, because a woman asked me for one that wanted to give a little gift.  There has been a total of $110.00 of donations, for which I am grateful.  It was truly given freely.  I’m not selling a bunch of stuff or whining for money to pay my web host.  I believe spiritual information was meant to be shared for free.  Spirit has always said if you write a book then obviously the book is a tangible item that has production costs.  But when it comes to offering information or doing healing, money corrupts things.  The response from all the spiritual people, could have come right out of the mouths of dark energy.  If it doesn’t cost a lot it isn’t worth anything, or there has to be an exchange of energies.  Both are just BS to get you to be ok with selling the sacred.

Spiritual sites all across the net don’t think twice about charging you for their content.  Enlightenment by subscription!  The queen of all things 11:11 charges you for her wisdom on her site.  Oh these sites will tell you they have all these costs, well what costs I ask?  I pay 170.00 a year for my host, which I could get cheaper elsewhere at this point since I don’t need the enormous about of hard disc space they offer. And 14.95 a year per domain (.com .net and .org) that’s $214.85  a year.  Oh many will tell you they need a fancy webmaster, to that I say NOT.  If they are intelligent enough to interpret great spiritual mysteries that people need to pay to receive.  Certainly they are intelligent enough to put together a basic website.  A website is not fricken rocket science or brain surgery as the saying goes.

Now the dark forces want you to give over all your money to fire the grid’s project Cause after the ceremony is over.  They want to do away with all the little charities (the ones that actually do anything to help people) and funnel that money to project Cause’s global council.  At the same time telling you that fire the grid is not about money.  First they want your energy, then they want your cash, and they want you to trust them to use it properly.  How can anyone be fooled into thinking exposing this obvious play by the illuminati is fear mongering.  Do you think our current world is fair?  If you did you would not have gotten suckered into Shelly Yates plight and heart felt plea for project cause to begin with.  Well this is more of the same folks, Get a clue.

12 thoughts on “Fear Mongering… Oh Please

  1. Good on ya engtovo!
    So many people are being conned by anything remotely resembling spirituality.
    Have they ALL lost their marbles or what?
    Fire the grid my arse! They must be laughing all the way to the bank! Just like the makers of “The Secret” to name another of the many scams (conscious or otherwise) that abound on the spiritual bandwagon.
    If you try to get people to stop & actually think for themselves for a moment, they take it as a personal insult & accuse you of being judgemental. Judgement, criticism, whatever anyone calls it is fine by me, but this I know; if you jump in feet first without discernment/judgement/critical assessment of what’s on offer “spiritually” then they’ve got you by the short & curlies!
    Again. Good on ya for your honest assessment & for the work you do. Very refreshing to have found your site today.

  2. Actually I am Engtovo and Diane. Diane is my legal name, for now but I intend to change it to Engtovo. I was Tatiacha for 11 years, before recently changing to Engtovo, no one calls me Diane except the bank lol

  3. the article does sound very angry…i am surprised actually…i do inner work only for 2 years, but it produced huge changes in consciousness and i can’t imagine what would fire me up like that…i agree, changes do start from within, inner work, not wishfull thinking. However, i know that those of us who are on this path are aware that we can’t push, drag or shame people into it…it comes from within and sustained from within…again, personally i don’t get upset or angry anymore, but when i get homesick (i’m not an earthling i think) in a big way, my only heaven is meditation. How many people meditate when they don’t feel so good? And i mean among those who do practice…yeah, exactly…so we need not to be angry with or expecting from others who are really are ignorant and may be getting “free ride” as you say. We know not to have expectations of gratitude and be prepared to hear just the opposite; we just know better..why get angry then?

  4. I agree SO much with everything you said. I was judged and criticised for not taking part in firing the grid because I simply felt that something was wrong with all that wishful thinking, and also because I think that people do this to have a clean consciousness when in their everyday life they are still poluting the earth or at least not making any effort to take REAL action to heal it.

  5. I would just like to tell you how much I liked the piece you wrote. Sometimes meditation and energy work can become cumbersome because I feel that I am the only one in my vasinity who is actually doing anything to raise the vibration. What makes it worse is I’ve got friends who are lightworkers and who know their perpous but their dependence on Cannabis keeps them down. I used to have a pretty bad drug problem but was able to free myself from it, and wish my friends would do the same. I have a friend who has an inate ability to see auras, but he spends his time fucked on pot, and is constantly being drawn in to the dark shadows of deception with these rediculous fake revelations. As for getting paid for something spiritual, like a healing or something to that affect, I do not believe it is wrong to make a living helping other people improve their quality of life. What you can do is charge for the time spent administering the session and the cost of more tools (I am to be a practitioner of vibrational tharipy and so I use antique Himalayan singing bowls and other shamanic instruments). You just need to be drivin by the cause to help other people broaden their scope of perception, in turn raising vibration. Spirit understands the times we live in, and understands that if we are to reach our potential and fulfill our perpous, we will need money to help get us their, since these are just the times we liven right now. Spirit does not want us to be cold, hungry, and destitute, so I have no problem charging for the time and cost of more bowls, drums, gongs, what have you. In indiginous cultures shamans could get buy with not charging for healings because they weren’t so money oriented, and they lived closer to nature. Now because we have been born in to a culture that is ruled by the dollar, it is our job to charge head on in to the darkness, using that dollar as a means to infoltrate their operation and shine the light. The light can only truly shine when we uncover the darkness in ourselves and heal it. We need to get to as many people as we can, so there are people who will need to be doing spiritually oriented work full time.

