These World Meditations

This seems to be a common response in relation to the fire the grid discussion,   

“I have a hard time believing that focused intent on “love and healing” on a mass scale is going to strengthen negative energies…” 

so let me just turn it around and ask this question…  

What are some detailed positive results of the previous world meditations?  Harmonic Convergence, James Twyman meditations etc,  I am a true believer in light and God Love and I have yet to see one good thing that has come for any of them.  If we lived in a world where our energies could not be manipulated, then we should be reaping the rewards of the past work focusing millions of people on love, peace, harmony and so forth.  We haven’t even successfully stopped war, let alone made progress on the other worldly problems that these group consciousness meditations should be easing.   

Instead the world has been steadily declining and it has been more and more difficult for the sensitive people to be here.  I have found my friends and family retreating more and more to cope with the magnified NEGATIVITY in the world the more world meditations we have.  These meditations should be building on one another making each successive one more powerful than the one before, if the energies were being used “as advertised” so to speak.  Why isn’t this happening?   

I don’t want to hear some crap about me not being tuned into the right frequency or some such garbage.  My whole life is dedicated to doing energy work.  True light workers have been feeling like it is harder to connect to one another mostly because they are too damn tired from the endless barrage of crap coming at them.  That is not the way planetary UPLIFTMENT feels.  We are each processing our personal issues and this can be very tiring indeed, but we should be getting a boost after every world gathering/meditation for love and peace.  I don’t know anyone who is.

2 thoughts on “These World Meditations

  1. The real problem is that people don’t understand the rules of duality and that whenever an impure or unenlightened mind reads about Service to Others, it will invoke the ego’s sense of doing good. Where there is good there must also be evil to balance it.

    Hence people who do “good” works actually fuel the dualistic illusion and this is why the Buddha taught the middle path. It is also what Paul was referring to in the New testament when he said “Each time I try to do good I end up doing evil.”

    World Meditations engage countless ego’s, all of whom have a whole range of issues and desires that they bring to that one critical synergistic moment in time. It becomes a dangerous psychic soup that binds those involved further into the karmic snares of the matrix. And it also provides an incredible boost of energy for those forces just waiting to collect it.

    You are right in asking for proof engtovo, but as we have all seen, “men love darkness, they love not the light”. People won’t look for hard evidence of the outcomes, as to find none would bring them to consider an unpalatable truth….that they have been lied to and have even participated in the lie.

    Hence, we are left to sound the alarm, to watch on as errors are continually made, and to await and endure the suffering that will inevitably follow.

  2. of course, i haven’t been practicing conscious spiritual growth as long as you, Engtovo, (only for two years) and i don’t know how misuse of energy by dark forces works technically…however, on the local level of groups of 100-150 people meditating on light and love-that’s what i felt, light and love, even for days after. also there are documented evidence of significant crime rates dropping during group meditations. i think, the solution lays in focusing within as individual, becoming Love and expressing it without…if more and more people could do that

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