  6. Greg

    In my experience pot users are often sensitives who have trouble dealing with their gifts and the negative crap going on in the world in general. Once upon a time I was a major pothead 🙂 It was a loooooong time ago and there are still days when it’s easy to understand the desire to escape!

    The money thing is something you learn over time if you are paying attention that is. I charged for healing at the beginning, it didn’t feel right as time went by and then I started to watch as great people I loved and respected lost their spirituality and became corrupted by the money or in some cases a type of fame. It was sad and such a waste of really gifted people. As for the indigenous cultures most of them had an interdependent culture where everyone simply had a role to play and those roles were discovered in childhood whether it was a hunter or a healer and the hunter provided food for the healer and his family and the healer worked on the whole community. Everyone took care of everyone and there was little room for corruption like there is in this society. Certainly no one would have looked at the situation as having to pay the healer, and no one sick was ever left without care.

    Spirit certainly understand we are stuck in this screwed up money controlled world and it’s not like you are going to get in some big karma automatically for charging for something, but trying to maintain spiritual integrity in this world is the hardest thing I have ever experienced and those I respect would say the same for themselves. Bringing money into the spiritual mix makes it a thousand times harder, and will absolutely bring about money LESSONS which suck beyond words. Much better to find a way to support yourself separate from spirit so that spiritual growth is not limited or corrupted by the demands that money brings into the process.

    If the goal is really to raise your vibration which is the best goal, then working on other people won’t help you and may or may not help them, depending on what you are working on within yourself at the time. The desire to help others is a worthy desire, the reality is though there is little we can really do to help others spiritually other than to be an example to the best of our ability in any given moment. There would be more vibration raising going on with less teacher, preacher, healer and more just going within.

    It really is too bad that there is not a type of monastery where serious seekers could spend time on the journey that was connected to no religion that would allow a person to step out of society and work and money crap for a year or two or five depending on how long the person felt the need to be dedicated strictly to spiritual growth. Not sure if a place did exist how you would weed out the serious from those just wanting a free place to live though LOL but it’s a nice idea. Once upon a time the world was such that we had far more options than in this time. We have to work harder and be dedicated to accomplish our desires because of this world’s chaos but it is still worthwhile.


  7. Yeah, I used to do a lot of psychedellics, pot, mushrooms, acid, Salvia, but I can’t say I regret it because it led me to energy work and shamanism. I am working to get a degree in music tharipy so there is a likelyhood of sepperating shamanic sound healings from a mainstream music tharipy practice. But I still plan to further the scientific evidence of the benefits of vibrational healing so that it becomes more accepted as a complimentary medicin. I am not really looking to raise someone’s vibration with the sound healing, but rather let it benefit them in what ever way it can, like helping them to reach their full potential. Taken from this point of view it is my goal to administer sound healings for people who may not believe there is any spiritual connection at all, and that is where the line of charging for the time and such get’s blurd for me. It feels ok that I would make my living devoting my time to helping people in this way, and believe me I know that money can corrupt, but I’ve all ready investigated other sound healers practices and they are doing things I would most certinly never do. I would do the healing, and that’s it. I would charge for the time and tools, but not for information, or the healing itself. These other people are offering books on the subject, dooing teliclasses, I don’t know, it’s all pretty crazy from my point of view anyway. But like I said I mite be able to have a mainstream music tharipy practice and then provide free sound healing sessions for those who need it. I am working to raise my vibration, and yes, that does require going with in, and yes, the best way to encourage other people to develop is to be an example. Who are we to preach our point of view. Everyone has grown up and evolved with their own conditioning, and the same beliefs and points of view won’t resonate with everyone. You articulated my point exactly with your comment on indiginous cultures, and so I thank you for that. Sorry if my spelling is less than steler, I am visually impaired and so I don’t see words spelled out all the time, plus I have a condition called synisthesia where I see sounds and so I think this may play a role in why I tend to spell phoneticly. K, I’ve been rambling, sorry.

  8. I am new to alot of this language and yet I am an old soul.I wish had woken earliar but hibernation has it’s benifets.I love your passion(that’s what I hear,not anger)I try to stay clear of the people who don’t feel the whole range of emotions(correct me if I’m wrong I thought each emotion had a frequency and each were a natural occurence,can’t have one without the other)I know we each effect the other; science(quantum physics )& religeon are saying the same thing.So if I say for instance beome a strong magnet I will by the laws of science attract more particles of magnetic material to strenghthen my core.Spiritual laws I’m told work the same way.Is there actually a seperation ?What I’m learning lately there is no seperation,scarey yet I’m open minded.No time space continuem,String Thoery(I learned about at a pow wow !)All I can say is things are getting strange or I just didn’t realize it,which is most likely.Any help is better than no help .Some people are followers,some leaders.some don’t have as much to offer.Some not as brave as others etc.I heard this once FEAR :F—, Everything And Run or Face Everything And Recover wouln’t it be great to have Eden back.Alot of us are still scared but you can bet were looking for an example,prefferably not a Hitler type.Some are looking for the miracle others will be the miracle.When the healer is healed the healer can heal the healy.Parodox wrapped in inigma.As you stated the answer is within but as I learn more about the deeper meaning of Denial,Delusion and Dissociation as deffence mechanisms I see why people act and do the things they do and are affraid to find out about themselves.Also I know now about The Hundredth Monkey Effect(I think I was the last to know,but Im grateful to know)People will just know this stuff but not all of them(ever)Thank You for your example. Love Patrick

  9. Well if you are in a position to do mainstream music therapy thats perfect! It’s kind of like when a massage therapist gives people a little energy work with thier massage with or without them knowing about it 🙂

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